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Updated: False Positive - The First Royal Caribbean Ship Back Reporting a COVID Case Could Be a Big Success

Royal Caribbean International's Quantum of the Seas

Today in near Singapore, a case of COVID-19 was reported on Royal Caribbean's Quantum of the Seas, the first ship in the fleet to return to cruising since March.  The presence of this case though isn't necessarily indicative of a failure.  With advanced contact tracing and transmission measures in place, the coming days will demonstrate whether or not this exercise was actually a success in preventing spread, or an opportunity to update protocols... read more

Six Cruise Lines You've Probably Never Heard Of

As we often say, cruising isn’t one thing.  There are a wide variety of lines offering different experiences.  While about 30 million guests sailed on cruises in 2019 alone, the lines most cruisers think about are owned by the big three cruise companies: Royal Caribbean Group, Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings, and Carnival Corp.  There are boatloads of other cruise lines out there though, offering an incredible variety of vacations on ships big and small, on the ocean and on rivers.  In this post we're going over just six of the many lines you probably haven't heard of - but maybe one day... read more

Four Free Cruise Activities You Won't Find on Most Schedules

Billy Looking Awesome with The Thinker on Celebrity EquinoxThere can be an overwhelming number of things to do on cruises. From stage shows included with your fare, to pricey spa treatments, you’ll find plenty of options listed in the daily program found in your room (and increasingly, in an app).  There are some things however, that you don’t want to miss, even though you won’t find them mentioned on the schedule... read more

Waiting Until Cruising Returns to Book? It'll Cost You.

Royal Princess Leaving Port EvergladesMany would-be cruisers (and other travelers) have had their plans dashed in 2020.  Looking to make up for lost vacation time, some have hopes of rescheduling when planes are in the air, cruise ships are in the sea, and when vaccines are in the arms.  New cancellation policies and an increasingly clear timeline though mean that it may be smart to plan now so you don't pay more later than you can pay now. read more

These Are the New CDC Rules for Cruising

On October 30th the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) announced they’d allow the “No Sail Order”, in place since March 2020, to expire.  This means that under certain conditions, cruise ships may again be permitted to sail from the United States, so we've dug into the documents to find what type of restrictions will be in place and what the next steps are... read more

Differences Between Celebrity Apex vs Celebrity Edge

Celebrity Apex vs Celebrity EdgeWe've poured over deck plans and other documents, and have some inside tips on what's new when comparing Celerity Edge and Celebrity Apex.  Let's go deck by deck to enjoy some photos and identify changes we know of as of late October 2020.  We're sure we'll find many other changes once onboard - from furniture to stateroom features - so at the end, we'll talk about some things that we know aren't changing... read more