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I toyed about with titling this page, "Sites Better Than Mine" or, "Visit Others Who Know What They're Doing".
It's true though, while I absolutely love sharing my knowledge of cruising with you all, providing tips and insights, etc, the fact is there are some people who run sites and groups that are at a whole different level.  You'll hear me mention these sites, Twitter handles, etc on my weekly Periscopes, but I realized that my high-speed ramblings aren't the best way to make sure you find these great sources of information.  Take a look below, and check back as we'll be adding more as we find other great sites for cruising.
​Twitter: @theRCLBlog
Periscope: @theRCLBlog

Matt Hochberg at the RoyalCaribbeanBlog has a fantastic podcast and blog, daily Periscopes, and an active Facebook groups.  He also organizes group cruises, including one coming up on September 4th as we head out to the Western Caribbean on the Freedom of The Seas.  If you're looking for information on Royal Caribbean, look no further.
Periscope: @CruisingKat

Kathy Pepperd is a fellow cruise addict who runs the Royal Caribbean Periscopers group.  She works hard at keeping track of who is going to be Periscoping from what ship and when.  Follow her on Periscope and she'll frequently share them, but be sure to check out her Facebook group, participate in the discussion, and check her threads on the message boards.  Oh, and be sure to let her know when you'll be sailing if you you'd like to share you trip with others.
Twitter: @TouringPlans

Their mission is simple: to help you have a better vacation by saving you time and money on your trip! 

In addition to offering a new approach to booking travel (TouringPlans Travel books our trips - so give them a try), they've created The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World and The Unofficial Guide to Disneyland after spending over 30 years obsessively researching the ins and outs of Disney Parks. They've got an informative blog, fantastic information on various theme parks as well as Disney Cruise Line.  If you're taking a trip to Disney or Universal parks, whether your first or hundredth visit, you're making a mistake if you don't check out their great web and phone application to help you avoid the lines so you can see more and wait less.  I've spent hundreds of days in Disney parks but still use the methods and information from this team of brilliant and friendly innovators.
Twitter: @eatsleepcruise

Don and Heidi have ben cruising since 2006 and do a fantastic job of cataloging menus, reviews, and other information about ships they enjoy.  Since 2014 they've used the site, in their words, "to express [their] unique approach to cruising and connect with other like-minded travelers who want to “sea the world, one port at a time".
Twitter: @cruiseind

CruiseInd has now been around ten years, and what started as a place to drop photos has become a fantastic place to get industry news, see photo tours of new ships, and more.  Greg can provide unique insight as an engineer in the maritime industry, which also allows him some great access to information.  His goal is not just to inform, but to educate as well.