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Virgin Voyages

January 19, 2025 - Scarlet Lady - CruiseHabit Group Cruise

This sailing is a CruiseHabit Group Cruise.  That means special events, value adds, and some surprises.  On a recent CruiseHabit Group cruise we enjoyed a private pub crawl, chartered a catamaran, arranged group dining, and hosted other events just for those sailing with us.  On this sailing we're renting out a private beach resort in Mexico as well as many things those who have sailed with us love.  Our partners at Touring & C read more

April 6, 2024 - Virgin Voyages Valiant Lady

Looking to get away on an adults-only cruise of fun and relaxation, visiting places in the Caribbean you probably haven't explored yet?  We'll be on this group cruise, hosted by our friend Mike, from Touring and Cruise (formerly known as TouringPlans Travel).  Like on other group cruises we're involved with there will be extra fun and value on this cruise. read more

December 2, 2023 - Valiant Lady

This is a special one, because it's a CruiseHabit Group Cruise.  That means special events and value adds.  For example, on the recent Scarlet Lady Group Cruise, we included additional onboard credit, an all-inclusive beach day/shore excursion, a secret magic show in an off-limits area of the ship, a custom bar crawl, and more.  - Join read more

February 22, 2023 - Scarlet Lady - "Kid Free February"

The perfect escape for anyone looking to sail from Miami, find some crystal clear blue waters, enjoy some adult time and adult beverages with fun people.  We'll be on this group cruise, hosted by our friend Mike, from TouringPlans Travel.  Like on other group cruises we're involved with there will be extra fun and value on this cruise.   Remember, all Virgin Voyages sailings are adults-only, include all food, WiFi, tips, and read more

Is Virgin Voyages for Millennials? This New Line May Not Be for Who You Think

It was less than a year and a half ago that a new cruise line started sailing in North America with the promise of being different.  Suggestive marketing, tech-forward gimmicks like Shake for Champagne, and promoting themselves as a holiday for rock stars were cornerstones of the brand before Richard Branson’s Adult-by-Design Virgin Voyages even had a ship in the water.  We’re not all young sexy rock stars though (spoiler alert, I know), and this led to a statement I hear a lot, “I don’t think they’re for me.”  Funny enough, I’ve heard this from all sorts of would-be cruisers - er, sailors, as Virgin calls them... read more