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Virgin Voyages

This New Cruise Line May Not Be for Who You Think

It was less than a year and a half ago that a new cruise line started sailing in North America with the promise of being different.  Suggestive marketing, tech-forward gimmicks like Shake for Champagne, and promoting themselves as a holiday for rock stars were cornerstones of the brand before Richard Branson’s Adult-by-Design Virgin Voyages even had a ship in the water.  We’re not all young sexy rock stars though (spoiler alert, I know), and this led to a statement I hear a lot, “I don’t think they’re for me.”  Funny enough, I’ve heard this from all sorts of would-be cruisers - er, sailors, as Virgin calls them... read more

Reviewed: 'A Splash of Romance' - Virgin Voyages' New Add-On

Recently, the adult only cruise line Virgin Voyages created a new add-on to allow sailors traveling as couples to enjoy themselves even more.  The new “A Splash of Romance” package includes VIP access, spa access, pressed juice, champagne, and more.  Is it worth it?  Does it add romance, or just perks?  We tried it on the very first cruise to offer this option... read more

Save $900 on Virgin Voyages ONLY While Billy Sails

It’s no secret that I have really enjoyed what Virgin Voyages has to offer.  If you want to try something that I think is really special, and dip your toe into the Lady Ship waters, our partners at TouringPlans Travel (the same people who book our travel) have an offer that you simply can’t get elsewhere - but you have to act quickly!

Ship Eats Room Service Menu

Virgin Voyages' Room Service Program, 'Ship Eats' is quite different from other lines.  The menu is below, but we've got more details on how to order, how food is served, cost, and what we think of the program, here. read more