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About Us was created by me, Billy Hirsch and is supported and edited by my partner, Larissa, as well as many other great contributors. I'm a Disney nerd, a cruise nut, and a tech junky.  Professionally I've had many careers - including working for a major cruise line and working as a travel agent with a focus on cruising and theme parks (though I'm not a travel agent any longer).  I've contributed to The Today,, and other great publications, because I love sharing cruise advice and info.

Billy from on NBC's Today Show

In many ways I grew up in the world of cruising. Having started cruising as a baby, I've been fortunate enough to have taken over 100 cruises on various lines, in different parts of the world. From short weekend sailings in the Caribbean on mass-market lines, to two-week long sailings on ultra-premium lines - every cruise has something different to offer, but they all provide a level of disconnect that I've never been able to replicate with a land vacation. In this way, it's been a life long obsession with cruising, but also about the industry itself. I credit the late John Maxtone-Graham's book, The Only Way To Cross with turning my interest in cruising from excitement about vacation into something much greater, including an appreciation for the history of the industry. As I continue on my journey of experiencing more cruise vacations, my appreciation grows too for the work that goes into making it all possible: thousands of hard-working people on land and at sea, obsessing over every detail of the guest experience as well as the logistics associated with operating floating cities in waters the world over. As you enjoy cruising as a vacation, as a lifestyle, please remember the dedicated officers, crew, and staff, away from their families, so you can enjoy cruising.

These interests come together in a way that has left me forever excited to share my cruise experiences with others. In 2015 I streamed cruise ships leaving Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale and was shocked to receive a swell of viewers interested in watching these great vessels sail away and hitting me with every imaginable question about cruising. It made me realize that answering these questions helped other people better enjoy their cruise experiences. I often preach that per CLIA (Cruise Lines International Association), 90% of people who take one cruise end up taking another. To me, this means I (with help from my awesome travel partners) need to help those first-timers take the right cruise for them so that number gets even closer to 100%. I want others to enjoy what so many of us already do. This site was the beginning of that effort, so check back regularly for live broadcasts and reports from ships, cruise news, opinion pieces, and weekly interactive sail-away sessions on Facebook and YouTube*.

Answering questions and talking ship during my broadcasts, on the site, and other message boards is something I really enjoy sharing with the world.  I hope you enjoy as well, and ask you to help guide me in providing the information that you and others find helpful and enjoyable.


*many past broadcasts found here.

PS - If you want to contact me with cruise questions I recommend Twitter or Facebook.  For media or business inquiries, or if you don't use Twitter or Facebook, use this contact form.