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The Ultimate Guide to Bidding for Upgrades on Your Cruise

The ultimate guide to bidding on stateroom upgrades Everyone likes the idea of getting a good deal on an upgraded cabin, and a lot of cruise lines now offer this opportunity through a bidding process.  There are a lot of mysteries about how this works and what the secret to winning an upgrade bid is, so we’re going to help clear this up.  We’ll explain the bidding process, share some reasons cruise lines like this system (and they’re not all the reasons you’ll expect), and tell you what to do and what not to do in order to maximize your chances of winning an upgrade on your next cruise... read more

Five Ways my First Alaskan Cruise Exceeded my Expectations

5 Ways my First Alaska Cruise Exceeded my ExpectationsAlaska always had that mystical appeal in my eyes. I had often dreamed of its awe-inspiring landscapes and formidable fauna. After spending most of my adult life sitting on school benches with my nose in my books, I finally got to plan my first “adult” vacation and my heart was dead set on visiting the Final Frontier. I was only recently introduced to the wonderful cruising world, yet, exploring the 49th state by sea seemed like the obvious choice... read more

Carnival Celebration Western Caribbean Vlog - Is Carnival's Newest Ship Really its Best?

Carnival Celebration Vlog Review If you think you know Carnival but you've not sailed their new Excel class ships, think again.  Watch our videos from this six night Western Caribbean cruise on Carnival Celebration, and find out if this class of ship changes your mind about Carnival.  Whether it does or not, we're sure you'll be pretty wowed by some of what we found onboard.... read more

Cruising Alaska on Norwegian Encore, Pt 1 | Whales, Scenic Train Rides, Hiking in Juneau & More!

Cruising Norwegian Encore in Alaska is as much about the places you visit as the things your see passing by your verandah. Sipping hot coffee and watching wildlife pass by one day and exploring old mining towns or taking mountain hikes the next - there is so much to see. On our seven night cruise, we start by departing Seattle and sailing through Alaska's Inside Passage toward Juneau and then Skagway... read more

My Five Favorite Spaces on Carnival Celebration

Carnival CelebrationFor years, Carnival’s fleet has felt a bit homogenous to me, but when Carnival Mardi Gras came out in 2021 I got a sneak peak and realized that the new Excel Class is something different.  Excited by that visit, this summer I sailed the second Excel Class ship, Carnival Celebration.  You can check out my videos about that ship, and our cruise on here, but in this article I want to share my just five favorite spaces on the 183,521 gross ton vessel. read more

6 Things I Look for When Booking a Cruise

Billy in Costa Maya and Norwegian Prima I book a lot of cruises, but there is a method to what I pick.  Whether I am cruising for a quick getaway, a special trip to see new places with my spouse, a fun time away with friends, or any other reason, there are a few things, beyond the more obvious criteria, that I check on and consider almost every time, and you might want to as well. read more

September 3, 2023 - Carnival Celebration

Since touring Carnival Mardi Gras (sister ship to Celebration) we were so impressed that we knew we needed to check her out for a proper cruise.  I promise, these new Excel Class ships are NOTHING like you've ever seen (from Carnival or anyone else).  Celebration and her sister aren't just the largest ships Carnival offers, but they have some truly innovative and wonderful features.  In addition to Bolt, the first roller coaster... read more

5 Simple Steps That Will Keep You from Missing Your Cruise Ship

Surprises on vacation can be fun, but seeing what your cruise ship looks like as it sails away without you onboard isn't something any of us want to experience.  While we've got a lot of practice cruising, there's still a little part of us that worries about missing the ship in port, but if you do these five things you can almost certainly make it back onboard with just enough time to shower before realizing that you forgot about your dinner reservations. read more