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Are Cruise Tickets Always Refundable?

__alt__It might be easy to imagine yourself having a great vacation, but we never know what life has in store for us.  So, when your plans don’t work out, can you get a refund on your cruise?  Cruise line booking policies can be complicated to understand, but we’ll see if we can help clear things up so you understand if cruise bookings are refundable... read more

Video: Cruising During Hurricane Season - What You Need to Know

Cruising During Hurricane Season Hundreds of Caribbean cruises set sail every year during hurricane season, but understanding whether or not this is a good idea, how travel insurance can help in the event of a hurricane, and what the risks really are is something that can be confusing - especially to those new to cruising or not used to dealing with tropical weather systems. In this video we explain hurricane season, dispel some misconceptions, and... read more

Bringing You Onboard Icon of the Seas' Maiden Voyage: The World's Largest Cruise Ship

__alt__ We're sailing the world's largest, newest cruise ship, Icon of the Seas.  As we enjoy her maiden voyage we're bringing you along.  In real time we're releasing tours, vlogs, live streams, and more.  You can find these on the CruiseHabit YouTube channel, along with updates on our other social channels, all linked here.  Additionally, you can find an embedded playlist of Icon of the Seas videos below... read more

Understanding the Benefits & Catches of NCL's Free at Sea Program

NCL free at seaCruise line marketing teams are crafty folks, and pricing strategies sometimes make figuring out what you’re getting and for how much a bit confusing.  This is perhaps most true with Norwegian Cruise Lines, where they’re always in the midst of a sale that has limited time left, and they look to bundle a lot of extras with their fares.  Looking past the multitude of fine print and options can be tricky - but we’ll help make it clearer so you understand exactly what’s right for you. read more

Why Don't Cruise Ships Stay in Port Longer?

Celebrity Equinox Docked in San Juan at Night...and DayModern cruising offers seemingly endless amenities and entertainment onboard ships, but the destinations ships sail to are another reason that guests  choose this type of vacation.  Seeing new places and experiencing local cultures is a wonderful part of cruising, leading many to wonder, “Why don’t cruise ship stay in port longer?”  Like many matters, it comes down to multiple factors, and we’re going to discuss several of the reasons that cruise ships don’t stay in port longer hours.  Spoiler alert, it often comes down to money. read more

The Ultimate Guide to Bidding for Upgrades on Your Cruise

The ultimate guide to bidding on stateroom upgrades Everyone likes the idea of getting a good deal on an upgraded cabin, and a lot of cruise lines now offer this opportunity through a bidding process.  There are a lot of mysteries about how this works and what the secret to winning an upgrade bid is, so we’re going to help clear this up.  We’ll explain the bidding process, share some reasons cruise lines like this system (and they’re not all the reasons you’ll expect), and tell you what to do and what not to do in order to maximize your chances of winning an upgrade on your next cruise... read more

Five Ways my First Alaskan Cruise Exceeded my Expectations

5 Ways my First Alaska Cruise Exceeded my ExpectationsAlaska always had that mystical appeal in my eyes. I had often dreamed of its awe-inspiring landscapes and formidable fauna. After spending most of my adult life sitting on school benches with my nose in my books, I finally got to plan my first “adult” vacation and my heart was dead set on visiting the Final Frontier. I was only recently introduced to the wonderful cruising world, yet, exploring the 49th state by sea seemed like the obvious choice... read more