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We Skipped Drink Packages on a Recent Cruise. Did it Cost Us?

Drink packages can be a great way to lower your beverage costs or at least make them more predictable on your cruise.  For us, the decision to purchase them has been easy, because between coffee and whisky, it has just made sense for us.  On a recent Odyssey of the Seas cruise, however, we decided to pay for drinks a la carte and see how it worked out.  So how did we fair? read more

The Effectors - Royal Caribbean Shows-Off Tech Instead of Story Telling. Is It Worth It?

The Effectors on Odyssey of the SeasIn recent years, Royal Caribbean has dedicated a lot of time, hard work, and money into creating their own evening shows.  Each of these aims to wow the audience with some over-the-top demonstration of technology and stagecraft, and their latest creation, The Effectors, is no exception.  There were a few moments in this show that were unlike anything we'd seen on land or sea.  How did it work as a show though?  Well, if you're going strictly for the story, I'd skip it, but don't cancel your evening cruise plans just yet. read more