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Cruise Companies Norwegian and Royal Caribbean Build "Healthy Sail Panel" of Experts, Share Findings With Industry

Healthy Sail PanelRoyal Caribbean Cruises Ltd and Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings, two of the three largest cruise companies in the world, have brought together an impressive group of cross-disciplinary experts on public health, epidemiology, maritime operations, hospitality, and more.  Their goal?  Combine all of the best science and experience to identify a science-backed plan for a healthy return to service that ensures the wellbeing of guests, crew, and communities that lines visit.  In a time we should all be coming together, these competitors are doing just that. read more

Video: Why Cruise Ship Hulls Are Traditionally Black or Navy

Why do cruise ships have dark hulls?These days cruise ships come in all sizes and colors, but not long ago this wasn't the case.  To this day, when most of us see ships with dark colored hulls we think of them as more traditional looking, no matter what the age of the vessel.  Why is this?  Well, it has to do with how these great ships are powered, and the letters sometimes preceding ship names.  Make sense? We explain it in this short video... read more

How and Why to Plan a Cruise for a Group

Cruising with GroupsWhether traveling together for a special occasion or just a group of friends taking a vacation together, cruise lines are great at catering to groups.  In fact, there are programs that can pile on the perks when planning a cruise for a group - and they might even get you cruising for free - but you have to know how to fully take advantage of these programs.  We’ll look at how groups work, and special considerations you should have when planning a cruise with family or friends... read more

Celebrity Power Up Points - Celebrity Allows Guests to Climb the Loyalty Ladder from Land

Power Up Points - A new way to earn Celebrity Captain's Club Points

Celebrity Captain's Club Members (past guests) can now receive invitations to take a short survey in exchange for "Power Up Points".  These points can in turn add to guests' Captain's Club levels - which afford past guests various perks ranging from a free scoop of gelato, to discount laundry service, all the way up to a free cruise... read more

National Lampoon Teased Social Distancing on Cruise Ships 46 Years Ago

The RMS TyrannicIn the 1970s, cruising as we know it today was just becoming a reality.  Ocean liners and cruise ferries had long been sailing, but in the US, the idea of leisure trips on ships was only beginning to enter the minds of Americans with the recent creation of Norwegian Caribbean Line (now Norwegian Cruise Line) followed by Carnival Cruise Lines.  As the public saw firsthand the massive scale and opulence of passenger ships that challenged the perception of floating craft for many, this combined with the intrigue of ocean liners still steaming the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, inviting satire. Few publications at this time were as popular and edgy as National Lampoons, so in their April 1974 edition, they included a “souvenir brochure” for the RMS Tyrannic... read more

What is tendering?

What is a tender?Sometimes your cruise ship may be too large to dock at certain destinations.  When this happens, you'll likely board a tender, which is a smaller boat, and take that to shore.  In this video we go over everything you need to know about tendering...