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6 Things I Look for When Booking a Cruise

Billy in Costa Maya and Norwegian Prima I book a lot of cruises, but there is a method to what I pick.  Whether I am cruising for a quick getaway, a special trip to see new places with my spouse, a fun time away with friends, or any other reason, there are a few things, beyond the more obvious criteria, that I check on and consider almost every time, and you might want to as well. read more

Do These Things Before Booking Your Next Cruise

Whether you spent a lot of time researching your first cruise before booking, or figured it out as you went along, planning can be important for any trip.  So, after your first cruise, or even your 40th cruise, it’s good to take a look back and ask yourself and your traveling companions about your most recent cruise experiences so that you can make your next trip even better.  Cruising isn’t one thing, so finding the right cruise experience for you is important... read more