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Do These Things Before Booking Your Next Cruise

Whether you spent a lot of time researching your first cruise before booking, or figured it out as you went along, planning can be important for any trip.  So, after your first cruise, or even your 40th cruise, it’s good to take a look back and ask yourself and your traveling companions about your most recent cruise experiences so that you can make your next trip even better.  Cruising isn’t one thing, so finding the right cruise experience for you is important... read more

Updated July 18: Stay Issued on Previous Ruling, CSO Remains - Florida Wins Case Against CDC and the Conditional Sail Order...and It Doesn't Really Matter

July 18, 2021 Update: The 11th Circuit panel voted, 2-1 to stay the ruling which was scheduled to make the Conditional Sail Order a recommendation rather than a requirement in the state of Florida.  This means the June 18 ruling noted below is currently on hold.
On June 18, a Federal judge handed the State of Florida a victory in their challenge of the CDC's Conditional Sail Order (CSO).  The judge agreed with Florida's claims that the CDC was exceeding the authority given to them, but offered several next steps, and stopped short of invalidating the order... read more

Our Final Day on Celebrity Millennium, the FIRST Cruise Back in the Caribbean & Disembarking to the Beach

The last day of any cruise is relaxing and a bit sad – the final moments of a wonderful trip.  This final day on Celebrity Millennium was no different, except our disappointment that things were about to come to an end were eclipsed by how grateful we are to be back to sea, and back to a little bit of normal... read more

Celebrity Millennium Day 5 Live Blog: Oranjestad, Aruba

Our cruise started in Philipsburg, St Maarten, and today we arrived an Aruba, another semi-autonomous Dutch nation.  This was clearly an exciting visit for the island, as early this morning multiple ships and boats welcomed us with horns, which was probably exciting to those who were already awake.  We had a late night, so instead of getting up to see the fanfare, we waited for our 9am coffee delivery and then prepared to head ashore... read more

Celebrity Millennium Live Blog Day 4: Sea, Tunes, and Love

The excitement of the first Caribbean cruise back, combined with the tropical sunlight coming in from around the blackout curtains were powerful forces, yet no match for the comfortable mattress in our stateroom.  Late starts aren’t always bad starts, but still there was a lot on the schedule to check out today.  Eventually rising, with the assistance of coffee, juice, and pastries being delivered to the room, I realized I’d not posted the previous day’s blog.  I sat out on the verandah with coffee and remembered how lucky I am to be here... read more

Celebrity Millennium Day 3: The First Cruise Ship Back to Bridgetown, Barbados

On day three of the first Caribbean cruise back in service, we woke up earlier than we usually do on land.  No, not for an early shore excursion, or to watch the ship entering port – but to catch a glimpse of ourselves on The Today Show!  Being on the first cruise ship back AND the guy on national TV saying he almost cried stepping back on a ship after a year?  Yep.  Despite the excitement though, we had an objective: check out Bridgetown, Barbados!  Though that mission today, required some extra planning... read more