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Using Cruise Line Apps - The Difference Between WiFi (free) and Internet (not free)

The Difference Between Cruise Ship WiFi and InternetMost major cruise lines now have apps or mobile websites that you can access on your smartphone to view the day's schedule, book shore excursions, chat with other guests, and more.  Generally, these apps are free to use, but it can sometimes be a bit confusing since we often see costs associated with "WiFi".  Really, this confusion is just a matter of wording, and we'll clear it up so you can use your device worry-free... read more

Virgin Voyages Shows Off Smart-Phone App that Delivers Champagne - Plus, a New Lounge, Tea Service, and the First Glimpse of Drink Prices

Shake for Champagne on Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady

Virgin Voyages doesn't start sailing until 2020, but that's given the brand plenty of time to tease us with details of this innovative new line.  It's no surprise that guests will have access to a smartphone app to compliment their onboard experience, but Virgin of course announced it in an interesting way.  Check out the details they shared with us below, including details on a new Champagne and caviar bar, tea service, and more.  Be sure to read Billy's Take at the bottom to learn what we found by reading between the lines... read more

CEO Andy Stuart Leaving NCL, Harry Sommer Up Next

NCLS' Andy Stuart and Harry SommerIn the corporate world change is inevitable, especially in cruise industry, which has seen incredible growth over the past several decades.  Despite that, for 31 years, Andy Stuart has showed up to work at Norwegian Cruise Lines, for the past three and a half years, as CEO of the third largest cruise line in the world. It was announced this week however, that over the coming months, Stuart would be leaving NCL, and Harry Sommer, another NCL veteran, will be taking his place in the C-suite... read more

Celebrity Equinox Live Blog - Day 7 - Sea Day/Freeport

Binoculars on Balcony of Celebrity Equinox

On the last day of a cruise I often feel stuck - unable to commit to any plans because some part of my brain dedicates too much thought to wondering how I could just stay on the ship for one more cruise.  On this cruise though, while I certainly didn't want it to end, the day also carried a very different tone as we sat off the coast of hurricane ravaged Freeport.  Still we were able to enjoy our day, lay out in the sun shade, and take the in the final hours of our vacation... read more

Celebrity Equinox Live Blog - Day 5 Tortola, BVI

Amazingly Beautiful Beaches All Around Tortola BVI

Vacation often requires tuning in a balance between doing everything, and relaxing, which may mean doing nothing.  Today we continued striking what has been to me, a good balance, but it meant the day went in an unexpected way – but turned out great.  Our time on shore in Tortola, the evening’s show, and dinner all came together nicely. read more