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6 Things I Look for When Booking a Cruise

Billy in Costa Maya and Norwegian Prima I book a lot of cruises, but there is a method to what I pick.  Whether I am cruising for a quick getaway, a special trip to see new places with my spouse, a fun time away with friends, or any other reason, there are a few things, beyond the more obvious criteria, that I check on and consider almost every time, and you might want to as well. read more

September 3, 2023 - Carnival Celebration

Since touring Carnival Mardi Gras (sister ship to Celebration) we were so impressed that we knew we needed to check her out for a proper cruise.  I promise, these new Excel Class ships are NOTHING like you've ever seen (from Carnival or anyone else).  Celebration and her sister aren't just the largest ships Carnival offers, but they have some truly innovative and wonderful features.  In addition to Bolt, the first roller coaster... read more

5 Simple Steps That Will Keep You from Missing Your Cruise Ship

Surprises on vacation can be fun, but seeing what your cruise ship looks like as it sails away without you onboard isn't something any of us want to experience.  While we've got a lot of practice cruising, there's still a little part of us that worries about missing the ship in port, but if you do these five things you can almost certainly make it back onboard with just enough time to shower before realizing that you forgot about your dinner reservations. read more

I’ve Been on Dozens of Cruises and This Is Why I Can’t Tell You What the Best Cruise Is

Out of all the questions I’m asked about cruising, the one I find the most intriguing has to be, “In your opinion, what is the best cruise?”. The person asking may have heard me talk about how cruising isn’t only one thing and there are many options beyond the offerings they may have experienced - in terms of both the ship and itinerary. My response is usually... read more

Is Virgin Voyages for Millennials? This New Line May Not Be for Who You Think

It was less than a year and a half ago that a new cruise line started sailing in North America with the promise of being different.  Suggestive marketing, tech-forward gimmicks like Shake for Champagne, and promoting themselves as a holiday for rock stars were cornerstones of the brand before Richard Branson’s Adult-by-Design Virgin Voyages even had a ship in the water.  We’re not all young sexy rock stars though (spoiler alert, I know), and this led to a statement I hear a lot, “I don’t think they’re for me.”  Funny enough, I’ve heard this from all sorts of would-be cruisers - er, sailors, as Virgin calls them... read more

Video: Onboard Norwegian Prima's First Caribbean Cruise

Norwegian Prima - First Caribbean Cruise VlogIn November 2022 we sailed the new Norwegian Prima, the first of her class, for a seven night Western Caribbean cruise.  We visited Roatan, Harvest Caye, Costa Maya, and Cozumel -  but the real highlight was the ship.  Norwegian Prima is a 144k GT ship carrying about 3100 people, but has a totally new aesthetic, several new venues and entertainment options, and the most favorable passenger : space ratio of any ship in the fleet.  In the player below, you can watch all of our daily videos recorded during our cruise (one per day) and see what sailing on Prima is really like... read more

This Royal Caribbean Announcement Will Make You Cry - And We're Going to Get Up Close to Bring You More

Wonder of the Seas Godmother Marie McCrea In the past, cruise ship godmothers have been celebrities, cruise industry executives, or even family members.  In recent years though, some lines have changed this up and chose individuals representing more noble causes.  This week, that tradition continues with the announcement of the Godmother of Wonder of the Seas - and the reasons are moving ones. read more

Video: Disney Wish Vlog | Disney Cruise Line's Newest Ship

Disney Wish Cruise Vlog - Disney Dish on the Disney WishWe sailed Disney Cruise Line's newest ship, Disney Wish, for a three night sailing to Nassau and Disney's private island, Castaway Cay.  In this set of two vlogs we take you along as we navigate the ship and try to see all she has to offer. From adult-only fine dining, to a Walk Like a Pirate contest that was part of the Disney Dish on the Disney Wish group we were a part of, there is something for everyone on this sailing... read more