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Why Don't Cruise Ships Stay in Port Longer?

Celebrity Equinox Docked in San Juan at Night...and DayModern cruising offers seemingly endless amenities and entertainment onboard ships, but the destinations ships sail to are another reason that guests  choose this type of vacation.  Seeing new places and experiencing local cultures is a wonderful part of cruising, leading many to wonder, “Why don’t cruise ship stay in port longer?”  Like many matters, it comes down to multiple factors, and we’re going to discuss several of the reasons that cruise ships don’t stay in port longer hours.  Spoiler alert, it often comes down to money. read more

Hidden or Unexpected Fees on Cruise - What is NOT Included in Your Fare?

Almost anyone who has cruised before will tout the value of cruising when compared to land vacations.  Most cruises include your meals, entertainment, transportation (to various ports of call), and your accommodations.  Nevertheless, cruises are a big expense, so it's important to know about any expenses that aren't immediately apparent.  While the industry tends to stay pretty transparent about the costs guests may incur, if you're looking at your first cruise, there may be some expenses which, while we'd not call them "hidden," may not be clear when shopping around. read more

How Much Does It Cost to Dock a Cruise Ship?

Have you ever thought about how much it costs to “park” a cruise ship?  When you book a cruise, you’re paying not just for the ship’s staff, your meals, whatever they use to keep the brass railings so shiny, etc – but also taxes and fees, many of which cover the cost of the space and services used while in the port at which you’re starting and ending your cruise.  Let’s look at who is being paid, what that money goes towards, and of course, how much it all costs.,, read more