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We Skipped Drink Packages on a Recent Cruise. Did it Cost Us?

Drink packages can be a great way to lower your beverage costs or at least make them more predictable on your cruise.  For us, the decision to purchase them has been easy, because between coffee and whisky, it has just made sense for us.  On a recent Odyssey of the Seas cruise, however, we decided to pay for drinks a la carte and see how it worked out.  So how did we fair? read more

Hidden or Unexpected Fees on Cruise - What is NOT Included in Your Fare?

Almost anyone who has cruised before will tout the value of cruising when compared to land vacations.  Most cruises include your meals, entertainment, transportation (to various ports of call), and your accommodations.  Nevertheless, cruises are a big expense, so it's important to know about any expenses that aren't immediately apparent.  While the industry tends to stay pretty transparent about the costs guests may incur, if you're looking at your first cruise, there may be some expenses which, while we'd not call them "hidden," may not be clear when shopping around. read more

How much for a pint? Cruise Line Drink Prices Compared

How much is beer on a cruise ship?

Wondering how much to budget for the bar on your next cruise?  Prices for beer, wine, and spirits vary wildly, but we put together some data to make comparing alcohol prices at sea a bit easier.  Keep in mind, cruise lines adjust pricing frequently. The same drink on the same cruise line can be priced differently between ships or even different sailings on the same ship.  Some of the price differences may surprise you... read more

Cruise Line Beverage Packages: Should you get a drink package?

Whether sipping a fruity drink by the pool or enjoying a pint at a pub, alcoholic beverages are ubiquitous with cruising.  The cost of those drinks can certainly add up, but in the past 10-15 years, some cruise lines have started serving up unlimited drink packages and other options which allow you to better manage your bar tabs and even coffee expenses.  The cost, benefits, and restrictions can vary by cruise line, so let’s explore the overall concept of beverages packages, and some of the things unique to the offerings on each cruise line... read more