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We Skipped Drink Packages on a Recent Cruise. Did it Cost Us?

Drink packages can be a great way to lower your beverage costs or at least make them more predictable on your cruise.  For us, the decision to purchase them has been easy, because between coffee and whisky, it has just made sense for us.  On a recent Odyssey of the Seas cruise, however, we decided to pay for drinks a la carte and see how it worked out.  So how did we fair? read more

Royal Caribbean First to Bring Work to the Majority of Those in Sitka, Alaska - Cruises Restart

Information Sign in Sitka

The last time a large cruise ship was in Alaska was September of 2019 - until now.  That might not matter to some, but if you’re one of the 8,500 residents of Sitka, AK, the return of cruising is the ability to breathe again.  Just like when cruising returned to the Caribbean in early June of 2021, it was Royal Caribbean Group that was first to bring that oxygen to the community, this time in the Last Frontier, with Serenade of the Seas and her 2,143 guests. read more

Royal Caribbean International Overview

Royal Caribbean International Logo

Royal Caribbean International is a popular cruise line often in the headlines for wild amenities on their newer ships.  Founded in Norway in 1968, the now Miami-based company carried roughly 5 million guests in 2018 - the second highest number of any cruise line. They were also one of the first lines dedicated to cruising, rather than ferry service or oceanic crossings... read more