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The Ultimate Guide to Bidding for Upgrades on Your Cruise

The ultimate guide to bidding on stateroom upgrades Everyone likes the idea of getting a good deal on an upgraded cabin, and a lot of cruise lines now offer this opportunity through a bidding process.  There are a lot of mysteries about how this works and what the secret to winning an upgrade bid is, so we’re going to help clear this up.  We’ll explain the bidding process, share some reasons cruise lines like this system (and they’re not all the reasons you’ll expect), and tell you what to do and what not to do in order to maximize your chances of winning an upgrade on your next cruise... read more

How and Why to Plan a Cruise for a Group

Cruising with GroupsWhether traveling together for a special occasion or just a group of friends taking a vacation together, cruise lines are great at catering to groups.  In fact, there are programs that can pile on the perks when planning a cruise for a group - and they might even get you cruising for free - but you have to know how to fully take advantage of these programs.  We’ll look at how groups work, and special considerations you should have when planning a cruise with family or friends... read more

Taking Advantage of Future Cruise Credits & Price Drops Related to Coronavirus

Future Cruise Credits, Price Drops, and CoronavirusVideo: If you've canceled a cruise because of coronavirus (or if it's been canceled for you), you've likely been given a Future Cruise Credit (FCC) but it may not be clear how those work.  There are also a ton of wild price drops lately, largely related to the pandemic situation.  In this video, we make sure you understand what your options are, so you're prepared to make the most out of your next cruise bookings. read more

Comparing Cruise Line Credit Cards

Like department stores, airlines, and even gas stations, some cruise lines have their own credit cards promising perks and savings for cardholders.  We looked at a few of these offers and found there are far better deals to be had if you’re looking to save money and get benefits from using a credit card for travel.  We’ll break down the benefits, the cost, and tricks you might find helpful in using credit card perks to save money on your next cruise... read more