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Cruise Pricing

Understanding the Benefits & Catches of NCL's Free at Sea Program

NCL free at seaCruise line marketing teams are crafty folks, and pricing strategies sometimes make figuring out what you’re getting and for how much a bit confusing.  This is perhaps most true with Norwegian Cruise Lines, where they’re always in the midst of a sale that has limited time left, and they look to bundle a lot of extras with their fares.  Looking past the multitude of fine print and options can be tricky - but we’ll help make it clearer so you understand exactly what’s right for you. read more

Hidden or Unexpected Fees on Cruise - What is NOT Included in Your Fare?

Almost anyone who has cruised before will tout the value of cruising when compared to land vacations.  Most cruises include your meals, entertainment, transportation (to various ports of call), and your accommodations.  Nevertheless, cruises are a big expense, so it's important to know about any expenses that aren't immediately apparent.  While the industry tends to stay pretty transparent about the costs guests may incur, if you're looking at your first cruise, there may be some expenses which, while we'd not call them "hidden," may not be clear when shopping around. read more

Waiting Until Cruising Returns to Book? It'll Cost You.

Royal Princess Leaving Port EvergladesMany would-be cruisers (and other travelers) have had their plans dashed in 2020.  Looking to make up for lost vacation time, some have hopes of rescheduling when planes are in the air, cruise ships are in the sea, and when vaccines are in the arms.  New cancellation policies and an increasingly clear timeline though mean that it may be smart to plan now so you don't pay more later than you can pay now. read more

The Truth Behind Last Minute Cruise Deals

The Truth Behind Last Minute Cruise DealsLast minute cruise deals are sometimes talked about like they're the secret you've missed out on which will soon have you paying less than everyone else.  This premise is incredibly flawed, in part because of the way many potential cruisers price shop, but also because of how the cruise industry has changed over the last twenty years.  In better understanding the truth behind sites promising last minute deals, and the reason there aren't many to be had (at least in the way many think), you might just find the deal you're looking for... read more

The Best Time to Cruise - CruiseHabit Podcast Episode 16

Cruise Pricing and Promotions ExplainedPlanning a cruise requires a lot of decision making.  Some things come down to preference, but if you're looking for the cheapest time of the year to cruise Alaska or the Caribbean we can help.  After analyzing thousands of price points across the year, we go over the most economical and most expensive times to sail, as well as why the time of year matters.

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A 'Fare' Price - Cruise Pricing & Promotions Explained - CruiseHabit Podcast Episode 15

Cruise Pricing and Promotions ExplainedCruise pricing can require a lit bit of explanation, but sales and promotions can be even more confusing.  Some promotions aren't combinable, sales can take percentages off rates that aren't easily found, and different packages offer different levels of value depending on what you're looking for.  Whether you're hunting for the best deal, or just trying to understand how much a cruise will cost you, we'll try and make it a bit easier to understand.

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