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What Cruising Might Look Like After Coronavirus – Part Two

Cruising After Coronavirus - Possible ChangesIn the first of this two part series we discussed just some of the ways that the cruising experience could change after things start up again - especially in terms of planning and arriving at your cruise.  Once underway, some cruise for the onboard experience, and others for the ports, so we’ll lay out our predictions for how those things may change as well... read more

What Cruising Might Look Like After Coronavirus – Part One

Fake HAL Social Distancing AdCOVID-19 has already changed most parts of our lives in some way.  At some point – hopefully sooner than later – we’ll start to return to a new normal.  When that happens, and cruise ships start carrying guests once again, some things are likely to change – whether for months, years, or longer.  Let’s play fortune teller and try and think of some of the changes we might see coming soon both before and during our cruises... read more

All Cruise Lines Stop Sailing for a Month - Time to Take a Breather. Time to Start Fresh.

Billy - The day after coronavirus cancelled cruisesIn the past several days we've seen one cruise line after another suspend operations because of the coronavirus pandemic.  Today however marked the end of cruising out of the United States for the next thirty days.  This has never happened in the history of cruising.  As someone who lives and breathes cruising, this is candidly a stunning moment - though also not a terrifically surprising one.  Psychologically though, this is probably a good reset button for me, and for the site... read more

Virgin Voyages and Disney Cruise Line Might Have Something In Common - And it Could Make Them Very Successful

Virgin Voyages and Disney Cruise Lines Have Something In Common - And it May Help Make Them a Success

Virgin Voyages is a new cruise line from Richard Branson's Virgin Group, and of all the things they've received attention for, perhaps none have got the internet's attention as much as the fact that they're restricted to adults only - no one under 18 may sail.  Disney Cruise Line has been around since 1998, and much as you'd expect with the Disney brand, they get much acclaim for their family experience, and how they cater to children.  These two lines may seem quite different at first glance - and they are, but there is one thing in particular they have in common, and it may very well help to make Virgin Voyages quite successful. read more

Keeping Travel Advisories in Context

Travel Advisories Explained - Image of Port in Ocho Rios JamaicaThe US State Department issues advisories to inform travelers about potential risks in different places in the world.  This could be because of crime, political unrest, or other concerns.  Safety is important, but so is context and common sense. Let's go over what you should keep in mind when looking at travel advisories and in general, thinking about safety and security during your travels...   read more