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Cruise Safety

Cruise lines work hard to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable cruise.  From staying healthy, to the procedures to make sure passengers know what to do in the unlikely event of an emergency, we explain.  Have questions? Reach out on Twitter or Facebook!

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Keeping Travel Advisories in Context

Travel Advisories Explained - Image of Port in Ocho Rios JamaicaThe US State Department issues advisories to inform travelers about potential risks in different places in the world.  This could be because of crime, political unrest, or other concerns.  Safety is important, but so is context and common sense. Let's go over what you should keep in mind when looking at travel advisories and in general, thinking about safety and security during your travels...   read more

Cruising During Hurricane Season

sat imagery of a hurricane approaching FLFrequently we associate cruising with relaxing in beautiful tropical weather.  The fact is however, that tropical weather includes hurricanes and other severe weather systems, and June 1st marks the start of the Atlantic hurricane season.  How do you plan for this if you want to take a cruise during peak hurricane season?  From being flexible about your ports of call, weighing the benefits of travel insurance, and making sure your home is secure, we'll discuss the concerns and walk through how much of a problem this really is... read more

One Step You Can Take to Avoid Norovirus: Take a Cruise

If you’ve ever seen cruising in the news, there is an unfortunately high chance that you heard about an outbreak of Norovirus (gastrointestinal illness) on a ship. This leads many to believe that this is the result of unsanitary conditions and “cruise ship illnesses.”  The reality is that the story is frequently reported inaccurately, and based on data provided by the United States Centers for Disease Control, you’re far more likely to fall victim to Norovirus on land, than you are at sea... read more

What Is Muster Drill?

The first day of your cruise is filled with excitement as you explore the ship and start your vacation, but safety is the priority, so you'll invariably be participating in a muster drill.  It may not be the most fun part of your vacation, but let's go over what muster drills are, why they're important, and how you can make the best of this "lost time" on embarkation day. read more

Safety At Sea - Lifeboat History & Requirements

Oasis Class LifeboatWhile cruising is about relaxing, fun, enrichment, and telling your office that you’ll be completely unreachable for a week, for the crew and the cruise line there is another important element: safety.  The last line of defense is the lifeboat, but it’s far more than a wooden dinghy out of a Hitchcock film.  Modern lifeboats have evolved for enhanced safety, reliability, and even visibility - let’s look at how. read more