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Comparing Cruise Lines

Eight Reasons to Try a Premium Line for Your Next Cruise

8 Reasons to Try a Premium Cruise LinesWhether you’ve cruised before or seen and heard about cruising through ads and friends, there is a good chance you’ve only really been exposed to one type of cruising: contemporary lines.  These lines include Royal Caribbean International, Carnival, Norwegian, MSC, and others.  They can all be great options, provide excellent entertainment, and value.  There are however many other types of cruise lines out there, including premium lines – and they don’t necessarily come at a higher cost. read more

Virgin Voyages and Disney Cruise Line Might Have Something In Common - And it Could Make Them Very Successful

Virgin Voyages and Disney Cruise Lines Have Something In Common - And it May Help Make Them a Success

Virgin Voyages is a new cruise line from Richard Branson's Virgin Group, and of all the things they've received attention for, perhaps none have got the internet's attention as much as the fact that they're restricted to adults only - no one under 18 may sail.  Disney Cruise Line has been around since 1998, and much as you'd expect with the Disney brand, they get much acclaim for their family experience, and how they cater to children.  These two lines may seem quite different at first glance - and they are, but there is one thing in particular they have in common, and it may very well help to make Virgin Voyages quite successful. read more

Which cruise line is best for me? The differences between cruise lines.

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There are many choices in cruise lines.

It's not too likely that many people talk to a travel agent about visiting Alaska and leave convinced that instead, they want to take a the Caribbean.  For that reason, instead of talking about destinations right out of the gate, I want to cover the question of which cruise line to try out.  I so often see the question, "What is the best cruise line?"  Well today I will share with you the answer to that question... read more