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5 Simple Steps That Will Keep You from Missing Your Cruise Ship

Surprises on vacation can be fun, but seeing what your cruise ship looks like as it sails away without you onboard isn't something any of us want to experience.  While we've got a lot of practice cruising, there's still a little part of us that worries about missing the ship in port, but if you do these five things you can almost certainly make it back onboard with just enough time to shower before realizing that you forgot about your dinner reservations. read more

Video: Virgin Voyages' Beach Club at Bimini - Tour & Review

Bimini Beach Club - Virgin VoyagesThe Beach Club at Bimini is a resort-style destination with soft and beautiful beaches, nice pools, and great food.  When Virgin Voyages is in port, it becomes a specialized and exclusive destination only for Virgin sailors, and takes on some qualities and very much make it feel like a continuation of the shipboard experience.  On this tour, we discuss the amenities, logistics, activities, and what we love and don't... read more

Staying on the Ship While in Port

Ships in Port in CozumelSometimes we cruise for the destinations, like the beautiful sights in Alaska or the clear waters of the Caribbean - other times we cruise for the onboard experiences available on mega-ships, or the unparalleled service offered on luxury lines.  No matter why you're taking a particular cruise though, there may be ports of call that are less interesting to you than others, and if that happens, you have options.  We'll address some common questions below, but make sure to check out some examples of cruise activity schedules at the bottom of this post. read more