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Video: Why Cruise Ship Hulls Are Traditionally Black or Navy

Why do cruise ships have dark hulls?These days cruise ships come in all sizes and colors, but not long ago this wasn't the case.  To this day, when most of us see ships with dark colored hulls we think of them as more traditional looking, no matter what the age of the vessel.  Why is this?  Well, it has to do with how these great ships are powered, and the letters sometimes preceding ship names.  Make sense? We explain it in this short video... read more

An Easy Way To Keep Your Luggage Safe - Ric's Free Luggage Contact Sheet Download

One of the things I prefer about a cruise vacation over traveling by air is that your luggage travels with you. The risk of getting separated from your bag is much slimmer on a cruise than on a plane, but that doesn’t mean the risk is zero. Plus, you may be transferring bags from cabs, hotels, shuttles, and planes just to get to the cruise terminal.  Luckily there is a simple step you can take to reduce the risk of being separated from your bag... read more

Great Beaches, Nightlife, and More - Cancún, Mexico Could Be a Nice Add-On to Your Next Cruise

We occasionally hear rumors of people enjoying destinations that they don't visit by cruise ship, and it turns out you can have fun on a land vacation, too.  If you're looking for amazing beaches, nightlife, and endless resort options then Cancún might be up your alley.  Let's take a quick look at what different parts of this destination have to offer and provide some tips along the way... read more

How many bags can I bring on my cruise?

Airlines and other carriers restrict the size and weight of bags, have limits on the number of carry-on bags, etc.  What about cruise lines?  There is no shortage of advice about how to pack for a cruise, and we have a great cruise packing list you can use, but how much you can bring onboard?  Let's look at how much of your world you can bag up and bring on a cruise and what cruise line policies say about how lightly you need to travel... read more

Always use a checklist when preparing for your cruise - don't be like Billy.

We all make mistakes, but some come with a bigger serving of irony than others - yesterday I made one of those mistakes.  It cost me time and sleep, and contributed a lot of stress, but it could have been worse.  What was my mistake?  Well, despite writing, ranting, and preaching cruise tips ad nauseam, I failed to take my own advice and forgot something when preparing for our Cuba cruise... read more