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Now Is the Time: Renew Your Passport

Passports Ready for RenewalMost of us in the US haven’t traveled outside of the country in at least five months, and if you’re reading this you’re likely hoping to go somewhere in the next year.  Despite US passport processing stopping for some time, now is the perfect time to renew your passport – or even apply for a new one.  Let’s look at who might be impacted (there’s a good chance you are), estimated processing times, why you should act now, and more... read more

Do you need a passport to take an Alaskan cruise?

Cruising to Alaska? Get a passport.

Regardless of where you're cruising, we always recommend getting a passport.  Frequently though, there is some confusion about requirements for Alaskan cruises, since they sometimes leave from the United States (mostly Seattle) and visit Alaska, also part of the United States.  Because of the Passenger Vessel Services act, an old law that restricts non-US flagged ships from traveling only to US ports, your cruise will make a stop in Canada, and as such, you'll need a passport or other proof of citizenship.  This means... read more

Married or Divorced? What to Do If the Name on Your Cruise Reservation Doesn't Match the Name on Your Passport

Planning a cruise can be fun, but the ultimate goal is to sail, relax, and enjoy.  Because part of your cruise planning will require some documentation, let's look at what you need to do in order to ensure you're able to sail if the name on your passport, birth certificate, or other documents does not match the name on your reservation... read more

Always use a checklist when preparing for your cruise - don't be like Billy.

We all make mistakes, but some come with a bigger serving of irony than others - yesterday I made one of those mistakes.  It cost me time and sleep, and contributed a lot of stress, but it could have been worse.  What was my mistake?  Well, despite writing, ranting, and preaching cruise tips ad nauseam, I failed to take my own advice and forgot something when preparing for our Cuba cruise... read more

Port Everglades, First Cruise Port To Support Mobile Passport Control App - Time saver or just hype? Update: Now in Port Miami

If you've disembarked a large cruise ship in Port Everglades you know that they've got that process down to a science.  You also know that this doesn't mean it's a quick process getting 6,300 passengers through customs.  Today's announcement that Port Everglades will be the first cruise port in which US and Canadian citizens can utilize the Mobile Passport Control app promises to change that - but will it work?

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Do I need to have a passport to cruise?

The most important part of any cruise is actually being able to sail on it.  Let's have a look at the requirements that the US has for citizens traveling onboard a cruise ship, as there is a lot of confusing information out there.  While the short answer is, no, you don't need a passport to take most cruises out out of a US port, there are exceptions as well as some really important reasons to have a passport even if you don't otherwise need it, and even some things to keep in mind if you already have a passport... read more