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Port Everglades, First Cruise Port To Support Mobile Passport Control App - Time saver or just hype? Update: Now in Port Miami

If you've disembarked a large cruise ship in Port Everglades you know that they've got that process down to a science.  You also know that this doesn't mean it's a quick process getting 6,300 passengers through customs.  Today's announcement that Port Everglades will be the first cruise port in which US and Canadian citizens can utilize the Mobile Passport Control app promises to change that - but will it work?

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Five Things We No Longer See On Cruise Ships

Cruising, like everything in the world, is constantly evolving.  Certain things about cruising however are engrained in the minds of those who experienced them first hand, or even by watching The Love Boat.  To this day for example not a cruise goes by that I don't hear someone, often younger than I, asking if they still have a midnight buffet.  Let's take a quick glimpse at five of the things we just don't see on cruise ships any longer.

beach photo of passengers on NCLSunward II
NCL Sunward II Passengers (okay, my parents) On The Beach Circa 1982