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Who To Tip On Your Cruise, and How Much

Gratuities, service charges, or tips – no matter what you call them it’s hard to know what is appropriate and how to pay – especially on cruises.  Cruise lines have long had crew members who work long and hard hours, thousands of miles from family to make your vacation a great one.  Many of these hard working, dedicated people are compensated primarily with gratuitiesread more

NPR/PBS Loving Cruisers Rejoice - America's Test Kitchen & Holland America Line Cook Up Something Special

This week Holland America Line (HAL) announced it'd be turning the heat up on it's culinary programming via a new partnership with National Public Radio's (NPR) program, "America's Test Kitchen".  The long running television and radio show filmed in Boston, MA has a team that tests and tweaks recipes to perfection, in a more scientific take on traditional cooking shows.  They also try out various kitchen gadgets, appliances, and more.

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Norwegian Joy - Norwegian's new ship has a new approach to cuisine

The 168k gross-ton Norwegian Joy, heading to China in June of 2017, is breaking the mold in a number of ways but showing us that cruising out of Asia is not just moving into the modern era, but perhaps set to outpace the US cruise market in sophistication - just look at Royal Caribbean's decision to move the Quantum of The Seas to China.  The Joy's dining options alone are enough for me to take a second look at what NCL has to offer.

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Bar Higlight - The Pub, Cozumel, Mexico

The Pub has moved and on June 5 2021 will be opening in a new location!  You can find the address and more details on their Facebook page.

Over the years we've developed some favorite spots in various ports, and Cozumel is no exception.  As part of the Royal Caribbean Blog group cruise on Freedom of the Seas we spent today in Cozumel, Mexico and hit up a local drinking hole for the second visit in a row, deciding to add it to the growing list of spots we love in Cozumel.
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How old do you need to be to drink on cruise ships?

Drinking ages vary by country, but what are the rules on the high-seas?

Like many things this is not an easy question to answer.  While the drinking age in the United States is 21, plain and simple, many guests on cruise lines are from nations with very different laws and customs.  What should you expect if traveling from the U.K., or perhaps Brazil?  

Yes, this toast took place while writing this post aboard Freedom of the Seas

Let's review alcohol policies aboard some of the more popular cruise lines, copied straight from their websites with my commentary below. read more