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Five Things We No Longer See On Cruise Ships

Cruising, like everything in the world, is constantly evolving.  Certain things about cruising however are engrained in the minds of those who experienced them first hand, or even by watching The Love Boat.  To this day for example not a cruise goes by that I don't hear someone, often younger than I, asking if they still have a midnight buffet.  Let's take a quick glimpse at five of the things we just don't see on cruise ships any longer.

beach photo of passengers on NCLSunward II
NCL Sunward II Passengers (okay, my parents) On The Beach Circa 1982

What are repositioning cruises?

An NCL ships transits the Panama Canal

When a cruise ship is has been sailing in one region, and takes a long trip to start cruising another region, this journey is often billed as a "repositioning cruise."  They allow guests to spend a lot of time on the ship, usually at a far lower nightly cost than other sailings.  Let's look at where they go and why they're often so long... read more

First Time Cruiser Series - We asked cruisers what they wish they'd known when they first started cruising.

Allure of The Seas SolariumI get a lot of questions about taking a first cruise, so this time I wanted to turn the conversation back around a bit - people other than me have great cruise tips too.  A week or so ago I reached out on social media and asked Reddit users on r/cruise the following question:

What do you wish you knew before you took your first cruise? read more

Cruise Lines Ban Use of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Phones

Samsung's challenges with the Galaxy Note 7 are well known by now, and the effects of this issue are now being felt on the high-seas.  The flagship device was recalled after a number of units spontaneously caught fire (contrary to the misuse of the word, they're not exploding).  Many cruise lines now aren't allowing passengers to power on their devices while on board, and things may not be getting much better.

read more