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Oceania Cruises Debuts Expansive Vegan Menus, Vegan Smoothie Bars

Oceania Cruises, known for for cuisine and dining experiences that stand out in the cruise industry, has introduced a large variety of options on new vegan menus as well as cold-pressed raw and vegan smoothie bars.  This expands their already impressive menus and culinary crew which cater well to passengers with dietary restrictions.  The juice bars are already available on the Marina and Riviera, while the new vegan menus are available across the fleet of six ships...   read more

Cell service and internet access in Cuba - How to keep in touch when visiting Cuba on a cruise

Puedes escucharme ahora? Cell phone and internet access in Cuba

One benefit of cruising is getting away from it all and disconnecting, but more and more we have internet connections on board, WiFi in port, and often mobile phone service wherever we travel.  While you might have mixed feelings about staying tethered it's also important to know that staying in touch while visiting Cuba will likely be quite a bit different than you're used to.  Let's look at where you'll be able to get online and how useful your smartphone will be on your visit to the island nation... read more

Cruising Cuba: Credit cards and changing currency in Cuba - How to pay for goods and services

When visiting Cuba the amazing architecture, friendly people, pristine coast, and vintage car watching are all included in the price of your cruise.  Food, souvenirs, and tours however, are not.  While many Caribbean destinations readily accept US dollars and credit cards, but that's not the case in Cuba, so you'll need to know how to pay for things in this unique island nation with a two-currency system... read more

Why Cruise Ship Hulls Are Traditionally Black or Navy

RMS Queen Elizabeth
RMS Queen Elizabeth

These days cruise ships come in all sizes and colors, but not long ago this wasn't the case.  To this day, when most of us see ships with dark colored hulls we think of them as more traditional looking, no matter what the age of the vessel.  Why is this?  Well, it has to do with how these great ships are powered, and the letters sometimes preceding ship names.  Make sense?  read more

Virgin Voyages Is Making "Ship Happen" - Cut Steel On First Build

virgin voyages, ahoy sailor!Today Virgin Voyages, a new cruise line from Richard Branson's Virgin Group, cut steel on their first ship.  The ceremony, which took place at the Fincantieri Shipyard in Genoa, Italy represents the brand "becoming real", as up to now the very real effort to create Virgin Voyages has been planning and marketing without the tease of an actual ship.  Now, Hull 6287 (the name of the first Virgin Voyages ship... [click through for a video of the ceremony and more] read more

Many new cruise ships will look to the sea. Will those seeking floating hotels appreciate a return to the ocean?

Royal Promenade on Independence of The Seas
Royal Promenade on Independence of The Seas


For decades cruise ships became more advanced and more spacious, but despite these changes, ships still looked like ships.  With Royal Caribbean’s launch of Voyager of The Seas in November of 1998 however, things started to look quite different.  With this behemoth (the largest cruise ship at the time) came the first rock wall and ice rink at sea, as well as the Royal Promenade.  The ice rink and rock wall were, and still are, impressive.  The Royal Promenade however was something truly different.  

Up until this ship, the major venues on cruise ships all had views of the sea.  Part of this was to be expected by guests – you’re on a ship after all.  Another part however was out of necessity, as the size of ships never allowed for any reasonably large venue to be located above the water line and not come up against the windows of the ship or the outdoor promenade.  The size of the Voyager of The Seas made it possible to essentially put a shopping and dining district inside of the ship in a way that to this day, makes strolling the Royal Promenade an experience which in no way reveals that passengers are on a ship rather than on land.... read more

Celebrity Cruises & Launch Video Series, "Isaac Takes On" - Features “Top Chef” Star Chef Isaac Toups

Just announced, "Top Chef's" Isaac Toupe will be featured on a new video series as he competes against tastemakers in a wide variety of culinary challenges while sailing the Caribbean on Celebrity Cruises.  Viewers will catch appearances from the beautiful Celebrity Reflection and its team as well as Celebrity's own Michelin-starred chef, Cornelius Gallagher.  Isaac's challenges vary from whipping up world-class omelets, creating specialty cocktails, to tacking Mofongo, a traditional Puerto Rican dish.

"We are excited about this partnership as it gives our guests... read more

Norwegian signs multi-year partnership to with inflight entertainment company to bring next-gen experience to ships

Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings has penned a multi-year strategic partnership with Global Eagle, maker of in-flight entertainment systems.  This agreement will bring enhanced internet and entertainment services to Norwegian Cruise Line's fleet of 14 ships.  This is slated to include tiered plans for Wi-Fi, messaging services, and video.  In the future, guests will be able to access an integrated portal from their own smartphones and tablets, which will allow access to live and on-demand TV programming, movies, and more.  Further, the systems being put in place by Global Eagle will allow for dynamic adjusting on bandwidth for each ship based on demand.  This comes only a week after announcing read more