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CruiseHabit Ric's Quick Tip: How to leave a tip when you have a drink package or dining package

zero dollar receipt - drink packageOne of the arguments for getting the drink package on any cruise is the convenience of not having to settle the tab after a drink or two. Once you’ve ordered your drink and your card has been read, there’s nothing left to do. Except maybe one thing… You might have gotten great service from your bartender and you want to reward that. 

Handing someone cash would clearly be the most direct way to reward great service, but one of the benefits of cruising is that if you want your trip to be cashless, it can be cashless. 

Ask your bartender or server to print you a “zero bill” and you’ll get a regular bill with a zero balance. There will be a line for a tip and you can write in whatever gratuity you’d like there. Sign below the total and give recognition to the great service that so many people in the cruise industry provide.

This also works on any cruise line which swipes your card with each purchase even if you're on a dining or drink package.  You can also do this in specialty dining restaurants.

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Power Strips - Why they're not allowed on ships and how to safely gain some extra outlets

Many of us cruise with quite a few battery-powered devices that we want to keep charged, but cruise ship cabins don’t have as many outlets as we’d like. Common power strips are prohibited from cruise ships for safety reasons, and there aren't "cruise ship power strips", but there are alternatives. Let’s look into your options, and briefly cover why power strips aren’t allowed... read more

Uber, Lyft, Cabs, Shuttles? How to Get to and from Your Cruise Easily & Cheaply

In the 1950's, Cunard advertised that "Getting there is half the fun!", but we're pretty sure they were talking about your cruise (well, transatlantic crossing), not about getting to and from the port.  Dining, entertainment, and relaxation are all just steps away as you wake up in new and exciting destinations without the common woes of international travel, but you do however have to figure out how to get to and from the cruise port at the beginning and end of your cruise though, so let's check out how to make this journey without breaking the bank. read more

Princess' Ocean Medallions - Tech, service, and likely some skeptical passengers

Imagine you walk into a port ready to cruise and you're greeted by name.  The check-in process you're used to has transformed into a seamless stroll onto the ship.  Once onboard every crew member knows your preferences, you never have to unlock your door or turn on a light, and the idea of handing over a card for a purchase seems pedestrian and laborious.  At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas today, Carnival Corporation announced their new Ocean Medallions, which promise just this on your next cruise experience.

Weekly Video Cruise News Update - January 2nd 2017

This week's video is a bit different, as not much news came about in the world of cruising during this holiday week.  We discuss changes at Paradise Cruise Lines and my predictions for 2017.  

Be sure to follow us on Periscope so you can catch us live for these and other interactive broadcast.  We'll be live tomorrow from Port Everglades this weekend, talking ship and watching sail-aways!



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Where to watch cruise ships in Ft Laudedrale: The jetty at Dr. Von D. Mizell-Eula Johnson State Park

Often I come to you live on Periscope or Facebook Live where we all talk ship and watch cruise ships sail-away from Dr. Von D. Mizell-Eula Johnson State Park next to Port Everglades.  Many of you ask exactly where I am and how you can get there when you're in the Ft Lauderdale area (tip: it's also a great place to enjoy the beach). read more