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Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman's Public Buses - An Unexpectedly Easy Way to Get Around

Grand Cayman BusesThe Cayman Islands are gorgeous with a lot to offer, including the famous Seven Mile Beach.  Getting around any new town can be intimidating, but luckily, Georgetown Grand Cayman has a public bus system that is quick, inexpensive, and easy to use.  We've been to Grand Cayman many times over the years, and in addition to it's gorgeous beaches, great diving, and peaceful atmosphere, it also offers high prices on many things, including cabs and tours.  If you know where you want to go through, such as Seven Mile Beach, Hell (mail a post card, leave, tell your friends), West Bay Beach, or maybe one of the great restaurants in town, you can be there as quick as any private car, and for only $2.50... read more

Celebrity Edge Western Caribbean - Day 6 - Grand Cayman

Amazing Colors at Seven Mile Beach

Grand Cayman doesn’t have a cruise terminal, requiring ships tender (take small water shuttles) from the ship.  Some see this as inconvenient, but it’s also makes for a scenic way to arrive.  I went to bed last night hoping the weather would hold so that tender operations were able to take place, and in the final hour of our arrival, the sea smoothed out nicely. read more

Celebrity Reflection Live Blog - Day 4 - Grand Cayman

When I sat down to write this entry, I had a hard time getting started but I couldn’t figure out why. It’s because we had pastries at Cafe al Bacio. I had an Earl Grey tea with a blueberry streusel danish, carrot muffin, and Nutella croissant. This isn’t anything like what I would normally eat for breakfast, but it was an enjoyable change.

Celebrity Reflection live Blog Day 4 Grand Cayman read more