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How to Watch Sail-Aways Out of PortMiami - South Pointe Park

carnival ship from south beachMost weekends we do a live interactive broadcast from just outside of Port Everglades at Dr V D Mizel - Eula Johnson State Park.  Occasionally however we head South to see some different ships and different scenery.  If you want to watch ships as they leave PortMiami, it's not hard to get to South Pointe Park in South Beach, but watch the below video so know know exactly where to go and avoid what is sometimes a stressful parking situation... read more

Where to watch cruise ships in Ft Laudedrale: The jetty at Dr. Von D. Mizell-Eula Johnson State Park

Often I come to you live on Periscope or Facebook Live where we all talk ship and watch cruise ships sail-away from Dr. Von D. Mizell-Eula Johnson State Park next to Port Everglades.  Many of you ask exactly where I am and how you can get there when you're in the Ft Lauderdale area (tip: it's also a great place to enjoy the beach). read more

Sunday's Sail-Aways - Six Ships Leaving Port Everglades

It was a fun weekend with yesterday's Harmony sail-away party and today we enjoyed some great sail-aways.  After a long, hot Summer, many ships have left their Mediterranean and Alaskan routes, returning home to South Florida.  This means that instead of sweating for hours to see a ship or two, we enjoyed a six ship sail-away and chatted with many of you on Periscope.  Take a look below as we offer up pictures, video, and stats from the Princess, Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, and Holland America ships that we watched sail by today.  Also, because you're dying to know, you get to find out what I ate for dinner afterward.

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