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We aren't always the first to cruise news, and we don't strive to cover every story.  Our effort is however to bring you objective information along with our take on why the story is important (or not).

Coming Soon: Cruisers Will Have Scores of New Ships to Enjoy in the Next Year

New Cruise Ships Ahead for 2021! Viking OctantisCruise lines continue to pump out more ships to 'wow' future cruisers.  This year though, with few cruises sailing, many of them have been pushed into 2021.  Combined with new builds already scheduled for next year, it means that there could be a total of 44 new cruise ships ready to carry guests in the next 14 months.  From new cruise lines, to vessels powered by natural gas, let’s briefly go over just some of these new ships... read more

Now Is the Time: Renew Your Passport

Passports Ready for RenewalMost of us in the US haven’t traveled outside of the country in at least five months, and if you’re reading this you’re likely hoping to go somewhere in the next year.  Despite US passport processing stopping for some time, now is the perfect time to renew your passport – or even apply for a new one.  Let’s look at who might be impacted (there’s a good chance you are), estimated processing times, why you should act now, and more... read more

One of Largest Cruise Ports Gets Further Expansion Approval for People Mover, Increased Capacity, LNG & More

Port Everglades Expansion Update Overhead Shot

Port Everglades in Ft Lauderdale, Florida has received Broward Country's renewed approval of their 20-Year Master Plan to expand the busy cruise, cargo, and fuel port, and add some impressive new features.  The $1.6 billion plan was initiated in 2014 but is updated every few years, and outlines over fifty projects to be completed at different points over the next two decades. The goal? Strategically growing the large commercial port, which among other feats, welcomed over 3.7 million cruise passengers in 2019 alone... read more

Cruise Companies Norwegian and Royal Caribbean Build "Healthy Sail Panel" of Experts, Share Findings With Industry

Healthy Sail PanelRoyal Caribbean Cruises Ltd and Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings, two of the three largest cruise companies in the world, have brought together an impressive group of cross-disciplinary experts on public health, epidemiology, maritime operations, hospitality, and more.  Their goal?  Combine all of the best science and experience to identify a science-backed plan for a healthy return to service that ensures the wellbeing of guests, crew, and communities that lines visit.  In a time we should all be coming together, these competitors are doing just that. read more