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Norwegian Epic Live Blog

Norwegian Epic Live Blog Day 7 - The big question: Did Ric make it to Great Stirrup Cay?

On the final day of the cruise, I got up pretty early thinking I might go over to Great Stirrup Cay. I made my way down to Taste for my last chance at some table service breakfast. Although breakfast is served at Taste on disembarkation day, I thought I would most likely just make a quick buffet trip. The huevos rancheros SP had enjoyed so much on our previous cruise on the Norwegian Escape were back on the menu. I ordered what became my standard breakfast... read more

Norwegian Epic Live Blog Day 6 - Sea Day With a Glow Party

For lunch, which was pretty much the start of my day after being out until 3am the night before, I went up to the Garden Cafe committed to find some vegetables. I was happy to see several vegetable dishes including some dumplings made of diced vegetables, peas, and corn held together by a batter, fried, then covered in barbecue sauce. I tried the no sugar added pumpkin pie... read more

Norwegian Epic Live Blog Day 5 - Sea Day Off the Shore of Grand Cayman

Realistic as it may seem, this is me in a wig

I had intended to get off the ship and walk around Georgetown, Grand Cayman a little, but instead, I stayed on the ship. I have some onboard credit to spend, so I figured no matter how cheap the liquor is in Grand Cayman, I could get some on the ship for “free.” Tomorrow is a sea day, so I’ll get to walk around the shops and see what else I might like to buy...  read more

Norwegian Epic Live Blog Day 3 - Sea Day

Taste Dining Room on Norwegian Epic

I started my day around 9am at Taste for a sit-down breakfast rather than brave the crowds at the buffet. The menu was slightly different than on the Escape. One of the featured items was a dill and spinach pancake served with smoked salmon and sour cream. Overall, I enjoyed this dish though the smoked salmon was oddly dry and tough. I also ordered some sausage and hash browns just in case I wasn’t crazy about the pancakes and salmon. The decor in Taste is a little mixed read more

Norwegian Epic Live Blog Day 2 - Sea Day

Burn the Floor on Norwegian Epic

By the time I felt like having breakfast, most of the Garden Cafe had closed, but there were still a few items available, so I had raisin French toast, fried potatoes, sausage, and the salmon mousse I had become so fond of on the Escape. While I was dining, L, one of a group of Canadians I had met the night before walked by, so we chatted for a bit.  This was a relatively slow start to a day full of activities... read more

Norwegian Epic Live Blog Day 1 - Embarkation Day

Norwegian Epic as seen from check-in at Port Canaveral

After having gotten off a cruise ship just a week ago, it was a little surreal to be packing for another cruise. On the upside, I really knew what I wanted to pack, so it didn’t take long. I arrived at Port Canaveral around 11am and found several spots on the ground floor of the parking garage and easily walked to the terminal entrance. After checking in, I waited in the terminal for about a half-hour until my group number was called. Then I walked on board and directly to Shakers martini bar... read more