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Norwegian Epic Live Blog Day 4 - Falmouth, Jamaica (as seen from the ship)

I got a late start today, so lunch was my first meal of the day. I had the same lamb and barley soup I enjoyed on the Escape a couple of weeks ago, but augmented it with some sautéed mushrooms from the burger station. I also revisited the key lime bar that I enjoyed on the Escape.

People Watching, Dinner & I’m Famous! [sorta, kinda, not really]

When I was walking around Spice H2O, I ran into one of the Canadians I’ve been hanging out with on this cruise. We grabbed a couple of drinks and made our way to one of the upper decks for some people watching. Once their whole group was back on the ship from being in port, we hit the buffet for their lunch (my second). After a little too much food, I was ready for a nap, so I went back to my cabin until dinner. While flipping through channels, I saw a familiar face. Turns out I made the ship’s promotional video for Norwegian Night Out on this sailing. Ok, I’m in the background, but I’m still there.

Spice H20 on Norwegian Epic
Spice H20 on Norwegian Epic
I'm Famous-ish!

Around 7:30pm, we met at The Manhattan Room for dinner. Most of us chose the lime and dill shrimp appetizer which featured a few small shrimp on a bed of small diced golden potatoes. For my entree, I chose the leg of lamb, which was served with root vegetables, and some really great stacked gratin potatoes. We skipped dessert in favor of getting good seats for the 9:30pm show.

Priscilla: Queen of the Desert

I can’t say enough good things about Priscilla: Queen of the Desert. Not only was the story really fun and moving, the cast clearly loved performing the show. The costumes were every bit as extravagant as I hoped. Elaborate headpieces reigned with platform shoes and every color in the rainbow. The bus served as the versatile focal point of the production. At varying points of the show, the bus, Priscilla, was spun around to show action taking place in the bus or just outside. One technical aspect of the costuming was the eye masks worn by the actors to quickly transform into long eyelashes and glittery eye makeup and then, just as quickly, change back into their everyday personas. Another technical achievement was the quick-change near the finale where the lead actors are performing their show-within-a-show. As the stagehands drew a curtain quickly across the stage, we went from one number in the show with corresponding costume to an entirely new costume. I understand how the effect was achieved, but it was an excellent use of the effect to advance the story. I can see why the Epic brags that its entertainment is rated #1 in the fleet.

Priscilla, Queen of the Desert on Norwegian Epic
Priscilla, Queen of the Desert on Norwegian Epic

A Light Cucumber Snack (Drowned in Booze) & Bliss

After the show, we made a trip through the casino, returned to Shaker’s, and had a round of the Basil Cucumber Twist. There are still a couple of other cocktails on the menu I’d like to try. We checked in on the Caribbean Party in Spice H2O, but it had already ended, so we returned to Bliss for another night. I saw some familiar faces, so we went to chat with them. The only part of the evening I didn’t like is that the DJ wasn’t playing any songs I wanted to dance to, and when there were fewer people on the dance floor than usual, he didn’t mix it up. I think a good DJ needs to read the crowd and this guy seemed to show up with a prepared playlist and stuck to it.

Tomorrow – Grand Cayman & an 80’s Party

Tomorrow, we’re in Grand Cayman. My plan is to return to a duty-free store for some very discounted vodka, then maybe walk around a little. Mostly, I’d like to check out the ship and go on the slides. I don’t have any plans for dinner or for a show, but there will be an 80’s party that I’m very ready for.

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