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Mariner of the Seas

Mariner of the Seas Simulated Voyage: Visiting Coco Cay

The first (and only) full day of our cruise started with docking at Coco Cay.  Because this was my first visit to Royal Caribbean's private destination, I wanted to see it all.  Starting with complimentary in-room breakfast was a good way to save time and not oversleep so we could have a perfect day.  Of course we had plenty to do both on and off the island... read more

Mariner of the Seas Simulated Voyage (Test Cruise) - Invitation Received

Royal Caribbean is bringing more and more ships back into service.  Before each ship can sail with paying guests, they complete what the CDC calls a Simulated Voyage with volunteers, where the line demonstrates proper protocols can be followed onboard.  We got an surprise in our inbox recently, as we’ve been invited to sail the Simulated Voyage for Mariner of the Seas this week... read more

We're Sailing the Newly-Enhanced Mariner of the Seas - Follow Along!

Mariner of the SeasThis week CruiseHabit Ric is sailing on Mariner of the Seas and you can follow along, read about his adventures, and even ask him questions.  Mariner has received a ton of attention lately after undergoing loads of improvements that make her a real stand-out experience in the Royal Caribbean Fleet.  Just head over to his posts on the Royal Caribbean Blog message boards to find out more and be sure to ask him to bring something nice back for Billy!  Or just wish him a great cruise - whatever. read more