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Celebrity Millennium Adding Pacific Northwest and Alaska Sailings in April

Celebrity Millennium Adds AK and PNW SailingsRecently, Celebrity announced in an abundance of caution related to coronavirus, they'd be canceling all remaining Celebrity Millennium sailings in Asia for this season.  This means they've added several five night Pacific Northwest and eleven night Alaska sailings, offering amazing opportunities to sail on a newly Revolutionized ship at great rates.  How great?  In some cases, we're talking about suites for under $152 pp/pn...

Do you need a passport to take an Alaskan cruise?

Cruising to Alaska? Get a passport.

Regardless of where you're cruising, we always recommend getting a passport.  Frequently though, there is some confusion about requirements for Alaskan cruises, since they sometimes leave from the United States (mostly Seattle) and visit Alaska, also part of the United States.  Because of the Passenger Vessel Services act, an old law that restricts non-US flagged ships from traveling only to US ports, your cruise will make a stop in Canada, and as such, you'll need a passport or other proof of citizenship.  This means... read more

Juneau, Alaska Excursion - Mount Roberts Hiking Trails & Tramway

The Mount Roberts Tramway Station - as Seen From Oceania Regatta

Alaskan cruises visit many small towns and in general they've no shortage of ways to take in the beautiful scenery.  The largest city you might visit when cruising Alaska is the capital city of Juneau.  While visiting the capital may lead you to look for adventures in the city, beautiful Mount Roberts can be enjoyed in several ways, and is just steps from your ships gangway... read more