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We aren't always the first to cruise news, and we don't strive to cover every story.  Our effort is however to bring you objective information along with our take on why the story is important (or not).

Visiting Hawaii? State approves ban of certain sunscreens harmful to coral reefs. Only reef-safe sunscreens permitted.

For decades, Hawaii has been a popular destination for cruisers and non-cruisers alike.  Norwegian Cruise Lines even has a ship there all year-round, the Pride of America.  What you soon won't find however are thousands of sunscreens with chemicals known to harm coral reefs.  Joining the ranks of various resorts throughout the world, many parks in Mexico (including XelHa, Xcaret, Chankanaab, and others), and part of the Cayman Islands, Hawaii is taking steps to reduce the negative impact to their ecosystem caused by some sunscreens... read more

Famous Ocean Liner QE2 Opens as a Hotel in Dubai - Hotel Details, and a Touch of Queen Elizabeth 2's History

Cunard Line has had many famous ocean liners, but each with distinct legacies. The Queen Elizabeth 2 (QE2) is just one of them, but her storied history is especially meaningful to those of us who have been lucky enough to sail her as well as those with an understanding of her place in history.  Last week in Dubai, UAE, the QE2 re-opened to guests, though these visitors will have a distinctly different experience as they wake up each day in the same place aboard a sparkling new hotel at Mina Rashid... read more

Celebrity Giveth, and Celebrity Taketh Away - November Preview Sailings Cancelled

We love sharing exciting news about Celebrity Edge, a ship which proves to be truly innovative, and you can find all of our Edge content here.  Launching new ships is real life though, and sometimes, that means it isn't all sunshine and lollipops.  Today Celebrity began reaching out travel agents, letting them know that the November 21st and 24th three-night preview sailings have been canceled... read more

Oceania Announces "Wavenet" - Faster WiFi Across Their Fleet, Plus Free Access

This week Oceania Cruises, a subsidiary of Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings, announced "Wavenet", a new internet technology coming soon to the fleet, which includes free basic access for all guests.  WiFi on cruise ships was once, and in many cases still is quite expensive and slow, but it's become much better and cheaper over the past couple of years - changes certainly welcome by many guests as well as crew members... read more

Carnival Increased Capacity in Tampa, Galveston, and New Orleans: Why these ports matter more than you think.

When you think of cruising most people think about leaving from South Florida, Seattle, or perhaps a large city in Europe.  There are many other ports out of which you can cruise, and recently Carnival announced they’re greatly increasing their capacity at some of them.  We look at why this is important, and what we think it might say about the popularity of cruising as well as the economy... read more