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Celebrity Equinox Live Blog

Celebrity Equinox Live Blog - Day 7 - Sea Day/Freeport

Binoculars on Balcony of Celebrity Equinox

On the last day of a cruise I often feel stuck - unable to commit to any plans because some part of my brain dedicates too much thought to wondering how I could just stay on the ship for one more cruise.  On this cruise though, while I certainly didn't want it to end, the day also carried a very different tone as we sat off the coast of hurricane ravaged Freeport.  Still we were able to enjoy our day, lay out in the sun shade, and take the in the final hours of our vacation... read more

Celebrity Equinox Live Blog - Day 5 Tortola, BVI

Amazingly Beautiful Beaches All Around Tortola BVI

Vacation often requires tuning in a balance between doing everything, and relaxing, which may mean doing nothing.  Today we continued striking what has been to me, a good balance, but it meant the day went in an unexpected way – but turned out great.  Our time on shore in Tortola, the evening’s show, and dinner all came together nicely. read more

Celebrity Equinox Live Blog Day 3 - San Juan, Puerto Rico

El Moro - Entering San Juan Harbor on Celebrity Equinox

Some cruisers prefer sea days, while others prefer being in port.  Today felt like we had the best of both worlds as we enjoyed relaxing on the ship for the first half of the day until we arrived in San Juan at about 3:30pm.  Docking in Old San Juan provides easy access to forts, historic sites, and a battery of great shops and restaurants.  Since we’ve visited a couple times in the past year though, we ended up deviating from that routine a bit... read more