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Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity Cruises "Perks Packages"

Celebrity Cruises - Perks Packages

Recently, Celebrity Cruises began offering several packages you can buy online before your cruise, which combine a variety of things you might be looking for anyway.  The idea here is that purchasing them bundled may save some cruisers cash.  Additionally, we'll talk about their Premier Pass, and what that offers... read more

Celebrity Equinox: Revolutionized - First Solstice Class Ship Transformed

Celebrity Equinox Showing Off Her New Livery

Last week we watched live as Celebrity Equinox sailed out of Port Everglades with her new livery, but there is much more to see than just a new hull color.  Equinox is the first Solstice class ship to complete Celebrity Revolution, the line's $500 million fleet revitalization project.  She's got new venues, decor, entertainment, technology, and much more - which we'll be sharing in person soon! read more

We're Sailing Celebrity Edge for Seven Nights in the Eastern Caribbean

Celebrity Edge Pool Deck

Frequent visitors to the site and listeners to the CruiseHabit Podcast probably noticed that had a lot to say about Celebrity Edge when we sailed on her for a three night preview voyage in early December of 2018.  This Sunday, January 13, 2019 we're back on board, and this time we're spending a full seven nights taking in everything that this unique ship has to offer. Briefly, we'll review our plans for our second Celebrity Edge cruise... read more

Eden on Celebrity Edge - Photo Album

Eden on Celebrity EdgeCelebrity Edge offers a space all the way aft (at the back) that has tall windows, wrapping around over 180 degrees, where you can dine, get a hand-crafted cocktail, read a book, sit outside, or experience the amazing performers in a rather unconventional display of talents.  The name of this space?  Eden.  Together, the aforementioned elements create not a venue, or a show, but an experience.  This experience is so unique that we... read more