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Celebrity Infinity Live Blog Day 4 - Nassau, Bahamas

Before enjoying another morning in the Solarium, I walked around on the upper decks to see which other ships were in port with us. Celebrity infinity was one of five ships in port in Nassau. We moored at the northernmost berth and were joined by Carnival Victory, Royal Caribbean’s Mariner of the Seas, and Norwegian Sky

As a group of us took in the exterior details of the other ships, Royal Caribbean’s Majesty of the Seas approached the harbor. The captain turned the ship 180º and backed Majesty into the slip next to Mariner. With this compliment of ships in port, I had been on three out of five of the ships.

While up on the higher decks, I noticed another ship heading into Nassau Harbor. Could we have six ships in port today? When I took the Sunset Harbour Tour (read about it here), my guide said the port can accommodate six ships, though with five in port now, I didn’t see where another ship would go. Then around 7am, the Carnival Victory left port and was replaced by the Carnival Sensation. I can’t remember another time that I’ve seen a ship leave port in the morning hours.

Majesty of the Seas Approaches
Majesty of the Seas Approaches
Majesty of the Seas Turning
Majesty of the Seas Turning
Mariner of the Seas Majesty of the Seas
Mariner of the Seas and Majesty of the Seas

This was my seventh time visiting Nassau overall and my second time since August. I’ll get another visit in the first week of December, possibly February, and possibly March, so I didn’t feel like I needed to go out and see something in Nassau. However, my phone account gets 2G speeds in The Bahamas, so I wanted to take advantage of that to get email and send a few texts.

Because I wasn’t buying the internet package onboard, I was willing to spend a few dollars to get a good wifi connection from Starbucks, so I got off the ship and walked in that direction. As I approached, I saw people crowded around outside all on their phones. Turns out the wifi is free now though the speeds still not better and the connection was intermittent. I’m not sure if there’s some agreement with T-Mobile, but that may have been why the wifi was free.

After getting my fill of free wifi, I returned to the ship for lunch. This was the hour of the crowded elevator. With so many people taking the elevator up from Deck 1, the elevators were full by the time they got to Deck 3. A couple of ladies and I got to the point where we took an elevator down to go back up.

In the elevator going up to the Oceanview Cafe, I ran into Tom from the first day. As he and I walked into the buffet, we met his wife who was talking to the Captain. The captain greeted me and I thanked him for a wonderful cruise, then I joined Tom and Doris for lunch. I’ve been very pleased with the meat dishes on the ship, but also with the cold salads. The cole slaw and the beet salad have been excellent options all week. For dessert, I added a scoop of a baked rum pudding that had a strong molasses flavor.

The Oceanview Cafe continued to impress me that night with a Cuban sandwich station. I’m from Tampa, Florida, the home of the Cuban sandwich, so I’ve eaten them at nearly every social occasion from elementary school onward. Other than the bread, which would be the most challenging part, the Oceanview Cafe Cuban was a very well-done replica of the Tampa original.

Oceanview Cafe Cuban Sandwich Station

To close out the night, the Constellation Lounge offered a Silent Disco. This was my third silent disco. The headsets offered blue, red, and green channels. Red was Latin music. Green was often throwback disco at one point featuring “YMCA.” Blue was a little more soul featuring Taylor Dayne, and Real McCoy (a band from Hamburg who recorded “Another Night Another Dream”). The best group to watch was the bachelorette party as they convinced each other to switch from blue to green and back again.
There was a guy there in a sea foam green polo and navy pants who, at first, seemed to be subjecting his wife and friends to a 3-person hip hop show where everyone was there to see him. However, when Single Ladies came on, he really hit his stride and the crowd went wild. He became the hero of the dance floor.

I closed out the final night of the cruise with a club soda and went back to my cabin for the last time.

Follow along with me as I sail on Celebrity Infinity from November 15th to 19th

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