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We aren't always the first to cruise news, and we don't strive to cover every story.  Our effort is however to bring you objective information along with our take on why the story is important (or not).

Port Everglades, First Cruise Port To Support Mobile Passport Control App - Time saver or just hype? Update: Now in Port Miami

If you've disembarked a large cruise ship in Port Everglades you know that they've got that process down to a science.  You also know that this doesn't mean it's a quick process getting 6,300 passengers through customs.  Today's announcement that Port Everglades will be the first cruise port in which US and Canadian citizens can utilize the Mobile Passport Control app promises to change that - but will it work?

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Cruise Lines Ban Use of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Phones

Samsung's challenges with the Galaxy Note 7 are well known by now, and the effects of this issue are now being felt on the high-seas.  The flagship device was recalled after a number of units spontaneously caught fire (contrary to the misuse of the word, they're not exploding).  Many cruise lines now aren't allowing passengers to power on their devices while on board, and things may not be getting much better.

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