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Norwegian Cruise Line Overview

NCL LogoNorwegian Cruise Line (often referred to as Norwegian or NCL) has become famous for the color livery on their ships and the flexibility they offer guests.  Founded in Miami in 1966 by Knut Kloster and Ted Arison, they carried roughly 2.3 million guests in 2018 - the third highest number of any cruise line. They were also one of the first lines dedicated to cruising, and started with a cruise-ferry that carried passengers as well as cars.  Let's look at what NCL does well, highlight some things to keep in mind, and help you decide if they're right for your next cruise... read more

Cruise Companies Norwegian and Royal Caribbean Build "Healthy Sail Panel" of Experts, Share Findings With Industry

Healthy Sail PanelRoyal Caribbean Cruises Ltd and Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings, two of the three largest cruise companies in the world, have brought together an impressive group of cross-disciplinary experts on public health, epidemiology, maritime operations, hospitality, and more.  Their goal?  Combine all of the best science and experience to identify a science-backed plan for a healthy return to service that ensures the wellbeing of guests, crew, and communities that lines visit.  In a time we should all be coming together, these competitors are doing just that. read more