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Holland America Line

HAL Nieuw Amsterdam Live Blog Day 4 - Grand Turk

Today we visited the island of Grand Turk, the capital island of The Turks & Caicos Islands – a self-governing nation with close ties to the US and UK.  The ship docs at a purpose-built cruise center, which is not the manufactured experience we usually advocate, but several surprises were in store for us on this trip, including a great tour and an island of resilient folks... read more

HAL Nieuw Amsterdam Live Blog Day 3 - Sea Day

Today we woke up to the kind of sea day everyone wants while sailing the Caribbean, though everybody else started their great day a few hours earlier.  After being up a bit late last night, a time-zone change, and a lack of morning-obligations we found ourselves up and moving around 11am.  Despite this, we feel like we really got to enjoy the ship during the day, including a stroll, beer-tasting, a cooking class, and a beautiful start to our evening out on deck. read more

HAL Niuew Amsterdam Live Blog - Embarkation Day

Embarkation day is one of the most exciting days of any cruise - you're vacation is just starting and you've got so much ahead of you!  At the same time, even when it all goes smoothly, there are logistics (unpacking for example), muster drill, and other things that make the day pass by quickly.  Despite this, we had an enjoyable day, so we'll quickly recap our embarkation process, initial observations, and our first evening on Holland America Line's m/s Nieuw Amsterdam...

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Holland America Line ms Nieuw Amsterdam Caribbean Cruise - Live-ish Blog Preamble

Saturday November 18th we'll be setting sail once again, this time on Holland America Line's ms Nieuw Amsterdam for seven nights.  We're always excited to cruise, but this is particularly exciting as it will be our first time personally experiencing Holland America.  In fact, while our last live blog was so exciting because of the itinerary (Cuba), this cruise is all about the ship (well, mostly).  The plan is to update the blog as often as we can, but internet connectivity isn't the strong-suit of this sailing, so check out the highlights below, and look forward to live-ish updates... read more

NPR/PBS Loving Cruisers Rejoice - America's Test Kitchen & Holland America Line Cook Up Something Special

This week Holland America Line (HAL) announced it'd be turning the heat up on it's culinary programming via a new partnership with National Public Radio's (NPR) program, "America's Test Kitchen".  The long running television and radio show filmed in Boston, MA has a team that tests and tweaks recipes to perfection, in a more scientific take on traditional cooking shows.  They also try out various kitchen gadgets, appliances, and more.

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