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Virgin Voyages - CruiseHabit Podcast Episode 14

Eden on Celebrity EdgeOver the past couple years we've had the opportunity to watch a new cruise line emerge.  With details of Virgin Voyages trickling out at a pace that leaves us constantly wanting more, we thought we'd take this episode to share what we know so far about Sir Richard Branson's first dive into cruising.  We talk about who is behind the line, what the ship will be like, the things that make Virgin Voyages so different - and even tattoos.  Check out the links below for photos, renderings and more information. 


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It's not often that we get to watch as a new cruise line comes into the world but in 2016 the colorful entrepreneur sure Richard Branson announced the creation of all as a 1st virgin cruises we've watched for almost 3 years as details have come in about this exciting new line including its new name I'm Billy Hirsch and we're talking about Virgin voyages on this episode of the cruise have a podcast. You are about to set sail on the cruise have a podcast and it will be a voyage through the will of ship's pullets and beyond welcome a boat before we get started I want to mention that while the goal is to talk about a lot of the stuff we know so far about Virgin voyages I can't go into all of the details because to our podcast might not be is as exciting for some as I might like because I do like talking about the stuff but you can find a lot of additional details including renderings pictures things like that even deck plans over at cruise have a dot com And in the show notes which you can find over crews have a dot com slash podcast and then just go to this episode will put some links in there to some of the specific pages that out of the way let's talk about the who who started Virgin voyages not surprising to most of you that is so Richard Branson he's he's the the proprietor of a number of different companies Virgin Records Virgin Holidays Virgin Air Virgin Mobile version insert here right and he's a very successful rather. Rather flamboyant he's really he's got a great presence he's an interesting guy to listen to but he also notably just because we're going to be talking about cruising and that involves the Caribbean he actually owns his own private island is one of the his 1st huge purchases it's called Necker Island in the British Virgin Islands and he uses it to host himself and guests and sometimes events that he that he sets up and it's also a high end rental property interesting thing that I like to talk about with Necker Island and getting sidetracked already this early in the podcast is that he originally went to see it they were asking $6000000.00 in 1908 for this property and they he expressed interest his only big company then was Virgin Records and flew him on a helicopter out to the island climbed the top of this hill saw the Alex at this is amazing said I'll give you $100000.00 and they quickly escorted him back well a year later the person that ended up owning the island really needed some money and one year later instead of 6 $1000000.00 he paid $180000.00 not bad granted he ended up putting it I believe about $10000000.00 And so Richard Branson interesting guy has experience in a lot of different types of businesses including travel and he is the founder Tom McAlpin a name that many of you may have heard or if not you're certainly familiar some of some of his work he was selected early on as the to be the president and C.E.O. of Virgin voyages while his original background is actually in finance I think it was an auditor financial auditor. At the beginning he's one of the founding executives of Disney Cruise Line and after a after a long tenure there he went over to the world which has a ship called residency in he was C.E.O. the world residency is a an all condo ship people live there it's really impressive which probably right about that some time and then in 2014 he came over to Virgin voyages So really Tom McAlpin is somebody that has historically run some very different kinds of cruise lines I don't really want to call the world a cruise line because it's not but yeah he's got relevant but unique experience and there are a lot of other of course important people here Virgin has they're based here in South Florida where I am in fact are based just on the street from where I used to live and they've been pulling talent from across the industry and I mean whether it's their chief lead engineer I think came from world Caribbean their Head of people was at I don't remember now but but but a lot of the the executives but also people in sales other other operational positions they've really been pulling a lot of talent especially from the cruise industry but from from other Virgin companies other travel companies and other companies of all sorts. They are getting people that know what they're doing that much is clear and has been interesting to watch them as kind of a local South Florida business develop they have a reputation so far and in a short amount of time as being a fantastic employer and they emphasize that in their corporate culture. So what well virgin voyage is their cruise line right and. They they won't call themselves a cruise line though not not many they're marketing though they say they want to be different We're going to talk about that but starting from the ground up they have they've decided to build ships oftentimes new cruise lines not that new cruise lines come along all the time but oftentimes they they buy existing ships and they might be old they might be reasonably new sometimes even ships that that haven't been used yet that are just coming off the shipyard after cancellation or something like that but I can't remember the last time Certainly it happens but I can remember the last time we had a cruise line with with large ships that started from nothing but Richard Branson an ambitious man and you know I'm sure knows how to raise the capital and has the capital itself to have to make this happen so coming in with brand new ships new designs ships that look quite different the very 1st is going to be scarlet lady and she comes in at about 110000 gross ridged her tons. Twenty's carrying $2700.00 passengers in total there are there are 3 more in the works there are 4 ships are already in the works initially I think they announced that there would be 3 in the attic a 4th later even before opening up bookings or anything like that so they seem confident and that's pretty neat the scarlet lady and I believe all of the 1st ships. Are part of the a part of thinking Terry shipyards project merely platform and this is an interesting thing if you look at M.C.C. side and sales project Leonardo vessels I'm trying to think if there are any others out there right now but these are also part of Project 1000000 this is a project from the shipyard that listen it's about benefiting everyone of course the shipyard job is to make ships that they can sell the cruise lines right so for the cruise lines are saying hey we're moving Publix heavy public spaces we're moving pools all of that down to lower decks to lower center of the center of gravity that means you can have larger higher ships which means in addition other things more decks full of State worms that actually generate revenue so that's there's a lot that goes into project really but that is the general idea in terms of scarlet lady herself there's been a big focus whenever they've talked about it one of the few would renderings you can see over on the site on ocean views and also the environment they're doing heat recapture and other things like that then there be some practices outside of the construction of the ship around environmental conservation awareness as well. On to the why. It's you know of course to make money right but why it why a cruise line if you're Richard Branson you can create any number of types of companies you find markets that need you right that that you can really make a difference in and I think Richard Branson so familiar with travel with Virgin Holidays if you're not familiar by the way Virgin Holidays is one of the largest. Holiday providers vacation providers in in Europe they put together they already they sell cruises I mean there's actually a giant travel agency and tour agent and just all sorts of things in one they sell cruises they obviously work with Virgin Air and other airlines a lot of land tours and things like that so there's already a level of familiarity certainly there and looking at the numbers like I think anyone that's going to be creating a company like this does they saw untapped markets you know people that maybe they think could be cruisers could enjoy cruising but. Either aren't or at least aren't to the capacity they think they could. We hear a lot of C.E.O.'s I'm thinking specifically Frank the Rio. From Norwegian Cruise Line holdings talk about it being a capacity constrained market saying listen we there are all these ships being built right now because if there were more ships if there were more state rooms then there would be more people cruising so from you know if that holds true if that vision is accurate that's really impressive so that means that somebody that has the know how can create a cruise line and really make something impressive I think also what's been identified we're seeing other cruise lines work toward this now is that traditionally premium in luxury lines have aimed for somewhat older demographics and they've offered more classic experiences but there are people that are maybe a little younger than the marketing in the branding in the spirits themselves have often catered towards that can afford and are looking for higher end experiences more more premium or luxury even experiences this goes along with the trend of and I hate I hate using generational terms but it's kind of unavoidable and we're talking about things like this but this goes along with all the data that shows that millennial want to spend money on experiences and not things right so you look at that you say well there's not really a cruise line that focuses on those more premium experiences for millenniums we see that. Celebrity with celebrity edge and celebrity revolution that they are either I don't know if it's that they're making a pivot or that they are just adding some options that resonate differently with different demographics and that's something that's I think relevant to Virgin voyages and really it'll be really interesting to see how they compete with each other there's also Viking ocean now Viking has been around for a while as river cruise line a number of years ago they created Viking ocean they everyone thought OK they're competing with Oceana and lines like that and I think they thought that is as well. It turns out they had a lot of success with younger people with affluent millennialists who wanted a more premium experience something that was more inclusive I try and avoid saying all inclusive because nothing is all inclusive you know just go and you can sail region to oversee or Crystal if you go to the shop they're not just giving you the watch right. So looking for more inclusive higher end experiences with better. Offering just better experiences overall from a service quality and maybe even crowd standpoint Viking had the success with with millennial is kind of by accident and since then as they've matured as a company you've seen the make adjustments that I believe are are intended to to better hone in on that and I think Virgin looked at this this opportunity they saw what Viking ocean was doing maybe even they they had knowledge you know from from market route from from Minister research of what other cruise lines were doing how they were how Cruise Lines are going to adapt to 2 new people looking to cruise or cruise differently and they saw this opportunity so that's that's what we're that's kind of the why as far as I believe it obviously I'm not in Richard Branson that I'm not a sea level cruise line executive So you know feel free to feel free to write pod cast crews have a talk and tell me that I'm all wrong there where well I can tell you where they're starting we know where they're starting out we do not know after you know the initial season as there are additional ships but they're going to be starting out in South Florida scarlet lady their 1st ship will be home ported import Miami and they will be sailing to the Dominican Republic coast a mile and a surprise location which we expect to be some sort of private island that they haven't announced yet whether they'll be leasing from somebody else or maybe they're developing something that they've kept under wraps we'll see they in Port Miami by the way they are building a new terminal which. We're seeing we're going to an upcoming episode about that actually a lot of cruise lines doing to to reduce friction too to make that cruise experience just awesome as soon as you get there turn 25 just being one of them was celebrity we use all that when we went over edge in her recent sailings fantastic facility Well Virgin is doing that as well but interestingly their facility Port Miami won't be ready until late 2021 even though the lines going to start sailing in April of 2020 so not sure there's a lot of speculation as to why that is. From zoning and deals that fell through who knows but but they will be home ported at very least in the beginning import Miami and they will be operating for basic I 10 or as I say for basically because the order of the ports sometimes changes but they have $4.00 and $5.00 night sailings to have on a. Mountain after dark is what they call them they'll have overnights there on some of those will include the secret location then 5 night Dominican days which as you can figure out goes to the D.R. and secret location and then 5 night Ma in Seoul which which also is the secret location so it's interesting that these are foreign 5 nights I certainly expected that they were going to be going with 7 night I 10 or as I think most people did in fact I noticed that even though a P.T. article still says that they'll be operating 7 nights. Again my speculation is that they're going with 4 and 5 night I 10 or Aries because they said well drawing people into a new cruise line maybe that could be tough for a 4 or 5 night little maybe gives I'm not trying to do bit of a sampling if they want something longer back to back is only one night so it's only a little bit shorter than a 7 night and if you back to back it it's only a little bit longer than a 7 night so who knows maybe that maybe that will work out really well for them will find out. When I mention that they're going to start sailing spring of 2020 believe the 1st killings are April of 2021 can you book well I'm ready to book but I can't yet you'll be able to book Feb 14th that's why I believe I mentioned on if you go back and listen just a couple episodes ago 2 or 21009. Episodes I said that this Valentine's Day would be the most expensive ever and we don't even buy valentines day stuff because maybe not the most expensive meal probably. Because that is when we will be booking virgin voyages 1st sailing our hour for sailing with Virgin. There are as I record this a couple lucky folks that had the opportunity to more than a couple book already and that's because on February 5th the the Web site turned on the phone number was given out and guess or future guess future sailors will get into that who previously deposited $500.00 for the. The benefit the perk of being able to book early before everyone else they were able to get in there and actually book so there are now as I speak people that for over 24 hours now have actually been booked with Virgin voyages we did not deposit early we wrote about it we knew it was happening with every intention but I don't know if it happened faster or maybe slower than Virgin expected but back when they did that I think was I should've looked up the date I think it was about a year ago. It happened fast it was only a couple days that they were taking deposits and then I think I was like oh yeah I'm going to do that tomorrow and nope no more so that's all right only only a couple more days before we get the opportunity to book and before you get the opportunity book if you want we'll of course get into the pricing in just a minute but we've got some details on the site there so kind of a summary of a lot of this is the how right Richard Branson he's an individual with a lot of clout in business he's created many successful businesses he's well connected he had a lot of capital himself he knows how to scale businesses he's he's built. Spacefaring vessels as Rick actually put in the notes you know with with Virgin Galactic so I'm pretty sure he knows how to hire the right people to build ships connected to that is that he's collected a lot of talent from around the industry as we discussed and finally his his business experience is not just varied but he has business experience specifically in vacations and in holidays especially in Europe huge name in in European holidays now granted up to this point generally travel and holidays with Virgin has not been premium or high end but nevertheless relevant experience there so let's let's not get into some of the wow we've talked about some of things that you know very fact based around virgin voyages but there is there are certain things that just really stand out that start to make you realize that Virgin is looking to create a rather unique product here for starters and this this may be the biggest one for a number of reasons adults only as they say score lady is adult by design that's the way that they're talking about it and what makes that interesting is it seems to me. Cruise lines to a degree travel trouble travel professionals in general but I think it's really cruise lines they've not done a good job of getting the messaging out that there are great cruise experiences to be had for people who don't want to be around kids and families. Because there certainly are however it's also fair to say that. That nothing currently exists that is what we expect virgin voyages to shape up to be. So so yeah that's one that a lot of people are talking about adults only the next and you know they released this information a while ago and when they did that OK that's to get people talking and you know what it works we're talking about it right now they're actually going to have on Skaro lady a tattoo parlor it'll be called squid ink. And there are all sorts of things that people brought up a moving ship Well I mean there are a lot of things I can think that are funny about a tattoo parlor on a cruise ship but the fact that it's moving really isn't one of them the goal is for the ship not to move that vinyl him. We'll see there we actually have a whole article on squid ink you guys can check out all the dining venues on Skaro lady will be included in the price this is like what we see in in the upper premium and luxury luxury lines like Oceana Regent Silversea things like that where they might have multiple dining venues but they're all complimentary They're all their own clued with your fare and in fact a girl lady is going to have I believe the number if I recall is 20 different options Now granted some of those are in a food court thing we'll talk about that so it's not 20 separate venues. Then complementary wife I that's going to be included and I think that speaks partially to expectations of a lot of guests especially those not familiar with cruising but even more so within certain certain age groups and things like that there will be no gratuities or gratuities will be complementary however you want to work that out something else that as I said we've seen with with other higher end cruise lines and there's going to be a big focus on fitness and activity that's not to say there won't be bars or crazy desserts or fatty foods or anything like that but there including group exercise classes for example that's something that we've seen other crews on sometimes charge for. The day keep going back to 2 to well being in a lot of there are their messaging So just those are some of the things that stand out to us it's also clear they're just really trying to be different that's not a bad thing I do think that it has the potential to. Potential I won't say it's going to happen it has the potential to end up with them looking like they're trying to be different just to be different so I give you a couple little examples. I've worked really hard for a long time to call state rooms state rooms instead of cabins because that's what I grew up calling them and Virgin voyages a lot of the stuff they talk about nautical themes and and it being like a yacht experience so they're calling them cabins that's OK what else they have. It it's virgin voyage is not virgin cruise lines you're not going on a cruise you're going on a voyage and in fact you are not a cruise or you are not a passenger you are not a guest you are a sailor so you know we'll see if if that gets if some of these terms and things like that get picked up as. Nomenclature used by other guests or sailors or if it just ends up being the those working for the cruise line but which I'm sure they have a different name for that I can't think of right now. But it is different so I you know I mentioned the cabins thing a moment ago and it is important talk about the the accommodations because those are also they have some unique qualities to them so the cabins as they call them clever cabins they have some things that are common among them for example mood lighting which can be controlled by an in room tablet and when I say mood lighting a lot of deep blues deep red things like that will see what colors you can change it. In the renderings which you can see over a cruise have a dot com Certainly they look interesting flexible furniture and I like this description and we've seen we've seen things like this on ships before Disney did a couple interesting things a while ago with just with some tables. On Celebrity edge they have kind of a vanity slide out of the way in recesses into the dresser but on Virgin voices or at least on Scarlet lady one of the things they've seabeds and essentially the idea is well you usually not using your bed during the day usually not using your couch while you're sleeping so you have to go check out the pictures a cruise have a dot com to see what I'm talking about there but the bed kind of turns into a couch if you all don't think futon it's nothing like that it's an interesting idea and then they've got some other things with the furniture and even the shape of the room instead of being a square epic tried things like this and in the region on Epic and we've seen we've seen an attempt to depart from the very. Rectangular state rooms in one of the Granted these things are they're still modular so we'll see how much that departure really means. The sweets if you if you are tempted to enjoy the sweet life if you if you have the funds to enjoy the sweet life well virgin voyages is calling these rock star suites and typical of what we see with other cruise lines there's going to be a suite only area I believe is called Richard's retreat and we post some runners of that maybe months or even a year ago. But they the categories of suites are pretty interesting and they feature a lot of the same things that the the clever cabins do in terms of mood lighting and electronic electronically controlled blackout shades and stuff Interestingly though one common thread is that a lot of the suites have either peek a boo or pic of you depending on which type of sweet peek a boo or pic of you showers in their showers with with Windows and there they don't seem to be clear windows but like. If you've ever seen either a car or a handbag or any number of things that is kind of iridescent maybe changes color depending on the angle at which you look at it. That is. That looks to be the type of Windows but it'll be inching and then I think actually the peek a boo I forget which ones which button in one of the suite types it's actually opened to open above I think I think that's in the suites that are located above the bridge of I'm not mistaken so just some interesting things there though also treat you like a rock star red carpet entry and arrow of course be a team of people to help in the highest level suites there's even to be as they describe it a rider that you'll fill out and I think they gave the example of do you want to do in a whole bunch of just red gummy bears. Whatever you're into so it's interesting they're putting their little flair on it the rooms do look really impressive one of the types even has a dedicated music room some neat stuff you should definitely check out the renderings everyone wants to talk about dining anytime we talk about Cruise and even people that say cruising is just E.D.T. they still want to talk about dining and I'm not going to get into every venue because as I mentioned there are about 20 options that scarlet lady is going to have but just a couple of things that stand out for one there will be in a venue called razzle dazzle a drag brunch and there will be other meals and razzle dazzle as well razzle dazzle by the way it's going to be styled if you've ever seen Old World War One ship paint jobs military ship paint jobs they have these weird black and white. Patterns that are with sharp angles and it was a way of camouflaging vessels it was called razzle dazzle So that's you see that theme carried into that venue in fact. But one of the 1000000 will be a drag brunch that's something that we've seen on land is popular and really definitely some We've not seen on a ship yet so that will be cool that entire venue is going to have been described as a creative twist on vegetarian fare but it's not a vegetarian restaurant in that they have they can have a separate menu or separate add on list of. Meat and also of alcoholic beverages so it's not it's not all about healthy stuff though they will include They will be serving the impossible burger which is if you know what that is it's there if you don't it's a veggie burger but people seem to rave about it it's very popular at the moment will say. See I think their their line on razzle dazzle is delivers a healthy dose of nice with just the right amount of wrong it's definitely an interesting looking venue the fact that they're doing the drag brunch is going to be really really something different cool to watch they've got some theme cocktails along with that drag brunch with with funny names that unfortunately can't remember the moment. But yeah that there are there's also going to be a an upscale Mexican venue and a number of different restaurants again all included with your cruise fare what you won't find However there's one type of and you won't find that's a buffet they will have what they're calling a food hall again another yet another thing that we do see on land we see some That's a very trendy or and up and coming thing on land food all you can think of it like. You know on land it's kind of the idea of a food court but not with a bunch of individual like quick service higher quality items. I don't know it's tricky for me to describe but the the food hall is going to be called I believe the galley and we're going to have a base tree a pastry have bakery a pastry shop a panini shop a burger grill taco Shack sushi bar Noodle Bar soup and salad stand and an American diner that will be serving food $24.00 hours a day so they say that that part of this is because there will be less waste. Then there would be with the buffet and you know what that me very well be true I know the cruise lines have done a lot of work to reduce waste but I don't doubt that that there will be less waste if they if that is their goal however I think another big part of it is just again looking to appeal to folks that maybe weren't. You know weren't they didn't find a lot of appealing cruising before and the buffet is something that's sort of iconic so doing away with that while still allowing for a huge variety in one space is something that is probably probably where they're trying to strike a happy medium not changing something just in name only offering something really different but but with really solid appeal to to a wide audience as well. You know this is where if we're talking about a ship that's already out or maybe a ship that was just about to launch something like that we probably start talking about entertainment right after dining and I'm really excited to see what they're going to do with entertainment because they except for the drag brunch it's not really been a discussion I'm sure there'll be something how different will it be we've seen this trend recently with side with celebrity edge as well as celebrity in general but especially on edge with more focus on the performers and their talents whether it's singing dancing aerialists acrobatics things like that or performance art rather than linear story lines being the focus I don't know what we'll see what they do but generally entertainment is the last thing to come together with any new cruise line or cruise ship. One they want to be able to sign notable people or are cradle shows too there's a lot of timing that they don't want to do that too early because trends change quickly so we'll see and you know that we'll post as soon as we do learn about any of the entertainment on Virgin voyages scarlet lady if some of this sounds interesting to you and listen frankly for me this all sounds pretty interesting partially because of what they're offering the details around what they're offering partially just because it's different and different is exciting to me so if it sounds exciting to you you're probably wondering about cost and I think since probably one of the very 1st articles that I wrote about Virgin voyages when they 1st started putting information out there before was even called Virgin voyages in fact. I remember writing and saying to 2 friends in stuff that this is probably going to be expensive and until just as I'm recordings until just yesterday we didn't know in fact that's that's the main reason that we didn't. Record this episode until now as I. I wanted to wait for that for the details around itinerary and pricing to come out what we're seeing is pretty much frankly what I expected I think I my the closest thing I gave to a prediction was about a week ago I told somebody that I think they'd be around D.C.L. territory Disney Cruise Line to give you an idea I look for the absolute cheapest sailing now they only had failings from I think April through October up on the website and just one ship so obviously there's we're looking at a limited sampling but they're spending you know a couple crew seasons if you will and the cheapest that I could find for an insider what they call an insider state room was $1450.00 U.S. And that is for 2 people all of the prize on their website unless you specifically select Otherwise our pursuit room and not per person so for 2 $150.00 for an inside stateroom inside or stay home for 2 people 4 nights that's $181.25 per person per night that includes basic beverages like soda drip coffee filtered water that also includes as mentioned wife I. Gratuity service charges and all of the the restaurants all the dining but does not include taxes and port fees things like that so $18125.00 per person per night if you look at some of the cheaper D.C.L. sailings just did this actually is actually yesterday you'll see that they come in I believe a little bit less than that but then if I looked at some of those same sailings around the same type of time of year and looked at a veranda the price per person per night was almost identical to what I was seeing on Disney and it follows with other times they are now those sailings I believe those are for some September sailings So September is a really inexpensive time of the year to cruise the Caribbean the prices definitely go up from there 5 night Cuba sailings are the highest by far that itinerary for some reason there's a an awfully big leap between the $4.00 and $5.00 night Cuba sailings and in terms of cost Now granted if you work out the if you work out the price per night it's kind of on par but it's still I don't know whether we're browsing it looked like a big gap and the 1st few months of sailings are definitely the most expensive time I think part of that is because a lot of people are going to want to get out there and be the 1st and they're willing to pay for that privilege. And the other part of it's a more expensive time of year to cruise the Caribbean compared to again later on like in September where we saw those really cheap rates so. If you want to see the most expensive because I'll tell you some of these tweets are absolutely nuts if you want to see the most expensive check out the article where we talk about pricing you can also see some other examples of prices I'm not going to region numbers over and over again here but we talk about different categories for different itineraries and also the most expensive suite on the most expensive. Sailing if you would like to purchase that please remember your friends that cruise have a dot com Call me. So all of this from Price is to dining to the color of the ship which is red car lady everything is of course subject to change we still have almost a year or so I'm sorry we have over a year before voyages will begin sailing so we'll see what how things end up shaping up we certainly expect more announcements like said entertainment there are still lots of unknowns while we have the deck plans up over on the site you'll see those deck planes also have lots of gaps in them right where maybe they're just not ready to tell us or maybe they don't know the exact details so I look forward to seeing how it all shapes up I can tell you that I intend to pay the booking on Feb 14th I don't know exactly which which I $10.00 or a what state it won't be that one I was telling you about it won't it won't be the I believe they call it the not the gorgeous suite. Whatever it won't be that largest state rim on the most expensive selling I'll tell you that but we'll look to book on on February 14th when that opens up to the general public and we'll let you know what we end up looking at it's exciting times so I hope you enjoyed my my summary of what we know about Virgin voyages So far I hope you're excited even if you're not excited for Virgin voyages I'll tell you everyone should be excited because competition is good you know innovative ideas are fantastic That is what drives every industry so I'm really excited to see how as excited as I am to see Virgin voyagers I mean I was excited to see how other cruise lines respond to Virgin voyages So if you have thoughts on this we'd love to hear it e-mail us pod cast at cruise habit dot com And we'd love to We'd love to talk to ship about about these things with you might even read your e-mail on the air and in fact to that point I know a couple of you have sent me e-mails that I haven't got to yet will get they're running behind in emails but we will get there again that's pod cast our crews have a dot com Maybe we'll get you on on the air on a future episode. Before we sign off I do want to take the opportunity to thank some of you who took the time to give us a review over on i Tunes or Apple podcast if you take the time to write a review we will take the time to thank you so thank you 2 crews radio show fan Chuck Grigsby and the Rick flyer for the reviews we're glad you like our podcast if you like our podcast do me a favor go over however you get the podcast whether whether you download it on pocket caster stitch or what However you download it go over to i Tunes or Apple podcast leave us a review tell us what you like it would mean the world to us another thing you can do same thing I ask during my live broadcast video broadcast find some content on the site or an EPS of the podcast or a video that you like that you think is helpful and send that to someone else who will find it helpful whether it's on Facebook he sent a text message doesn't matter to me just sharing the content that you like with someone else who will also appreciate it that helps us get the word out and and it really both these kind of things it means the world to us because we do this because it's fun however if there was no one else who enjoyed it probably wouldn't do it so thank you guys so much look forward to talking ship with you again real soon and again fantastic crews have a dot com Love to get your feedback there is well take care. Hi this is Matt from Royal Caribbean Blog dot com and a friend of Cruz Abbot dot com And do I have an opportunity for you social media my boy social media follow Cruz have it on Twitter Instagram and Facebook subscribe to the cruise have a podcast on i Tunes Google ploy or ever you enjoy pod cast search crews having the periscope app to join the broadcast from ship and shore they love to talk shit with you real soon.