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Celebrity Edge in Review, Part 1 - CruiseHabit Podcast Episode 9

Celebrity Edge's DeckRic and Billy were fortunate enough to be among the first guests to sail on Celebrity's newest ship, Celebrity Edge.  Being the first ship in a new class there is a lot to share, so we've split our review of our three night sailing into two episodes.  They're a bit longer than usual, but we think you'll enjoy learning about the Magic Carpet, Eden, La Petite Chef, the wonderful crew, and so much more that Edge has to offer.  For photos and videos, be sure to check out our live blogs and other articles linked in the show notes below.


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After a year of waiting and reading every bit of news that came out about an exciting new ship we finally had the opportunity to see it for ourselves sailing a ship offering so many new experiences left us energized to tell others about the entertainment dining venues and more I'm Billy Hirsch And I'm Rick Ross we're recapping our 3 night sailing on the brand new celebrity edge on this 1st of a 2 part episode of the crew's habit podcast. You are about to set sail on the cruise have it pulled const and it will be a voyage through the will of ship's pullets and beyond Welcome aboard. Just yesterday morning Rick and I got off Celebrity Edgware on a 3 night preview cruise of this brand new ship the 1st in in its class and we had an excellent time we want to talk about that cruise and our experience our feelings on the ship and everything everything on board on this pod cast if you want to go back and find out what we're looking forward to we actually recorded a preview episode on episode 6 and you can check out what we're looking forward to on celebrity edge go back check that out if you want or strap in and you can hear all about this one there's actually going to be a number of other episodes that we're going to put out about celebrity Edgers just so much to talk about certain venues insert teaser here so make sure that you subscribe wherever you get your pod cast so that those episodes are automatically downloaded to your device and you can and you can check those out there's also the celebrity EDGE live blog that we that we kept while we were sailing and there you can find descriptions of what we did we talk about our day there's also a lot of pictures and maybe a couple embarrassing videos so you should check that out as well over on cruise habit dot com Let me throw in not just the live blog but will have a couple of restaurant reviews for both the petite chef and friends and for the Eden restaurant. But before we dive into our experience of really one of things you mentioned as this was a different cruise for several reasons one just 3 nights rather than the usual 7 night sailing but also this is a corporate event for celebrity Yeah and it's brand new so there's still testing in tweaking right so this ship will not usually be doing 3 not cruises when sailing out of her her home port of Port Everglades she'll usually be sailing 7 nights but they the ship is actually ready a little bit early and they're not as early as they thought then yeah so they created these extra previous sailings and we jumped on board one of these so for that reason right out the gate there are parts of our experience that might be different maybe they condense some things are changing things plus as mentions brand new so they're still potentially testing see works and I'm actually going to be back on in mid January and I'm interested see what's different by then but further they had a lot of people from Celebrity Cruises on board sales teams every single captain every single hotel director all sorts of things now I'm giving too much away right at the beginning here but for all those reasons and more while we want it while we we want to tell you everything we can about our experience just know in in a matter of days things could be different this this is a little bit different of a sailing. Yes there's no way to know really what's going to be different as we go from 3 to 7 nights some of the things that you might be able to repeat a couple of times on a 3 night so you couldn't repeat every night of a 7 night without going too far into that let's talk about the people who were on the ship because of this corporate event the very 1st one was president C.E.O. of Celebrity Cruises Lisa Lou talk Pirlo So we walked into the theater on the 2nd night of the cruise or it was the 1st night of her 1st night of the purse and we're standing in the back surveying the room trying to figure out OK these are the with a totally new design of where do we want to sit in order to get the best seats Well I'll give you a little hint there are all good seats of this theater it's pretty pretty spectacular sight lines yeah I really from an engineering standpoint I don't know how they did it just but yeah there are no bad seats in that theater on the Convinced yet no bad seats so as we're standing there I turn to my right and I see. I recognize the 2nd person who we're going to get to but then I realize in my sight line is a blond woman wearing all black sitting. Typing on her phone well that's not just any woman that's C.E.O. Liesl or top pro so I went over and asked her excuse me do you happen to be Lisa Lou Toffler let's be clear Rick said I think that's Lisa lived Pirlo and I essentially said Why don't you go potential embarrass yourself in case we're wrong oh yeah and he did I've always up for that I don't I don't have the sheet that I don't have fear like found so I asked her Do you happen to me. She said I happened to be. After. Having seen her promotional things and then having this small conversation with or that we had that seemed very in character for her to give a response like that but I talked to her and about how we were very happy to to be on. On edge and to see with the new technology and things and Billy mentioned came over and mentioned his appreciation for have the social awareness and programs that ad has that somebody has going on one of the things they've done is made a commitment to have at least 30 percent maybe 4030 to 40 percent female leadership on board the ship and the 2nd person well let me say in hindsight I wasn't working at like full journalistic. Power because I really should have asked her the question given the technology used to design and visualize the spaces what came out better than you expect. So I may have to tweet her she's pretty active on Twitter so I might have to tweet her that question see if we can get an answer I don't think I'm sure she's listening let's be. Yes Missler tough Pirlo if you would not mind podcast at Crews have a go ahead and some of them so what we're talking about celebrity really committing to female leadership at sea. A female leadership in the maritime industry. One of the people on the ship the fact the person who caught my eye in the distance was Captain Kate McHugh she's a great social media personality you can follow her Instagram account. She was there as one of the captains who was on board the ship later on in a conversation with her she shared with me that she will become captain of the edge at some point I think after Captain Causton says has had his turn when I asked her specifically she said 2019 so. I think she knows it was much psuedo at this time for when it's really going to happen it will be interesting to see for those of you don't who are wondering why are we calling it Captain Kate McHugh in particular it's so 1st of all this lady has I believe more female captains than any other cruise line and yeah and that's that's awesome and Captain she tends to go by Captain Kate and that's awkward for me. I feel like she she were she didn't go to 8 years of. Gapped in school the right called Ok OK She calls herself Captain K. I know I know Sunny she also she's really great on social media she's a great social media presence she seems witty approachable and takes fantastic photos on Instagram so make sure you follow her Instagram so that's she ends up being the celebrity gap and you can tell when others are around even other captains you know everyone's there for her. It's like what did you oh yeah yeah that's actually how we knew initially she was on board was I saw on Instagram a picture of her wearing a backpack in just civilian yet-I right that's walking on the gangway and was like that's that's our ship Yes So and it was Captain that Captain Kate was there so she was and she was very available and approachable I saw her several times around the ship had a few conversations with her I did not ask if she brought her cat with her that would've been my 1st question right. Now you know your 1st question is what size T. shirt do you wear because if there's anything that you and I agree with the Captain Kate agrees with it's that it's not about bloat it's a ship it's a ship. That should have billable crews have a dot com there at the shop are you over so another group of people I was really interested to see on on celebrity edge was the people who I met on celebrity reflection in December 26th seen when I was on that ship you can check out the live blog for that on Cruise have a dot com one of the things that's also on our website is the interview I did with at the time reflections Hotel Director now celebrity edges debut like inaugural Hotel Director Danny Ozzie cork Mas this is a gentleman who gave me some of his time while I was on on board we talked about at the time what was coming up next that we knew edge had been announced but we didn't really know what it was going to be and we had no idea about any kind of revitalization program like celebrity revolution and the. The events coordinator Sophia Bach who set that up she was very generous and having a conversation with us about. Also leadership and mentor ing and team development so that's so important to see when you've got we rise to the level of being a hotel director and have just about everyone on the ship who's there to make it a resort and working under you the current director for the celebrity edge was the same cruise directors on the reflection that's Martin I'm going to say Broyles Broyles I'm not sure we just as Martin you know it's really heard him say the last name doesn't say his last name so he's the like 6 foot 5 then Belgian dude with the short trousers Yes as you enter. So I talked to and for both these guys just you know what a what a testament to what they've done on the reflection that when they have to pick one person to inaugurate this show various Who class they were the ones that were selected Martin joked that no one else wanted to take the job Yeah I'm like yes OK. There is a room full of applicants and that Martin also shared with me that he's going to be moving to Apex when it develops so apex being will be the 2nd edge class ship I believe set to set to start selling 2021 I'm not mistaken that could be I haven't paid that much attention to I've been so involved in the debut of edge of not. Really up I feel like I'm screwed we can start paying attention other things again yeah but this is yes this has been a cast of cast a wide shadow I guess the 3rd person is someone who's was the food and beverage director on reflection and now it's Clint Caillou and now it sounds like he's working in some kind of role to not manage vertically within the ship but rather laterally between ships and maybe make sure it sounded like maybe it was like a job where he makes sure all the ships are on the same page so he go ship ship rather than working with one team and that's something that I've seen other cruise lines do before and frankly for all I know celebrity has done this before and I'm not sure where they'll have it for various roles somebody that goes much like much like various businesses whether it's restaurants or hotels or anything else might have some of the Goes to help open new properties make sure that they're you know on board doing everything that they should or when there's maybe a problem maybe you know of and I'm not saying there is but let's say infinity you know was just Ned the satisfaction wasn't as high as some gets there they go and find out what's going on and make sure it gets fixed so that's a I think a pretty cool role for it I mean I don't know if he likes all the travel or not but I think that's that's really neat yeah I think that's a he said he he and. Another teammate divided the fleet equally so that means he's probably got about 667 ships under his under his watch so that's a good good promotion for him and the 4th person who we saw was a standout bartender from the world class bar at celebrity reflection who is now some kind of bar manager and some sort of officer I meant yes yeah I know I didn't catch exactly on his badge because I was too busy catching his name and that's Lizotte are who everyone calls a laser because it's a lazy A R He was my friend David's favorite bartender on the ship and David talked about laser all the time as soon I when I saw him on the ship I knew he was a film familiar face then we walked by remember his name tag and. I know that guy that's a laser Rick's really good recognizing people yeah I am not sure that sometimes I'm a pretty good at that's true so I was just really excited to see these people these faces from celebrity who are kind of. It well known within the corporation and then the people who I had met on reflection continuing to develop in their careers and knowing that while I had a really good time on reflection so if these are the people who are behind celebrity I was pretty confident was going to have a good time there too and while obviously there were people of all positions from different Celebrity ships it seemed like reflection a lot of people came from reflections that was really the flagship you know before edge in. A an outlier in the Soltis fleet as well. In that your social class rather has a whole different decks she's got some different venues the tested out a number of new concepts on there so so that makes sense I do want to make sure that because we're going to be thrown out names of other people and I want to make sure that we get to there's somebody that. I saw on board a lot that I had never seen. And that was richer roommate Jose. So as we as we discuss you know our experiences and maybe some things that you read about on the site. Rick had a friend come along who's a who also guy I liked him a lot by the way no one's listening to this so I just say that yeah it's a good guy. But Rick tell me that out of all of whose age cruising experiences. What was this like for him while I'm sure it was very illuminating because Jose's prison experience up to this point was nothing so he had books something he's books symphony of the seas for I think Labor Day weekend when there's obviously doing a 3 night. On what is usually a 7 night sailing ship. So that was going to be his 1st cruise but. I needed somebody to go with me and he was available at the last minute so he booked it in and went on Celebrity had for his very 1st others how many people in the 1st 2 revenue sailings is the 2nd revenue when I say revenue sailing sailing actually people paid to be on rather than you know for media how many people out of all. Think that was the very 1st cruise I'm going to go with he might be it like 110th of one percent you know let's say somebody is new girlfriend or something like that and that would probably be it so I was I was roadside to have him along I know he had a great time I am a person who I think I'm I don't remember to take photos it just it's it doesn't cross my mind especially of my food. But Jose was really good about taking a lot of photos and the and he wanted to take pictures of the food so you'll see a lot of his photos here on the site when it comes to the live blog I kept telling him he wasn't going to get any credit but I guess that's the credit he gets a shout out on the podcast so Jose thank you for all the the media that you'll be supplying to our site if you didn't hear the thank you well screw their government listening to. All right so this time I think as a opening to our experience will wrap this up and in the next segment we'll transition into what are we doing from a rival at the terminal on through our whole careers how does that sound Billy I'm excited. To go back on another cruise tourist that's an OK We'll continue in a moment. The preparation for cruise starts a few days before and one of the things you'll need to do in conjunction with the cruise line is get checked in for your cruise both Caribbean and sister company celebrity have introduced a new app for i Phones i Pads and Android devices that lets you check in ahead of time and let me tell you this was one of the easiest check ins of ever had both the Mariner of the Seas sailing that I did that uses the same system and this celebrity sailing. And when because I've already got my passport logged in with my Crown and Anchor society membership one of my celebrity captains club membership had all my information after signing and asked me to take an updated picture so I took a photograph of myself right through the app and from that point it produced what being called a set sail past what celebrity calls an express pass and I was ready to go to the terminal and and check in alone and mention it didn't just have my express pass on my phone and also had Jose's so with on one device I was able to click through both people on the reservation I thought that was pretty convenient but we arrived at the terminal and to tell you more about the technology that's there I think that's a lot of Billy's realm so ability what one did you notice that what technology did we encounter in our check in process so when you arrive you bring up the app and show them the express pass in a similar way that you would if you are boarding a flight right and I notice that for lorissa 9 they actually retold our photos and I think the photos need to be of a particular quality not just because they want your picture to be recognizable when you're getting on and off the ship but because you're going to be used later by some technology at this kid's terminal 25 is the brand new terminal just built specifically for celebrity edge Port Everglades other Celebrity ships will visit there as well but. So they have facial recognition at the terminal for when you disembark so when we got there I guess they determined need to take a picture so check and it took just 2 seconds they recently after using like an i Pad or something like that took our pictures. And when you get in to the port after that it's a pretty normal experience security there was I would say no different than at any other terminal doat at Terminal A on symphony of the Seas where the check in process similar that a slightly more advanced process for X. ray and things like that but that's they have much higher passenger volume to contend with there so I don't think it really necessary at Terminal 25 but then you get into this beautiful space that way no matter how nice they make the space nobody wants spend much time there who just want to get on your your cruise but knowing a lot of people are getting there as part of longer journeys and you're going to be bored I noticed right out the gate that not only are there plenty of places to charge your phone or whatever device you'd like to plug in but I thought this pretty cool under these rows of benches they had both U.S.B. and U.S.B. ports and if you're not familiar with U.S.B. ports it's a a new type of U.S.B. connector relatively new that in the next couple years will be the standard for everything it takes a long time to change Tanner's but trust me in US P.C.'s some distinct advantages they're the same on both sides of the reversible connectors and they can deliver a lot more power so you can charge laptops and things like that off us P.C. and I the reason I'm mentioning just this connector it shows they were really thinking ahead they wanted this to be something that it right down to the chargers that you might plug your phone into a waiting they wanted to be a high tech experience and also I noticed the wife I there and this isn't so much celebrity I don't think as much as Broward county runs the port I got like 10100 megs down and 130 megs up with very low latency crazy fast connection so. Download all your movies totally legally why are there. The building itself outside of the the U.S.B. in the bio metrics. The building itself is reasonably high tech and they it hasn't been certified yet but it will be barring anything weird a lead certified building and if you're not certified if you're not familiar with lead that stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. LEED certified buildings are and there are different levels of certification get basically they're designed to be energy efficient to have materials that have a reasonably be to do been built with the materials that have a reasonably low environmental impact you know in general these are buildings that are going to cost less to heat or cool their. You know they were designed. With with the environment in mind and that that's just something neat because it's something certainly didn't need to be that way and yet so those again it's just a building that you're waiting in and yet I thought there were a couple thoughtful things in there utilitarian and thoughtful but the space itself you know Rick you have some thoughts about the the look and feel it is a pretty space that you don't spend time in I'll keep saying that but yeah if it's for the all the time that you don't want to be there it's a pretty gorgeous place to be as you approach the the building the style is really contemporary a lot of wood brown gray aluminum kind of colors as you approach the building there's a L.-E. D. screen that is 5050 split between 2 sides of the building at the corner so as you're approaching from the corner you really see it as though it's one big unified screen I thought that was a pretty cool effect and then when the screen is not on or when it's changing you can see the building behind it which So it's not a large solid black surface on the outside of the building it really blends and when it's not doing the job of being a display the passenger drop off happens not at the 1st building but at the 2nd kind of smaller building of of the 2. So I thought was really efficient step of getting all the cars and it's been designed for a kind of. The lift a nuber era where people are waiting and not as many people are going to the parking garage more people are being picked up and dropped off curbside actually start in Europe I just think they did a better job thinking that through a terminal 25 than they have bins Terminal A in Miami which is a fantastic facility but where for passenger volume it did not seem like they thought through how many people to your point we're going to be using laughter I just want to point that out oh OK good to know but I think I thought this this terminal 25 did a really good job of accommodating that when we had 2 separate Hoovers. To suffer less taking us over let's see so then you walk in and there is 2 maybe 3 story atrium. A lot of wood paneling some lights hanging flake candle shaped lights hanging from the ceiling like then a narrow then 2 escalators that they can change direction on to go up or down you go up into this lounge area where there's like a serpentine bench it's instead of having rows and rows and rows of seating it's a curved curvilinear shape that creates conversation pockets and groupings where people can face each other and talk and that seating is accomplished by a lot of wooden slats the only part I didn't like about that is you could totally drop your phone through it invariably they weren't comfortable. They were OK You know I mean I was OK for the amount of time that we sat in there. After half hours I don't know I didn't think they were terrifically comfortable but they look cool it was logically laid out and yeah I do wonder how many people drop their phone at the yeah that was that was one thing I thought was kind of a government oversight there since people are definitely have their phones out definitely have them charging at those charges that are pretty conveniently placed right under the benches. The other thing that the other seating that was there was a kind of sometimes wedges of a circle then connecting with a bar to another circle that was made of wedges I didn't want to sit there because the seats didn't have any back yeah they're pretty to look at but I want to I want to lean back while I'm waiting for something so I had no intention of sitting there that furniture that seating style was available on the entry floor and on the general check and floor while we were waiting they offered us some infused waters like cucumber ORNGE maybe there's a limit infused water so I think Jose and I had a couple of cups of that as they started to make some announcements letting us know 1st off the ship would not be available to board until 11 and we were there probably $1030.00 ish so we knew we were in for for a wait but about we knew how long we were going to wait. 2nd announcement is something I've never heard before but I thought it was excellent so we were told that the state rooms were open to deposit our luggage and after that we could drop our luggage off and then go explore the rest of the ship while the rooms were still being prepared now I'm not sure if this is going to become the standard practice on on edge. There is there are not a lot of people it was not a full sailing I guess coming off right before this thing I think the night before was the naming ceremony when so there might have been some people that stayed on board. People employees and things like that maybe special guests but it wasn't regular sailing so I suspect that they just did this because they already had to stay arm's largely prepared they just needed to now take things in there that were paperwork and things like that specific to the guests that were going to be boarding However if they can pull off something like this in the future it would be great I would I would it would change the way that I travel a lot change the way that I cruise really not having to worry as much about taking my my bags around on embarkation day and I have brought this up many times on periscope I've talked about I because I it tickles me Holland America as well as other cruise lines but the whole in America there are relatively large ships for this state rooms are ready as soon as you board and to me there's a lot of value in that so we'll see if they end up doing that again like like other things this perhaps was a unique experience on the sailing I hope that it's not a unique experience because I love this like I understand that there's an aspect that where the Cruise Cruise Line wants to unavailable the rooms unlike all your rooms are open and ready for you to go to well I understand that there's still a process of my room being prepared so there's not like a magical moment for me when I'm now able to go right around that's not you know it's not magic and then they understand beyond that there's the logistics around the ship so there's the logistics of them preparing all those rooms and that's tricky and we understand that why that's tricky it works the other way too right when people do have their bags around. You're heading to the buffet you're checking at the pool you're doing all that and people are slipping bags around and I myself included because I thought you know my laptop and all all sorts of stuff that I don't want to check. That can that can be I don't say hazardous they can be annoying right there are there are times where a carry on bag can become an obstruction in a pathway or it's as taking up some seat that someone might want to take but really my carry on in the room that's not really an obstruction to preparing the room or if it is like you know you can vacuum in one area move the bag vacuum in the other area so I think this just makes sense and it was it really added something to the experience I will know in January OK. You know and while you're considering what's going to be in your carry on that's an even better time to use a packing list and if you'd like to check out a packing list maybe you've got an idea of Yoopers before you think you know what you want to take check it out from another perspective or if you're a 1st time cruiser and you really don't know what should I have on my carry on to make best use of the time before my bags are delivered any time say between 4 and 8 in the evening you can go to cruise have a dot com search for packing and you'll find a packing list there with the whole package section in fact if you go in the main navigation there's a packing list that we've built from honestly feedback from people like yourself so if you think we miss some than if you disagree with something comment let us know you might change the packing list now change how we travel or email us at pod cast a cruise have a dot com and we'll read that email here and respond to what you think should be on a packing list absolutely so this point we've you know we're talking about so much of the pre-boarding which we've gotten George Carlin How do you board before you board. But it's just because this is a unique ship and in a new terminal just like it was a 2nd revenue sailing for the ship it was the 2nd revenue sailing the terminal had ever seen so we wanted to make sure that we talked to talked about these things and the new check in process to view the up absolutely. So. Diving reading where did we walk in on the ship because you know it's easy to we can get on this whole tension about the pools and where the deck chairs are and are there towels but you walk in and you're inside the ship so early initially enter I think they're calling that area the grand Plaza and yes it when you're coming from the home terminal of 25 you're going to walk into the ship on deck 5 as you get in there and you're on the top floor of a 3 story atrium and you get to view directly on to the chandelier centerpiece at the martini bar and bill you spent in that I was not don't take this the wrong way you spent more time at the martini bar than I did and you saw. Those remember they are good do. Not have some theatrical aspect yes so the grandpas you can think of as the atrium really and it is multiple stories and the centerpiece to this area is the martini bar which is a big showcase bar on any Celebrity ship this martini bar is very different though it's not ice some people that found that disappointing is another Celebrity ships it's nice bar but it is where they have a separate martini menu and you see bartenders that are adept at making you know 7 martinis at a time and then putting on a cool show was part of that show and because it takes place in the center of the ship and has a massive seating area that takes place on multiple levels in you'll notice that's a common theme on edges things happen on multiple levels not just decks but yeah levels. The chandelier that kind of comes up and we put. In on the live blog you'll see there's a big pin Aramic I took of this area. The chandelier that comes up from of above the bar and kind of spreads out throughout the space has lighted elements to it and I don't want to say call them fiberoptics it's their other early large but I mean that they light up these days. Large vertical sections Oh it's just picture yourself you know and every so often I heard several different numbers I don't know what's accurate there is a show so in this kind of I'll see chill area it's that's the overall feel to that lounge is very relaxed with nice kind of ambient music but every so often the energy level comes up way higher and a song comes on that it could be I never the same song twice but always the kind of song that gets everyone up and wanting to dance around the bartenders really get into their dance for a little bit and the lights coordinate the the lights dance if you will to the music and the whole mood of the grand Plaza changes at the martini bar at I think they call it V.P. or Grande Plaza coffee cafe whatever it is. And the all the areas around there which includes several different restaurants that's where you start to get into the shops in the casino. F.L. Baggio and it's a really neat way I'm not a big loud music person so but I appreciated that it made it so it up the energy of the space without you going oh I don't want to go to the grand Plaza it's kind of loud there so that's at Billy the guy that always likes a quiet. That's kind of what I appreciate about that and the light show is just an added bonus that really highlighted how much thought they put into how the space looks not just when it static but how how the space looks when it is more likely how to how to make the space a live. Yeah I thought it was also a great place to mingle because as you said it's on the different levels and so you can see kind of around from where you're standing from one side of the of the atrium I want to say pit area because that makes it sound dark but there is kind of like a it all funnels to the bottom yes almost towards the martini bar sense and when terms of the drinks there I had 2 that were right now I had 3 that were pretty memorable I had tangerine in time and that one was good good balance of sweet and acidic maybe more on the aesthetic side that I might want to have for more than one of them and then I had the passion fruit and that was good that was definitely like very sweet passionate like Welch's passion fruit juice but made into a martini and I was pretty good and then I came out to Billy and said compliments about how much Berg Here you go here's their kale martini and no it was not a good drink but it was fun to have what I like scale which is he. Doesn't need to be in a murder scene and yeah it was not it was not well but it may be others love it and I hope they did I'm sure they'll get feedback. For me that was that's pretty much it for the Martini Bar Oh I will stay over night one night like a Christmas tree one up bar that was kind of and over all the holiday decorations which were all I think very. I want to say subtle even though one of them is a giant freaking Christmas tree but understated and I was that's the were not was not there were not candy canes and such beautiful lady to Christians but over the course of the cruise every time you walk through a venue there is just one more piece. And you're now OK it was was that tree there before Oh I think so. But it was actually I like that I am kind of a sucker for Christmas lights these were not traditional in that way again it was it was more understated but it went very well with the space so I like the way that they did it. I totally agree there what they selected for their decorations really went with the vibe of the ship and the vibe of the particular space that that declaration was in like it was not the same decoration throughout the ship it was. Like the club had a much more futuristic and kind of linear wireframe kind of Christmas decoration whereas the martini bar was a much more lush traditional Christmas tree example oh and then in the services area there was a menorah because we were saying what are Hanukkah. And that was a menorah with energy efficient light bulbs if you did not notice that you know you are saying that it's a priority for the ship to be energy efficient those are energy efficient light bulbs in the menorah I'm not sure it goes with Hanukkah tradition for you to go unscrewing those are checking. Good. Volves. So at this point can we turn our attention towards the towards dining the food that's on the show I mean because when do people talk about cruises ever get to talking about the food vote right now so as we talked about on on our preview up a so there's a new concept that maybe isn't. It's not like Norwegians Freestyle Dining It's not like what we're all curb been tried before with dynamic dining it's a new style where instead of having one main dining room with a menu that rotates nightly and then having specialty restaurants that have a standing menu they're going to fuse those 2 concepts and make 4 main dining rooms on the edge where about 75 percent of the menu is rotating night tonight 25 percent of the menu is standing based on the theme of that restaurant and one of the ones that I chose there was Cyprus were just kind of a Greek pan Mediterranean restaurant had some really good baked cheese there really good lamb shank you can read about that on our live blog for me this one was a hit I really like the flavors there definitely a place I'd go back to service was good too yeah I believe the only one of the main dining room venues that there is and I did not visit was actually Cyprus we went to Cosmopolitan Normandy and Tuscan Tuscan restaurant and. Well I'll tell you I wasn't sure how this was going to work because I've seen multiple cruise lines do this thing with multiple main dining rooms in the past and oh yeah it's a completely different restaurant in the well actually they're there stacked on top of each other I can see one from the other the they're the same thing I think it was neat the way that they had. Not only some of the dishes unique to that venue but also some of the cocktails unique to that venue and the decor now the decor they're not heavily themed So for example North Normandy restaurant if you're if you're familiar with the ocean liner specialty venues on Celebrity ships where it is heavily themed to a particular ocean liner which I love a big big fan said that's gone away. Normandy on edge has art from the S.S. Normandy and has art about the S.S. Normandy but in none of the restaurants do you feel like you're any theme restaurant right there are cues to those whose scenes are to those regions but not the yes what I would say about Cyprus which is the only one of the 4 main dining rooms that I that I dined. You could say it's a Greek restaurant or it has a Greek menu it is not a Greek restaurant Yeah there you go it's decor is not that of a Greek restaurant I would say that it's decor takes some cues from the palate of center any and goes on I kind of modern cruise line direction with so that is from the palate center any but not all lake the. It didn't have the Greek restaurant you walk in and it's got the smooth white foods and whatnot Correct Correct yeah yeah I'll tell you the way that they did it I think it works out. And I it made me look forward to each night checking out the next. Restaurant just to see what it was like both the menu and the decor there were nice and unlike others you can't just see the other one from there so I rather like that and my experience just speaking broadly about the main dining rooms which I only went to for for dinner did not have a chance to go for lunch or breakfast insert Billy wakes up to Late Show care also in just 3 months yeah. In my experience I'm not a huge main dining room person I do a lot of special dining and just a lot of buffet even for dinner. It was great food came out hot every time which is a challenge on any cruise ship when you're serving that many people you know and often the galley can be far away from where your table might be food came out real hot every time which is great service was friendly I heard some people complaining about the speed of the service. Listen they weren't pushing you through like a diner during or you know a rush and I find I don't want that but it wasn't it wasn't anything near we'll say for lack of better term European style dining where there's a real casual speed and it was I thought it was plenty plenty quick but not speeding through and all the staff was was excellent it was one of the I guess I'll leave it as it was one of the better main dining experiences that I've had outside of a luxury line that you want to say something about the food at any of the 3 of you starting cosmopolitan I you know what I think the best place if you want to see a little bit of that is in the live blog because right now I couldn't tell you what I had in each of them harshly because several times. Alerts and I looked at what was offered and just and I like to do the special increases because easy. Maybe I like for these starters and the entrees this I'm not really feeling any of the entrees so so once or twice we did weird combinations of things like that and the staff was great about bringing it all out a logical order and adjusting the portions and and that was that was good. The one standout I we did have some brief police that oh yeah I saw that on your run up I mean don't get me wrong like how do you go wrong with a prepared low in general but but I just felt that the preparation and some of the accoutrements were really excellent. He wants anything about the decor of the 3 restaurants I would like to tell you all about the Normandy and the artwork in there and that was the one night that we rushed out to get a show oh you could do a show so I did not explore the restaurants like I wanted to in terms of the decor and that's actually going to be a mission for me in January is take advantage of some of the times even if it's not during breakfast lunch or dinner hours just to go and look because I picked up on that the things sometimes it was the materials sometimes it was the colors and to an extent some more work that that went toward the theme. Of each restaurant but as you said like with Cypress. In Tuscan restaurant I didn't feel like I was in. A neighborhood Italian joint right this fall not the little bubble I had pop but this was like art a bold a talian design statement of black contrast against white that's the one that I kind of picked my head and was like wow that it's pretty OK yeah I'm curious to hear about that and I think out of the 3 just in terms of the one that visually stuck with me would probably probably be the Tuscan restaurant and that's nothing against. The others at all but yeah the colors in there and like so the contrast did stand out I remember the moment I walked in there but those are just just the the main dining rooms there are more not just specialty and we will certainly talk about specialty but there are sweet restaurants and some other complementary venues as well that that will will be talking about. So one of them and actually there are we should mention there are 2 different sweet only dining venues on celebrity edge as well as I think most if not all celebrity chef Yeah I think it's also a lot of them like the expedition ships and that's blue A which is the restaurant if you're in an aqua an aqua suite stateroom and then there was the little room in a limo luminous using and that was just for sweet gas and that actually got to walk through if you guys look back at my periscope videos from December 8th I believe will go with a OK you can see I walk through lumen a beautiful room. Beautiful larger than I would have thought Accra up to go but I'm sure you know that they haven't And Lou I poked my head into blue. And I've always heard good things about blue and I'd like to I'd like to check out Aqua. Class suite sometime have been able to but it was a pretty venue and we actually got to sample. Crab there yes there is a an event called Taste of of which I was somewhat similar to the taste of Infinity event that I did a few weeks ago on that ship where at every restaurant not just specialty restaurants but all of the restaurants they put out since I guess the 4 main dining rooms have a kind of quasi specialty restaurant menu that is fixed for them. And you could get a sample of something that was there and well you could get 9 samples OK. There was an offering. Like hollowing when somebody puts a bowl of candy out by the doorman know in the garden it. And they are it's a blues blues offering was a crab cakes out loud that was really really good and say that we were on our way to other foods but that was that was good for it right there appetizers are what you eat before you eat to make you more hungry diary or hear you sir and I know what that is a reference to. If you've been following the blog one and the somebody Infiniti live blog you know that when I was on that ship I ate at their 1st incarnation of the chef concept where you had the animated chef making your dinner a 4 course meal right there on the plate edge has its own the petite chef This is the petite chef and friends it's a cooking competition between the French chef that we got to know in the 1st episode with a Spanish Italian and Japanese chef each picking up a course so you keep your eye on the blog for a write up of that my friend Jose got some really good videos and photos of that and it's kind of interesting to compare the experiences overall I would say it works I don't know that any one of the episodes of the petite chef series now has high repeatability within that one episode unless you're really fond of the menu. But it's a concept that works to see another story and this guy's adventure and do you remember the cost of that yet $55.00 so that not inexpensive but in line with the other specialty venues you on the ship so I that's kind of surprising to me actually because those projectors probably set them back a bit doubtless visually impressive from what I could tell you know really good and let me give a shout out to the waitress that we had Carol she was really good at explaining you know what's going on where they give you a there are 4 options are there for courses each course has 2 options One is what the chefs are going to be preparing the other is if you don't like that you can get something else and she was good explaining that to me and I was I was familiar with it already with the table next to us. There was a lady on her cell phone talking making calls she was totally not into the dining experience and when I mentioned this to say Jose goes oh yeah her husband is supposed to be here and he's not. Like on the cruise or at dinner he was supposed to be across the table from her at that moment out he was elsewhere on the ship. At. About the point that the 3rd course the entree was being served he showed up and Carol the waitress was really good about bringing him up to speed with the rest of the show and getting him back on track so that his dessert could be when we were all being served a search that was that was a really good way she had just good job by her How easy is it to get a divorce in the Bahamas. So I do want to mention that in that venue that liberty chief takes place the grand beast there is also a. Not really a patisserie there's a dear little pastry area and they have a number of fresh baked bread and pastries that look delicious I tried what what what was the thing that I could say you could even get yourself a finance if unknowns E.A.A. which I believe is is French for accountant. Yeah I think that's I think the thing about a finance CA is that the flour involves Allman flour because that was one of the baked goods I saw in the Ocean View cafe marked with contains knots I did not know that so yeah so stories I want to mention that is because it's it's easy to just think that that's like a display for the restaurant not realizing you can go there and get some delicious things and it's a little weird because it's right across the Grand plaza from Catto Ocho where there are great pastries that are complementary. And the ones that. Are not complimentary The prices are reasonable I think I paid $2.00 maybe. If. They like me. But it's it is interesting I mean imagine if you're on a ship and you see a display case with beautiful baked goods and then you turn around and 40 feet away you see another display with big goods and 11 side they cost money and on the other they don't know where yes. I'm not sure personally why I would ever buy something at Le Grand Bistro you didn't know as a taken mincing me that's just because your money oh. They've had a great finance E.A.A. over a coffee a washer you could have that but anyhow you're you're right there is also the space with the with the lid to teach F I thought the venue when it was done in Q scene was better because I thought it was more intimate like we were all having the same experience at the same time which is integral to the look at each F. show. And there was something about it the restaurant being very open to the concourse there to the ground Plaza that I thought took away from the idea that everyone in the restaurants having the same experience because we're all in the full of it a view of people who are totally not doing what we're doing so that was those little bit weird maybe they can adjust that for a pack I wondered how that was going to work it actually might be on Seaview there's a French specialty restaurant I cannot remember the name off the top my head that is similarly located now obviously the. It's just a restaurant there's not so much with the visual elements in league with teach us but I still thought kind of unusual to have people just walking by yeah. You know maybe they could fix that oddly and on home America New Amsterdam they have at night a specialty venue that takes place in it's a Tele in for at the name takes place in the part of the buffet area and they actually have like curtains sort of that they're sheer if I recall but they sort of separated off and I almost wonder if something like that maybe because it was I guess I think it was OK you know and I don't think it's a bad thing for lunch I think lunch there in that space right at the Grand Plaza would actually be really cool to have people walking by in that sense yes like at a you know a sidewalk beast. I'm gesturing with my hands like everyone can see me and I can see you. So yes so. On the on the whole. Chef and friends that was a winner. Definitely worth a good to get to go good to experience the other specially restaurant that Jose and I visited was the restaurant of Eden a lot of people think that Eden is a restaurant that's really just one aspect of of what is there very difficult to kind of talk about I will say it compares most closely to Wonderland on Caribbeans quantum in a way says class and I would say it compares more closely to that than Huseynzade really you know. That's interesting I know I would have thought maybe for no good reason that it would have been that he would have said more to cuisine so I look forward to trying to trip trying it out in January because Rick got to experience that we spent a lot of time in Eden but as you mention it's more than just a restaurant it's a lot of things a lot of things like we dedicated the whole episode that will be coming out. Very very very soon. What else we want to say about. It was beautiful it was beautiful yes when you briefly say when you walk in and you meet one of the even this who's the performers there in the in the Eden space she asked me my name told me her name then we went and met we walked along the open kitchen and were shown that and then we were introduced to a different aide nest who offered us a cocktail sort of like an elixir to induct us into this other world that we were going to be in and then we were shown to our table where our server Ignatius' took us through a 5 course meal again 2 options per course but this one they just had a kind of different ingredients. Some recommendation on sticking all with Column A an all or all with Column B. would certainly are free to exact through the 2 columns as you wished one a kind of thing that I've never seen in a restaurant before is the silverware for your multiple courses for 5 courses was in a drawer right in front of you and the tables so. You always had a fork there but when it course came out you had to sort out which fork was the baby fork which fork was the bad fork and. That aspect was a little confusing because I had to take a 2nd of really think about which fork did I want to use Is there an app for that. Probably that could build that into the app How about the which fork had. It On expect to hear more about eating on the podcast expect to read more about Eden on the blog. I thought the food was OK I'm not sure that there was a dish that was really really blew me away there were some aspects of some that I thought was that were good but. Maybe having it Wonderland kind of yes I've seen this stuff before action. So those are some of the will say sit down yeah table service table service restaurants. And I'm actually going to change it up from our notes just a tad short because since we're talking about eaten we just said there's so much to cover there's actually within Eden what will transition and do quick service. Place to get in to get a bite there is even cafe and it's located on say the center level of Eden but all the way forwards kind of in a corner. You know it's at the entrance level of Eden which is the middle of the 3 you know but but the other side from the entrance so it's I don't was that you couldn't miss it but it's out of the way which I think was probably smart because the venue is very relaxing and you have performances going on at times but even Cafe offers a number of different types of sandwiches I think you had a turkey Reuben Yes One time I had like a cauliflower and squash sandwich have some wraps they have dessert items there as well everything the sandwiches are all made made to order complimentary there's some desserts and then they have juices coffee soups and salads and you can get breakfast there as well yet a different menu for breakfast the yeah again all complimentary So that's pretty cool and as we got about even one future episodes in articles the cafe is just one of the things that makes it so that you don't even have to leave their bathrooms in Eden that's true well I think the bathrooms are technically in the journey into each section. I think here they're bathrooms in need. Sure. One of the venues that I like a lot on the Celebrity ships is the scenario and the spa cafe that's in the service place I like to go is an alternative to sit down breakfast in the main dining room or going to be going to the buffet for breakfast at this they have a spa cafe and juice bar just like on the Infinity just like on the reflection offered the same menu as when I was alone on infinity just a few weeks ago so if that is something you like it is present on edge and it's there for you generally find there. Lighter fare more healthy. Which I like the so you do it the right way like oh yeah instead of getting breakfast in the main dining room I'm going to go to Spock I love Spock F.A. every time I walk by I grab something else to be from there and between meals not sure that's the design well I guess Billy doesn't read my live blogs before you post them because on infinity I did go to a spa cafe for a 1st breakfast in them thought oh I erroneously with protein and went up to the ocean for supposed eggs on hash browns with smoked salmon those was good. It works so speaking of maybe having. A 1st breakfast at Spa cafe in the going on to Ocean View ocean view cafe was fantastic I really enjoyed the layout made it easy to see what they had and go move around without really bumping into people or lining up at all that really is easiest of times it was not a problem yeah and an enormous variety of dishes arranged and grouped in a pretty intelligent way yet the venue when you walk in depending on I guess which side sort of but when you walk in you you notice immediately really high ceilings really high ceilings floor to ceiling windows across most of the areas there's also along with the the buffet A stations will say you have the scoops so they go think that's ice cream July go on. Just as I was on the job Accio I never remember how to say an Italian I was going to say in Spanish so you have there's another coffee bar there as well yeah and see of all these things come together in what is absolutely the largest buffet restaurant I've seen on a cruise ship. And edge edge isn't a small ship but it's it's a lot smaller than a lot of cruise ships out there now $130000.00 gross tons and it is a much larger space and it shows never a problem finding a place to sit never never bump into people even a number lunch. It was I loved it and the quality of everything I had there was very good and much like I remember the very 1st celebrity sailing I ever took this sort out the desserts were very good I found a lot of time desserts of buffet menus in the you get the kind of mass produced dessert stuff which isn't bad but doesn't stand out that that's not the case here right so that mango to quads was obviously fresh I learned a lot of French out. Of it yeah I was very very pleased with the desserts I think there was one day where it just happened to be that like there was not a single flavor that I wanted and I think I want of getting something out. Instead they were great desserts but they were very bizarre to feel much of so it's not like I was left a dessert left by by any stretch the let's see the chili incarnate that I usually really enjoy on the Celebrity ships was there what did I say it was not transcendent like it has been in the past but it was still pretty good deals enjoy yet still enjoyed it the cheese balances were really good that was at breakfast Oh yes I had I had the cheese points is and I discovered that and admitted to how that for them you know what I did I went over to the waffle station and I think I might be disgusted by what you did because I had. I don't but I know I just did some late kind of glazed strawberries. And I'm really compote But you know yeah like a lot like a fruit topping Yeah yeah yeah some of the strawberries with the cheese balances you know I have to say I've probably had something pretty some lard and I hop so now I can't really judge on the I mean I thought the scenery was better than I how that is for sure those windows really are something that like the entire exterior wall is just for sale unless you know beautiful hold then you hold holds to its name pretty well for a month and I do want to mention real quick before we start talking about ocean view. As as you would guess being the main buffet venue on the ship open for breakfast lunch and dinner but never seems to close the if you look and if you go to the site in the main never geisha and you click on more and you'll see there's now a link where you can look at different daily programs and menus from different ships and we've got the celebrity today from the sailing on there and you can see the hours for ocean view café it's from it this is breakfast this is this is late breakfast this is early lunch this is primary lunch this is secondary lunch that just there's always not just an option but multiple options even into the late night I went there late at night just to see what the late night offerings were and they had multiple types of pizza they had a whole big variety of desserts and I thought this was cool a salad bar. Which is nice in case you're the type of drunk that like salad. I like salads but I'm not going for a ladder like 1 in the morning but I like the option. Then I guess so we're saying when I was there at about 4 o'clock in the morning on the 2nd night of the Kurds that was one of the rare times that was close I'm not sure they're designing stuff for the people that are up for well I'm one of the people who's up for room service is available now that's a good point I could've ordered that through the T.V. probably or on the phone and what they were Mario and. Portside ocean view cafe. I leave it. Here. So as we moved around the ship we were taking in the other areas and the way so I was kind of rethought how to approach. The interactions that passengers have with the ship and with the staff on the ship Guest Relations was kind of totally rethought where rather than having one long counter that people are lined up in some kind of serpentine queue going up and being called forward there were 4 individual desks with 2 stations at each desk where people could more gather and be approached by a by guest services than wind their way through a queue and then get called up like you know like going on a Disneyland ride or something like that yeah they made it less I almost want a less intimidating that's the word just a few times because he some there are times that I have a question for guest services on on any given ship and I walk up and I see a bunch I see a line of people waiting at a long counter. And I just my question is not that important. This didn't feel that way and I actually did twice stop by for different reasons and they were very quick and helpful and I actually wrote in the day one live blog about a very minor minor issue that I had that I thought they solved in the absolute perfect way Oh that was about getting your drink package adjusted with. That was the Internet access to that was nothing that was even a problem that was more of a question but yeah I just had an issue with the Internet package and they check out the live blog you'll see I thought they resolved it very well see I guess services is there along with other ship board services will say short. That it did a separate desk Yes So it with your facing shore excursions or if you're facing guest relations for excursions right behind you it's a different kind of set up they've got kiosks with i Pads on stands that also have an electronic card reader and card reader so when Jose wanted to book his excursion for Nassau we walked up there was someone there to walk him through the steps but if there Weidman someone there would have been very easy to figure out tap the screen put in our last name put in your birthdate put in your room room number scan your key scan your key pick the. Pick the excursion you want it prints out a ticket and the printer happened to not put the ticket through the slot correctly when we printed so the guy had to fish it through and reprint it but they're figuring out exactly how to line everything up which is fine and then in addition to that station for excursions there was a separate desk I think it said private journeys concierge yet I don't remember seeing that on other celebrity or Roker been ships made maybe they're there and I just haven't noticed maybe they're in a weird spot the judgment of corner somewhere like what happens of the loyalty people on occasion. Yeah I don't see any table 34 in the Champagne Bar. They are being more forward and distinct about that idea not offering which you know if you're paying for that privately or that custom tour I think you should have access to that level of service that makes sense like that. While we have not done a private journeys thing Matt hard work of Royal Caribbean blog has he arranged one to go to some Jewish heritage sites in Cuba when he visited. On Doris Curacao I'm going to say Cairo her asylum OK that was on if you if you want to find that check out just search navigator of the Seas live blog for him Blog dot com and you can find find out how that went and he talks about the process and was pretty pleased with it yeah that's about it was what I was going to get out he is he's a fan he's of the future Kers area I thought was very well set up again and some you know it's not a monolithic counter it's destine pods where people can meet on a more personal level and then there's also some really comfortable bench seating there for people waiting to talk to a future cruise agent so about now that was a really well designed space the casino not very large on the ship pretty sure it's smoke free I didn't detect obvious my SO I actually asked because I wasn't sure it is smoke free OK and I'm not a good person gauging casino size because I never spent any time casinos I heard somebody else say they thought it was pretty large What's weird is I think I think it's a maybe because the layout is such that on some ships you almost have to walk through the casino to get certain places and smoke aside just the to me like I just don't want to hear like a 1000 slot machines going. This was laid out in a way that you can kind of bypass it yes so I don't know I don't know how the size actually stacks up it didn't feel like it ever got in my way which is kind of I have nothing against gambling or casinos just not something that's of interest to me. But because you know bar. Best casino bar what makes you say that because they gave it a little bit of separation from the casino itself so still part of that space but it separated shows far enough that I didn't hear those machines going when I was in there and they had separate tables it wasn't just a bar they had separate tables that you could see at the and it was a nice space in a kind of it seemed like they also might put play sporting events there sometimes 2 big T.V.'s there I rather liked the casino part and it just starts to butt up against the grain plaza that's true there was a time when it was pretty clear that the martini bar was the place to be and I knew it was going to be a while before I got a drink so I opted to go up to them or to the casino bar because it is yeah on the edge of the other I wasn't there and there were when I wanted quick service I got a question for him I probably should mention this we're talking about the martini bar earlier. Dollars to donuts on apex there's going to be a 2nd bar there or something because there are so many seats for that area and not enough bar that was the only place on the entire ship that I thought that was a problem. I want to go back to using the casino was kind of like off to the side area which I agree it was there was a there was a path you could get from forward to after without walking through the casino I think that the solstice class as I like I was going to say that that corridor where the shops in the casino are I forget what they call it on Solstice class but they have I just like even in photos there are big. Curtains they fast going down that it it looks like they took a page out of that yeah design book and I like that so that what kind of covers the shops they're spread out throughout 3 levels I think through 34 and 5 and yet really high end stuff like Tiffany card T.N.A.. So you don't have to leave even because the Tiffany's is just on the other side of interest even but you can even get your Tiffany stuff what is Tiffany's I don't jewelry I know I'm going to buy a lot of Dimes. And then on the other so the shops I guess maybe the collection of shops is is particular to but the idea of having shops on the cruise ship that's you know that's the brands that. The celebrity has been offering I think maybe this is the I've heard someone say this was the best mix of shops that they've seen are good and I mean that's what they want good on them sure I did go into the logo shot because I wanted to add stuff and celebrity has traditionally had. A slightly higher quality materials in their logo shop which which I appreciate I have a celebrity shirt that is years old I've washed it so many times I've been to the beach with it it's like brand new much better quality than a lot. I was a little bummed because the like OK I want to buy this liberty edge shirt the cheapest T. shirt I found was $55.00 I do not want to celebrity It sure that bad Yup I was shopping in that edge logo shop as well and found the same thing all of them like quality bamboo sports dry fit type material. One the color that I wanted I wasn't sure it was available and not a women's shirt so I wasn't really going to risk that looks good where. That's that's not how I'm shaped. And then the other thing the prices were pretty astronomical like one thing that I saw I was like OK that one I know is a men's item it's something I would actually wear Oh that's 125 dollars Yeah so they did some other cool stuff like that some edge insulated water bottles and they actually gave everyone on the sailing passenger got one of those I guess part of the welcome thanks for being one of the 1st crazy people yeah. So I just want to mention low shot and I'll be curious see if they have anything else. Go on there January I kind of doubt it but I wanted the red shirt just not $55.00 which I think that's a great way to say now I did not make a visit to the destination gateway Well I did I guess where we were docking in Nassau I walked down there and saw them setting up and I figured that was a moment that I should not be exploring the destination Gateway I should be staying out of Security's way back up to the Crown Plaza but you made a visit to the station again I did so destination gate was a multi-purpose space that is used sort of as an embarkation loan when you're at a tender port and they're using the edge launches. But these are for other things too that some lectures down there like port lecture type things there was one night there was there was like a dance party down there one night or something I meant to go to that just to see what it looked like so it's a big space so they can certainly put it to good use I went there because. For it was after we had sailed away from Port Everglades I went to the state room and or maybe right as we were sailing away and our one of my checked bag still wasn't there and I called Guest Services and I said but what time would you expect all the bags to be in their rooms and they said right by now. And it turns out one of my bags they thought there was a power strip in there which you can't have. It was not was a hair iron from my life's locks. It's no big deal they just told me to go down to destination gateway and pick it up that's where they were doing that and that's when I saw there was a port watcher going on at the time as well. It's a neat looking I don't want to say sterile because that has a somewhat negative connotation but it's very very bright very bright. The bit that I saw of it. Yeah I would say it's. Maybe a little bit clinical like. Industrial hospital in looks like the future going in that kind of way welcome aboard the spacecraft Mr Smith Yes but without being like oh it's the back halls of the ship. So that's that's one of the areas I imagine we'll see more as we take edge sailings that go to ports where where entering and exiting the ship especially if it's a tender port and we're using the the edge launches which will be from the destination gateway thanks for sticking with us for this long episode the 1st half of our celebrity edge preview Cruise Review tune into episode 10 to hear more about edge including her entertainment venues shows outdoor spaces crew and officers and what we wish was different Thanks for listening.