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Onboard Booking Incentives

When you’re on a cruise there is one universal truth - you can’t wait to be on another one! Cruise lines are ready to abide and offer incentives for you to book future cruises while you're onboard. Some of the programs offer greater benefits than others, but the bottom line is that if you know what you want, and you're ready to book, you can only win by using these programs.  Below we compare the cost and incentives for booking on land vs onboard for several popular cruise lines... read more

What Is Onboard Credit (OBC) & How Can You Use It?

NCL onboard creditOnboard credit may be completely new to you, but even if you’re a seasoned cruiser there are probably things we can shed some light on.  Commonly abbreviated as “OBC” or referred to as "shipboard credit", onboard credit can be thought of as a gift card of sorts for a specific cruise - money that you can use on your cruise for any number of things, including beverages, shore excursions, retail purchases, and more.  What many people don’t realize is there are actually different types of onboard credit, which can affect how you can use it.  Let’s look at how you get onboard credit, what you can do with it, and what happens if you don’t use it... read more