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Cruise Lines International Association Puts Out New Statement on Coronavirus

CLIA Coronavirus StatementCruise Line International Association (CLIA), is a nearly 50 year old organization, which is the world's largest cruise trade industry associated.  All major cruise lines are members, along with countless other businesses and professionals.  They've just released a new statement about the industry's efforts in dealing with the coronavirus outbreak.  You can read their statement below, and our thoughts at the bottom of the post... read more

What Cruisers Need to Know About Red Tide

Red tide sign at Spanish River Park

If you're visiting South Florida for your upcoming cruise you should probably know about red tide.  This algae can cause health issues and sometimes closes beaches - but doesn't mean you can't enjoy your pre or post-cruise stay.  In the past several weeks there has been an occurrence of red tide, first on the Florida's west coast, and now on the east coast.  We'll review the basic information, especially as it pertains to those about to cruise. read more

One Step You Can Take to Avoid Norovirus: Take a Cruise

If you’ve ever seen cruising in the news, there is an unfortunately high chance that you heard about an outbreak of Norovirus (gastrointestinal illness) on a ship. This leads many to believe that this is the result of unsanitary conditions and “cruise ship illnesses.”  The reality is that the story is frequently reported inaccurately, and based on data provided by the United States Centers for Disease Control, you’re far more likely to fall victim to Norovirus on land, than you are at sea... read more