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Key West - Great Cruise Destinations Don't Have to Be Far Away - Episode 2

Key WestYou can take cruises all over the world, sometimes sailing for a week just to arrive at your destination.  There are some cruise destinations however for which those leaving from Florida don't have to travel very far.  On this episode we discuss excursions, sites, tours, and dining in The Conch Republic, The Southernmost Point: Key West.

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Often when we think about cruising we think of exotic destinations far away but if you're cruising the Caribbean there are some great options real close to home some call it the southern most point some call it the Congress public I'm Billy Hirsch And I'm Rick Ross Today we're talking about us. You're about to set sail on the cruise have a podcast and will be a voyage through the wounded ship's hosts and beyond welcome if you've tuned into some my periscope broadcast we've read on our crews have a dot com before you may have caught some of my rants about visiting Key West because I love Key West but getting there by land even as someone who lives in South Florida can be a real pain there is one road in and out constant change in speed limits lot of traffic lights I'm not a fan so I prefer cruising Anyway that's why for Key West especially I only visit by cruise ship. I have never visited Key West by car I have only travelled by cruise ship I'm open to the idea of flying but to me a cruise to Key West is just about the perfect way to go Yeah and if you look at the flights it's not cheap it is not exactly a massive airport with a ton of options so you can probably cruise for cheaper. So if if you are cruising to Key West you're probably going to find this for the most part on either western Caribbean or east or sometimes Cuban itineraries and now before visiting have an A for example I've seen this tacked on a number of times we should we should note that there are some inherent advantages just by being a U.S. port one of the things that is great about Key West is that it's still in the U.S. So your cell phone package is going to work there at the speed you are used to with the data your used to all throughout the United States yet if you live in the United States or even in Canada so many things are just going to be much more familiar and listen something not being familiar isn't a bad thing but it's easy in that regard right now there's one thing that can kind of make it I don't say not. Easy but that is a little bit unusual because it's in the U.S. And yes that's when Key West is whether that's your first port or your last port so if it's your first port you've left the United States from your port of embarkation you get to Key West you're still in the United States no problem flip that around and you reverse right tenor or Key West is your last stop let's say it's the first time you're coming back into the United States you're gonna have to go through immigration yet it's. The good news is that is less common it happens but Cruise Lines know that people don't want to deal with those don't want to wake up early in the morning in line up you know clear the whole ship it can be a pain so it's not common that that happens but it does happen so if you're looking at two cruises everything is identical but one of them visits Key West first and the other stops in another country before get visiting Key West go for the one that visits Key West first agree. No a lot of people are probably listening right now and if they haven't been the Key West and maybe even if they have they're thinking seems very touristy like a tourist trap it really looks like that in some of the videos that you may see about Key West and there's plenty of touristy things in Q.S. let's not for a moment would we deny that a lot of as I call him flock shops Yeah a lot of shops he shot glasses magnets a T. shirt that's cheaply printed all those things so that is absolutely there in Key West but there's also an old historical side to Key West it's been in existence for a long time people have settled there really crazy people have lived there so I like to think of Key West as a cake with frosting and if you don't like the frosting which is the tourist trap part you can take it off and there still is great historical cake underneath Absolutely and you know we could probably do an entire episode just talk about the history of Key West or leave that to you know historians yet there are probably some people on You Tube more qualified Yeah but you know if we're just real quickly highlighting obviously Ernest Hemingway there's a lot of history with Hemingway living there. Truman little white house yes there other presidents have made it a frequent kind of vacation spot as well but Jimmy Buffet if you want to go to a more contemporary kind of his library there to I believe he's the president of Caribbean country rock. That sounds like an unofficial title but he has earned it and beyond that I mean there's some weird stuff like us actually tried to secede from the United States because they actually put a border crossing in the Keys many years ago it was weird so the mayor of Key West at the time decided the best way to handle this was to see it from the union destabilize the Conch Republic immediately surrender to the United States and apply for foreign aid now and believe it or not that was never officially reconciled so there are many people that still last say that there is that they are kind of their own entity and there is they have their own flag and look around have one somewhere in here actually and you can you can pick those up at the charge of the shops but that's actually when you spend a buck and get a Concord public flight you know that that's a suitable souvenir I'd say for over here where it's tax easily tip so yeah that that's a plus so there is that just really scratches the surface on some cool history there some cool wartime history as well with us and a lot of a lot of military activity Sure I mean it is day just the Cuban missile crisis would be one part that has a deep history of Cuba and it is ninety miles to Cuba from the southernmost point one of the best nations will be talking about so one thing I don't want to skip over we start talking about the history when you arrive in the U.S. by cruise ship. Regardless of what I ten are you booked you actually don't know exactly where you're going to be docking because there are two docks right there is one that connects to kind of the center of town which is Mallory Square but there's another one that connects to a somewhat distant Navy Pier Yeah it's a weird experience there are other ports in the world that I've dock to places like. This but in Key West US is not a big place so you're like oh we're going to Key West how far could we be and listen you're not far everything's relative but it is a Navy Pier and. If you dock there if you dock and Mallory Square you're walking right into Mahler's Square which is like the heart of Key West as you see it in pictures a great like fifty paces and you're now in the middle of town yeah it's really convenient about I was probably if I was going to guess we could have looked this up but who does research probably like a mile and a half. Like you could see it from there but you can sprint there yeah we've walked I don't know if you're with me I've we've made the walk from Mallory Square to the to the Navy and that was when we went together but if you're docked at the Navy Pier don't worry because they make it really easy they run continuously they run shuttles sometimes these Kong train things sometimes are buses doesn't matter you have to pay the cruise line set up to to get you real quickly and easily from the ship through the Navy Pier which is for security reasons restricted you can't walk through the Navy here that's why I was going to say the cruise lines don't just provide to the shuttles they obligate him to take the shuttle you're not allowed to wander around on your own correct and that means that it's the same coming back so while the shuttles run continuously between Mallory Square gives me and and the ship you if you are end up walking around uber somewhere or whatever the case may be and you don't stop back at Mallory Square you can absolutely meet one of the shuttles right at the entrance to the Navy pier where you cannot walk in the Navy Pier many many many people will make sure that you do not walk into the Navy pier right there will be a team of people there wanting to see your ID wanting to see your room key card for the cruise ship and then there's a place for you to sit and wait until the shuttle arrives to drive into the Navy Pier Yep worst case scenario end up looking kind of like a hitchhiker and like waving at the the bus as they come in or something and but really so we point this out so that people aren't confused but I want to make sure I'm kind of close in this point that you don't see this is any deterrent because I've went out when I've ended up docking at the Navy Pier. Do I wish Oh yes sure but you're really not a big deal at all it has almost no impact on the trip adds you know five to seven minutes here and that's what I was going to say I said it's a touch of extra time does not change or experience really yeah so there are a ton of excursions like in many ports but I want to cover what what we see is some of the common ones and also one in particular that I personally enjoy not only in Key West but in in a number of cities so to start off we'll talk about the hop on hop off trains you may have seen these in a number of cities throughout the U.S. in other countries I like national parks when I see a hop on hop off I'm very inclined to do it because I find them just to be good value and in Key West there are there are several companies the two big ones are old trolley and the train and leave Yelp the other contract and the prices are always right about the same really they're very similar ideas I'm sure they would love to talk about how they're different than each other but really same idea you go around and for about forty bucks up to you can visit any number of stops they I think they stop every fifteen twenty minutes so if you can hop off a one destination it's never a long wait to get. Here at a train or tram a contrarian or you know one thing I noticed is when a driver pulls up to a stop if there are more people who can get on that particular hop on hop off the trolley the radio back to there or back to their headquarters and say we've got more people send another trolley to the stop so they're very good about managing the demand on their transportation system yeah it's a well oiled machine also you can check out over on cruise Out dot com We've got an article that talks about the pros and cons of booking a short courage and through the cruise line versus independently through third party This is one interesting case where it's often cheaper to book those tickets through the cruise line not always and it's not just price that. You should definitely check out price but I had the odd experience of returning to the United States on and perceive the seas stopping in Key West as our first stop in the United States so I had to go through immigration why I had purchased the hop on hop off trolley as an excursion through Caribbean so when it came to the line for immigration we got put directly at the front of the line and we were the next to go that to me was worth at least half of the hop on hop off hop off trolley price right there yet that's a fantastic point so this is why we say always evaluate your options because as much as I look for great options and pricing sometimes as a great option the pricing are indeed with the cruise line so so that's something to keep in mind you can also if you're not booking to the cruise line get a little bit of a break on lines and oh yeah one other thing about the hop on hop off trail is the the people who are the trolley conductors and driving they all have like these crazy personalities and yes definitely interacting and showing off this personality to the people on the trolley Yeah you really you get like a tour guide a it's not just a driver it's torqued Yeah and one of them looks like Santa I was about to say the time when we went to December we had Santa as our forever. Life full delightful. So when you. Will talk in a moment about a couple of the different sites in Key West Africa after we briefly touch on some of the other shore excursions that you can enjoy just know that pretty much anything you're going to want to do in Key West there's a stop on the trolley or that's within you know a three four minute walk I was going to any of these sites which is part of what brings value because if I would have taken a cab to go to one of these places I would spend half the amount of money you know that for the trolley tickets anyway and when you buy the trolley tickets you sometimes get a discount to some to some of these other places like I think and if they still do this. Ernest Hemingway's house you get a couple bucks off if you get there all the trouble he's been like that. So other excursions. Have you done other churches serve you just know that and then walked around I've only done the hop on hop off I did that for both the times that I've been to Key West and then just kind of made my own way around. OK figuring out figuring out my own cool so I know Q.S. aquarium is a popular one it's you can either much like the trolley it's just a take it kind of that you're buying so you can buy into the cruise line or independently or for some reason you happen to be a US resident who's on a cruise that's it's free. It's I've not been I've heard good things I know from the show Kat she would actually increase that we're on together and you can check out that I'll put it in the show notes that a link to a couple live blogs from an we've been a Key West so that seems popular there are bicycle tours and I've thought about doing these bicycle tours and then I saw something that made me never want to do one of these bicycle tours do you know what it is and I have no idea of bliss self so another friend of the show Michael Poole he did one of these bicycle to worse I've never seen someone sweat so much. And listen to us can be hot it's an island so there's a nice breeze sure. It can be really hot though and and yeah it looked like people would have had a good time if they air condition the island I think somebody on his tour actually yeah I could see if you West got down into the mid sixty's I might do that maybe maybe the sun lower seventy's but it's just not going to be that cool in Key West Yeah I know if it ends up being cool this could be an awesome offer because he was not very big it's very practical to bicycle around don't run to school or never do that a touristy place yet but still that's just something that's asking for a dislocated shoulder Yeah I ride motorcycles but don't want to Scooter when your friends so let's see what else oh the trips I want to about that so not a ton of beaches in Key West. Probably know and in fact the keys don't really have any natural beaches right all their sand is important yes which is a bizarre concept in and of itself isn't it I believe actually the way they built the beaches in Key West they went to those chalky shops and they bought little bottles with sand and they just broke them all and then got rid of them well that seems an efficient but yeah that's a possibility I don't make the rules yeah. But there are some beaches in Key West. I want to say Hague's speech I think it was so not on my radar when I went to disturb the end writers research you know who needs it now but yeah it's Listen it's not that they're bad beaches but my feeling is if you are on a cruise that stopping us there is a very good chance that one of your other stops is going to be a place that has much nicer beaches thank you and says lot of cool things to do outside of that so it you will see beach excursions where basically they say you know it's we're going to drive to the beach and pick you up you know going to last longer also not a lot of shade it's not like some other places where there are beaches and there's a bunch of restaurants really close by or shady places so yeah that moment I could see that as Savior beach day for a Cozumel or for a Grand Cayman day not a little don't don't do beach day on your Key West day absolutely some of the sights individually. It's funny Ric and I were both from Florida so some of these I don't know how common knowledge some of these things are like the Mel Fisher Museum so many Fisher was a treasure hunter who went out and he has been very he and his team have been very successful at locating sunken Spanish galleons and recovering the gold and they get to keep some of that and that's what you see in this museum it's information about how do they go about locating where these ships likely are how do they go about finding whether the ships there or not and then how they go about recovering all the artifacts and it's artifacts beyond just the gold that's there it's the cooking emblem and anything that's been presented. Served Yeah it's pretty cool stuff museum is walking distance from it's basically military Square it's like a block off our neighborhood you can't miss a lot of signs it is pretty cool if you don't choose to stop there or if you're just interested headed stopping there if you search Mel Fisher So many things documentaries and other videos on You Tube Netflix check out pretty cool and the museum's own website yeah absolutely absolutely zero I will say also in the official museum right next door in that is part of the same building they have a store so if you're in the market to drop several hundred dollars possibly thousands of dollars on a piece of jewelry that is made with some old Spanish coing I know you're going that's available to check out shop doctors have a dot com I think you know. You can do that or stop by the gift shop at Mel Fisher Museum they have other items but they have an entire section that's just devoted to jewelry made from from these items I would like a dingle Hopper recovered from a ship and that be cool Yes OK. Wrong podcast now it's another market I think. Well what else where are we. Having way HOUSE Yes So Hemingway house Rick now you've not been there for a good reason or called Yeah so one of the most notable things about the Hemingway house is the collection of cats that live on the premises and these cats are all have the genetic mutation called polydactyl ism which is the fancy science word for having a lots of toes so all these cats at the Hemingway property have six seven maybe eight toes on each foot doesn't cause them any difficulty in life at all but it's still a little weird genetic and consistency the reason I have not been there personally is I'm terribly allergic to cats and I'll really want to be in the same premises with them yeah I love them just can't be That's think one day we're going to go there like we put a particle mask on you just shoot me up with some Benadryl beforehand people. Ranch on hand because it has a Hemingway house is a cool spot and when I say cool spot by the way interestingly because it was built well in a time before conditioning on there on a tropical island there is no AC there but gets a nice breeze not about where you get it it's you get out of the sun and you walk around a lot of neat artifacts there. The guys there can tell you all sorts stuff about the history of the house in HEMINGWAY You can see the cats which by the way cats I mean the more toes they have the more durable I think the internet agrees to direct relationship there. If you say so I love I'm just not going to do OK. It should also be noted that I mean White House that you can see a famous urinals I want tell you more just to look for that I had that was new That's news to me but OK now I may have to go yeah now I'm googling that after this after record the show. So Hemingway is not the only famous person to have made a home in Key West President Harry Truman decided to build a White House residence in Key West where he could go for vacations I don't know much more about it than that but ability do you have anything else to add I'll be honest I've been there a couple times and there are neat little things about oh who designed it and when he would come here and things that were going on at the time. None of it really stands out and I don't mean to knock it as an attraction like it it's convenient it's cool to see you go wow that that's a neat and kind of unique thing. Hemingway house has there's more my new should to really love there I can see were saying about all the weirdness that's and Key West probably the presidential house in Key West isn't the craziest thing it also has this. Large housing community around it that we just made to support like people from the State Department and maybe Department of Defense. I think there's restricted access so one of the only ways to get into this area is to be on the hop on hop off trolley if that is that is correct. Let's see the Coast Guard museum chef so this guy I'm glad you put this on the list because I wouldn't have not on purpose but so if you may have seen these if you've cruised Alaska you may have seen one of these they have in a number of different places the Coast Guard will take old ships sometimes or light ships sometimes there are other types of support vessels and when they're decommissioned they permanently Moore them in a port in Key West has one of them and you can tour and you can see what it looks like to be someone that lives on one of these Coast Guard vessels for you know in service for a period of time they keep a lot of historical stuff on there as well and if you if you're familiar with the nerdy hobby of amateur radio make fun of those nerds I that's me. Jarvis I ask that question like why would a ham radio operator want to set up on a ship and what Bill explained to me was Well if you've got a big piece of metal in salt water that's a good antenna Yeah along with the fact that it helps them preserve some of the radio quick because ships used to have the radio rooms that's going to a lot of a lot of him that were in the military so it's just kind of a weird quirky things a novelty there either way but they you get to work these are the engine room you see what the officers quarters you see lots of quarters the captain's dining room that was very interesting that some of the place where they keep records on the ship and they had the old kind of letter typing film where you would turn the dial and then squeeze the handle really hard all the way back in one thousand ninety two I know. When Billy and I went we one of my classmates came with us and I'm sure he had never seen one of these I'm sure every kind of a label maker that's the word I was there for a label maker that he's saying was electronic thermal you type in the whole thing you want I said Oh no no no in the old days we used to have a dye all of that you would rotate to the letter school and then when you're all done cut turn to the cut and then really clamp down on it so that some are. Really old kind Well at this point outdated technology is. Perfectly preserved in this Coast Guard sure I'm not sure that's the part I would have highlighted but. The funny part about this is this was not on my radar and I don't think it was on yours when we went but this friend of the cosmic who came with us saw the Coast Guard ship as we were taking the trolley into Mallory Square and he said I want to see that I was not sold going up to it but it's something I wrote after I'd seen it really glad that I took the time and it's really inexpensive it's a few dollars that centrally donation to the organization of I think mostly former Coasties that take care of these things so that was my sense it was for a veterans organization. So so there's that let's see southernmost point yes so this is the photograph everyone has to get when they get to Key West and this is the photograph that unless you've been there you don't realize somebody waited in line forever so that no one else was there photograph right unless there is an I went one time was late February in which it was we were the only people there it was like that they closed and they don't close Florida OK another obscure reference that yes I'm gonna be a southern most pointless and it is touristy be kind of GOTTA SEE right you step off you can get a very overpriced coconut from one of the vendors there and there are a couple shops that sell southern most everything you could possibly imagine from magnets to underwear Oh yeah every shop you go into is going to have some miles euro mile marker or something be a T. shirt magnet bottle opener key chain flip flops haps you know I don't know everything southern most rubber bands right yet as much of the zero mile marker for us one that sign was stolen so frequently now that it's secured up there in special ways and there is a camera permanently looking at that that because people keep stealing them now the. 's six other most point listen it's cool you're ninety miles from Cuba it's a neat thing to be like I'm at the southernmost point there's a restaurant right next to there have and yet there seems to be a popular spot. I think we went to the restroom there and use I believe user in southern most restroom in the United States if you wait until they're closed and most of the ocean there is the southernmost restroom United States OK but will have to park before sundown. So one of the other things that I saw when we were walking around the southernmost point was the differentiated trash cans so many people are getting the coconut drinks there all the trash cans are in sets of two with one of them spray painted coconuts only mess it is. It is like Bizarro tropical San Francisco. With Trash separate is there recycling. Makes sense I never thought about it before that but it totally makes sense absolutely. Let's see so. One of the things that. Is let me also say about the southernmost point the hop on hop off trolley is going to go right by there so that's something you want to say hop on top of Charlie's going to get you there no problem if you want to see it and not stop up on top after all he's going to drive by so you can get a picture of it without getting off the truck correct correct Good point. One of the other things that I saw in Key West that was really crazy was when the trolley was driving around there about four or so cars in Key West that are just decorated with junk it's just cemented applied in some way I think one of them it's not actually junk it's coral that's all over it. Just a weird thing that you can see in Key West and goes nicely with the weird people in Key West right unique very friendly unique folks. That is kind. So I do want to hit a couple just stops to eat or grab a drink. Now I'm going to jump on this first because I think we have are of the in agreement about. Going to Starbucks when you're outside the United States so I'm going to say you shouldn't do that you should be checking out local cuisine when you're outside of the United States but when you're in Key West you're still in the United States you're allowed to go start and there's one of Malorie squares one of the only air conditioned things is free to get into inside a Mallory Square that's true so it's acceptable we decided we're making up a plaque Yeah I can't wait to present this to them next time we're in Key West it's allowable. So Sloppy Joe's we actually you and I don't know if you've ever talked about this no please go ahead. All right unpopular opinion time. Slot and. It's not even the original Sloppy Joe's it's overpriced it's there I guess cool OK yeah I get a picture out front but for me I like going to the bar at Sauvie Joe's because that was very easy to walk up get a drink talk to the way to the part under there the waitress there and then laugh so that was one of the things I did on my trip that was enjoyable it's missing year and making connections across we're in the fantastic Let's see killing pie. Yeah I'm going to talk about there is a Brazilian always. So my lovely spouse it's not from this country. She would live in south Florida for I've lived here all my life she's lived here for quite a while she only recently discovered that key limes are actually different kind of lime OK So and maybe you know what I don't know we're both from Florida so. I said if you're listening outside. Refers to the type of limes that are used to make you live by their tiny little limes there they are they grow on the keys correct some times I covered their tiny limes like the tiny Key Deer. Do you know of the Key Deer it's a small species of deer that lives in the Keys but there are. Reduce leads them into a margarita No I wouldn't do that but you could do that with a cute line got. So that's a key lime is a kind of a cheesecake pie kind of thing that is very popular there lots of shops sell it there's one that's going to claim to have the original it's still pretty good Kermit's is a real big player. I think they do they do the frozen that's one of the options you can get them frozen you can get them dipped in chocolate which to me is that's a bit much I love chocolate but I'm kind of a purist with little impact yeah. Very polarizing especially for people in South Florida is whether you prefer sweet or tart key lime pie many lives lost many lives lost Well then I better not reveal my preference son both you can tell me nobody's listening. Yeah this is why we're friends OK we can still be friends everyone else so sorry. Pepper is of Key West Yeah this is more your place than my place although I had a great time when I was there Utah so some of the fun is years ago I'm a huge hot sauce person not just hot sauces because vinegary I like spicy stuff I enjoy finding new and exciting types of peppers and spice blends and things like this and Harpers of Key West has been around for a while run by a guy believe me people laggard and they sell nothing but the spices hot sauces you know things things that are spicy and some things that aren't as well some other season seasonings and stuff yet and the hot sauces that they sell they organize on a scale of zero to ten zero being not hot at all and then they've got a group of one to three is four to six is seven to nine and in their tens but they also have some ten pluses they are scale really goes up to I think thirteen or something like that if you go in and like Billy he wants to sample they insist that you start at the lower end of the spiciness scale of the heat scale and then the. Work you up you'll start with zeros one of the things I had was a cherry pomegranate sauce I thought I was pretty good so I took a bottle of that home for my dad he served it with like chicken and on it so that pretty pretty good in the movie onto the one to three S. and I had a couple of those and that's about when I tapped out. So I've done their their tasting tour if you will several times which is totally free by the way and they're even there really no pressure to play. And I think what the reason I like this place and talking about and telling people to go there there are other hot sauce places that are like OK they have hot sauce again not only do they have just more than hot sauces but every single person that works there is incredibly knowledgeable about all of their products and about different types of peppers and stuff and they're good talkers it's a fun place to go I know it sounds weird but try it out even if you know what I call it Rick doesn't like spicy stuff don't care for it tasting is free water is nine dollars now. Yeah it's cool we did a periscope from there when I was there on the Empress of the season and I'll put a link to the live blog that has a link to the periscope and people really enjoyed that I went all the way up to their highest level and then they brought out some stuff you're actually not supposed to eat without mixing it in well some extracts make that too yet when when you're up at the top of a range of there like tens of love and twelve's you're no longer dipping a chip into something the instruction is dip the end of this toothpick into the sauce then make sure the toothpick goes onto your tongue not on to your lips close your lips around the toothpick and like rub the top of the toothpick around your tongue. Yeah I'm never in a million years going to do any of that but it was fun to watch Billy do it that's all I could be said for so many Thanks so next and I think last as far as this goes Mary Ellen this is a place I don't see it really advertised much I've never heard of it I think several years ago one of the times we were in Key West we just asked a local lake he was. Place to get a sandwich and they told us about Mary Ellen is they have these awesome sandwiches there they're fries are quite good and they have a lot of different back to sauces but not hot sauces necessarily homemade kind of different. Sauce blends to dip your fries or sandwich on end of great beer selection really friendly staff it's generally not very busy it is air conditioned and I just think it's a great spot to the point that I think every ever since the first time we found it we've gone back for a snack so sometimes the touristy places you know hey if you want to I'm not going to knock I just I I didn't think he was anything special but I totally understand if somebody wants to head up those really touristy and popular spots but if you just want a really good sandwich I like Marion's and good beer All right well I may give that a shot I've had Sloppy Joe's before and now yeah I've had it yeah so Marion's might be a place I try out so so I think that that rounds that out we're going to share a bunch of links to different live blogs and other things in the show notes you can always check that out over on cruise habit dot com Make sure you follow us on Twitter periscope all the things just search crews have it were easy to find we broadcast almost every week from either Port Everglades Port of Miami or life from ships at sea and have got some some live blogs coming up very soon we're going to be on Celebrity edge had six citing Rick and I are both going to be there at the same time we have both moving to celebrity stuff that we're not the same person. I think then but we just have the same first name. Technically yeah yeah on our legal documents so make sure you follow along for all that and more and if you have questions you can always reach out to his on social media like said to search crews have it or email us podcast at cruise habit dot com Yeah and if you have any questions you can ask those questions of the public ask them we may get to the my future podcast Yeah that is true only if I like a question if not just send you a snarky response. No I'll make sure it doesn't Rick controls the email yeah. Thanks for listening guys look forward to talking shit with you again real soon. Hi This is Kelly Hildebrandt from Cincinnati Ohio a friend of Cruz have a dot com Follow the guys on Twitter Instagram and Facebook subscribe to the crews have a podcast on i Tunes Google Play or where ever you enjoy your favorite podcasts search crews have it in the periscope app to join the live broadcast from ship I'm sure they'd love to talk shop with the real Sam. Still there one last thing if you like the show and we hope you do leave us a review on itunes it will help us get the word out thanks.