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Eden on Celebrity Edge - CruiseHabit Podcast Episode 11

Eden on Celebrity EdgeWhen cruising Celebrity Edge, we found that Eden isn't just a bar, restaurant, show, cafe, or lounge - nor is it all those things smashed into one space.  Struggling to describe Eden, and especially the experiences this fantastic space provides, we decided it would be best to dedicate an entire episode to just this topic.  We've also linked to a number of relevant photos in the notes below.


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When Celebrity Cruises introduce celebrity edge the 1st edge class ship they promise to give us something we've never seen before with even one celebrity deliver a bar or restaurant to show a surprise I'm Rick Ross and I'm Billy Hirsch we're exploring Eden on this episode of the cruise have a podcast. You're about to set sail on the cruise have a poet cost and it will be a voyage through the will of ships pullets and beyond welcome a boat before we get started talking about Eden on celebrity edge it's important to note that when Rick and I were discussing how we're going to talk about the experience the bar the the dining room at all these different elements in the With a while that that comes together in kind of a weird way that do are we going to talk about this as we discuss all the bars on celebrity edge all the restaurants but there's so much to eat in that we thought it's probably best to dedicate an entire episode of the podcast just to Eden and we loved it so we're happy to talk about it so that's what we're going to talk about today and we're going to try really hard to stay on topic because if you want to hear about celebrity edge in general well great news you can check out episode 9 of the podcast where we discuss edge and the celebrity EDGE live blog and we'll have notes to both those are links to both those in the show notes. So with that in mind I think Rick let's dive right in and you won't start talking about entertainment it's the way that the entertainment is broken down and in Eden is there are 2 shows one is called Eve at Eden and the others called Revolution Eden and shows really is not the right term it's more of an audience experience with the participation the element. And yeah well I guess we'll just dive into Who are these people yes so who are the people you're going to meet when you're in Eden there are costume characters walking around and so there's the reason I don't know this person's name is very few people's names get said because there's not really dialogue. But some characters might introduce themselves to you the 1st 3 Do not speak so I never got to hear their names unless someone else referred to them so the 1st one is absurd something starts with oh maybe it's Orion. Is a guy who dresses in all black Helios She's the sun goddess Luna is the goddess of the moon we have either we have geo and I there Lera or Tara and they are the lovers then we've got some I don't know if they're fairies maybe they're the kind of common creatures of the Eden realm that would be Bloom Colet and I don't know where that's Coy's C.E.O. why I like being coy or if it's COA like the fish flit. Loy wit zoom and then bloom at one point returns as the serpent character and then there are 2 other characters who I didn't talk to or in ARC with I didn't get their names the other thing to know about your name when you're in is your name is accompanied by a hand gesture and as I'm a graduate of the universe of South Florida I did the Goebbels hand gesture and I'm now I don't know if you say do a hand gesture that's the 1st thing I'm going to. Be the more polite than that I was going to say that's the 2nd hand just are going to do it it's the one that I've allowed in public Billy What was your hand gesture I believe mine was bestowed upon me. By people I think I call friends Rick. Someone drinking out of Iraq's glass. He Oh right that was you know me so I know as as we discuss these characters as you kind of went over the the list of these I want to make sure this is such a tricky thing to describe this is one of those reasons we're dedicating a whole podcast to it right is that as Rick mentioned there's no introduction necessarily to these characters you just start this you this is a show that happens to you yeah that's a great way to say yeah so so your experience in need may be different than ours depending on how you react to the show happening to you so so whether it's about the different characters in the roles they play in their names or anything else that we talk about We'd love to hear you know how your experience maybe differs to yet I mean. For sure other people in the room were just sitting observing some people were going up on stage. As much as you could call that kind of performance platform a stage manager was the one of the main focal point and then there were some things going on that were just it just the entertainers just the cast. And there at some point someone and I forget who it was told me oh well the story line is that this character the guy who wears all black he is like central God and He created both Luna the goddess of the moon and Helio the goddess of the sun and then there are also these creatures around and that at some point Bloom becomes the serpent and tries to take the lover Lara or Tara away from Geo and Geo has to get her back for those of you following along I'll. Eat it you know a way that I think I can. Certainly oversimplify but simplify this a little bit is to say that the character and Luna and several The others are are. They. We'll see more grounded like they they kind of seem to be almost in charge Yeah and they're be the fairy kind of sort of characters very much like if you're familiar with midsummer. They are Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream Yeah those aren't theater and use they are short and that's the Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream. The other characters our much like you feel like the show is happening to you the universe is kind of happening to them yeah that's I almost feel like you're almost on a level level playing field with them in a weird way yes yeah. So yeah sorry interrupted is no no that's a weird storyline to talk about and that's it's. But it's cool right very very cool so as Billy is describing as he put it there's there's kind of 2 levels 2 classes to the characters the upper class of characters the guy he's wearing a black vest with a skull in the center and then kind of I mean I don't mean this an insulting way but it's a skirt and it's black and gray so horizontal or Chevron stripes. He is wearing a gold dress with some kind of gold headpiece that she's wearing that's kind of looks like stars yeah very very celestial yeah her overall appearance not just the accessories Agreed agreed and then Luna is has a kind of counterpart outfit to Helias that is done in silver she's got braces on her arms that have the phases of the moon going through and I thought it was a mountain and I'm going to detail and then she also has a kind of crown but she wears that is has more of the moon motif and then when you look at the other characters. There they're all wearing. I'm not not straight cut you know I don't want to say. I don't see scraps you know but a very very earthy very organic matter of the way that the garments erd are draped on over around them some of the some of the characters are certainly wearing a lot more clothing than others Yeah a couple of male male characters aren't aren't shirted. The foreign minister and everything's very flowing light colors beige is off whites in a lot of cases and also maybe maybe some greens in there it's a little hard to tell because the lighting as all of this is going on around you is changing through several different colors as well which makes it I don't as a disorientating but it. If you ask me to to paint any of those costumes right now I would probably get the colors very wrong as I'm saying this out loud Well that's funny because you did I don't know that you mentioned like browns and all of greens and pans which I thought was a major component of the colors of the kind of bloom flick Lloyd Coley zoom group whereas like Geo and layer had some clothing done in a similar manner but it was white Ah OK fair enough there I think there of the same kind of that the others are but they're more like a couple they're yet to be identified as with one another with one another and we should also talk about when we're talking about costuming and then will you know we will get into kind of the scene overall but I think it's important be able to picture the individuals as we're discussing this. I would say that most of the characters had in some way interesting hair and what I mean it is. Some of them may have just had in. Not even extensions but like like so in in really light color dreadlocks. Several of the characters had unique hair like like the performers themselves had Yeah rather unique hair just like you know whom exactly just pretty crazy curly kinky it reminded me of. The young ones Don was that movie you know the eighty's. Kind of a light switch incident yes especially when he pulled it up on to the top of the yes. And then and then a couple the characters had were just had shaved heads Yeah whit one of them had on the guy both that were were correct involved so hopefully that now you can picture a little bit the different as you said sort of classes of the characters a little bit of what they were wearing a lot of a lot of them little accessories for you know Rick you talked about the main characters but the fairies had because the looks of the garments had very very organic sort of feel there or there may have been other sections of of rope or twine and just other. Things. There so a lot of different textures I would say is the way to to to maybe summarize that there were a lot of layers and textures going on and that was important when you picture the way that these characters as they're interacting with you as they're going through clearly I don't mean clearly or hers in a negative way but clearly rehearsed parts that are going along with the music and even lyrics and some of the songs that are that are involved but the clothing works well with their movements and the way they go about this is not a choreographed dance show at all there are there are there are certain elements but you know this is not what you see at a mash up No no it's not like at the like a theater production like that at all costume wise also when Bloom transforms into the serpent she wears a red body suit that has like a certain team pattern up on it and when you said that they have like some accessories so zoom is also a juggler Yes flit sometimes carries like gymnastics Robin. Lloyd carries a big white fan and I forget about the fan and I think I think that's a in terms of the accessories Yeah I think I think that it's all of them and again those accessories all go to the movement right so not choreographed dancing for the most part but. Pick sure. Not interpretive dance but I would say interpretive action right it's hard to categorize this as dance as much as it's movement Yeah I mean these people are clearly dancers yes yes in terms of their their ordination their fitness their ability to sync with each other not even with the same movements when I say sync but coordinated the movements and just as the costumes in some cases are very flowing so so is the way that they move or move about even even when they're running so sometimes yeah it's going along somewhat with music and acting out certain gestures at some points they might even just be sprinting from place to place and still you can tell there's a lot of thought put into exactly the Big 8 and exactly how you know you though they might reach out to you in part in the performances as the. Has also a lot of eyes with you which is early in the way of engaging the audience. But even even in even an i in head movement I would say there is a it flows it's I in my head in this describing the sounds even stranger every time I ever time I add derail here but it's as if you imagine you're in an illustrated world an animated world rather and you're in a forest and wind is blowing leaves around and maybe maybe you can even in some We've visualize the wind with you know there's oh a mist in the air or something like that and the way that everything moves with the wind. Is the way that the performers move. You know it and that gets us I think into. How the space is even built any and there will be pictures you will link to a whole bunch of pictures of both performances and the venue how the venue is built the space is built to allow for some of that movement with with some things that allow for different acrobatics Yeah and the they have like a sort of a skeleton of a moon will say Yeah like a frame Yeah and there you go thank you where they're spinning in doing all sorts of things that would put me in the hospital after trying for only a brief moment yeah very impressive stuff. And we know Rick would you say you are talking about the story line before would you say that you felt as if the. The acrobatics which weren't always in the air sometimes you just. Will say almost contortionist Not quite but it is sort of thing would you say that. That was incidental to the storyline or that did you feel that was intercoastal I don't know that there's a right answer I'm just curious how you interpreted Oh I see I see it as integral there especially the parts where Gio and. Tara are interacting on the performance platform doing their I don't know what to call it feats of strength lifting her around when she's lifting him around I think that was part of the story in that moment yes and also there's a time where she is alone on the performance platform I think she's just in gauged with the serpent. And then I think that's when she stands on her head. Yes. There's a lot of head standing standing on she stood on her own head. He's on her side. Yeah remarkable so so these these performers they also do some singing throughout the film performance and that's kind of interesting because you go from a situation where there are times that along with the music and you want to talk about the music in a moment. They go from singing along to or with the music to then talking and interacting with the audience and it's rather odd because it you know and I think if I think more traditional theater I think well they're singing out the storyline and that is as far as that goes and if they're not singing then they're talking out the story line it never There is no 4th wall to break in the show oh well that's a great that's a great way. To encapsulate this yeah that's great. But and some of the music that that both in the back row in and what they were saying to and things that were sampled within the music. They were trying to member now was there some stuff from elsewhere when there was it was either Alice in Wonderland maybe maybe some tank or BELL Yeah it was really incredible but you picked out a couple things in terms of the music you know well look I mean you say about the singing since this is such a multi-functional and an. I mean it's not a stage really singing goes on all over the place so one of the people who sings could be on a stair landing or at a at the back of the space on a ramp or in the central performance platform Yeah there's not a a natural focal point right there are photo side yes. There you when you when you look at the pictures again that will link in the show notes you'll see that even as a venue and we've some videos or walk around as well to try and make it a little easier has met while it's across I guess 2 or 3 decks it really it probably has what do you think 6 or 7 different levels plus the ramps I mean it's almost impossible yeah yeah because there's a staircase between 2 of the levels may have 4 landings and then it has some kind of conversation groupings that may have a view of the Central show area may have a view out the back window huge back wall of glass of the space so hard to say how many you know how many levels it's and sometimes things are happening on multiple levels at the same time he has for example people down stairs enjoying. The dinner with what they call the actual dinner at Eden I think that is called the you can go with that. There they have a different perspective so I thought that was very cool that at no point if you're down there are you missing out on any things happening above or vice versa because a lot of it is happening. In multiple places at once agreed so that that was me sorry music we got oh yeah that's of that's fine yeah well that was we set the stage for the singing one of the songs that caught the eye was I usually use the phrase caught my eye but also I caught my ear this time was Pink Floyd's great kick in the sky from Dark Side Of The Moon that's not lyrical song so it's a song with just well it's one of the 2 songs in the Pink Floyd catalog that is not sung by a member of Pink Floyd song by a female vocalist from outside the band and the Luna character performs this while the serpent and someone else maybe it's the female lover maybe it's wit now it's I think it's the serpent the female love heard earlier or doing some kind of coordinated aerial gymnastics on the wire frame of the of the moon and then after that when it goes and sits on the sets on the moon and yet hangs out there but yet I mean the actress who who sang the the version of Pink Floyd's Great Gig in the sky didn't Axel and job well integrated into the show and really created a moment that for me was a highlight it was like a lot of this as you can tell it is themed and yet defining the theme is nearly impossible. And the music I thought was very much the same mean that I wish I would have taken notes and maybe a while I'll be back in January on the ship and I may take notes just to start listing some of the songs that were revolted in. Because it was all over the place and yet in no point was there a transition that was confusing or startling jarring you know Anyway I agree I agree you really are all done and went in and out of different things with it with a lot of. A deft hand yes and we actually spoke with one of the performers just last night in fact. That was. With Carly Carly car and she was discussing that when they were initially were her seeing the show in. D. some of the people involved with selecting in composing the show would just hang on stop and then add in something else or change something and then start again and see how it goes and it was it was not like somebody got a CD and said OK practice the show around this. Right it seemed as though the show elements came together as organically as the as the performance itself. The show evolved as evolved Yes as it was being played out and kind of I guess the ideas played with and discovered by the production team so that a part of the I guess we've alluded to is the audience involvement. There was an occasion where Flint was running around and she made a lot of eye contact with me and she throughout the night just kind of hanging out in our in our area near the bar and she bought out I could gymnastics Robin. And she started playing with that making circles on the ground in the circles through the air and she brought me out and had me play with the gymnastics ribbon and then she grabbed 2 other people and put us in a little corner to hang out until she was ready to run a full lap around the space at a sprint and she got us to follow her and I don't exercise so that was kind of tough for me but it was really fun to just suddenly we were all running around the space up a up the staircase down a ramp down another staircase then back to the central performance area where other people other Eden ists had gathered audience members out to the circle the central platform and were and the oh guy is in the middle kind of directing us to do somewhat of the wave while we're manipulating it if you will it was a I would say it was a combination of the wave and when you're out of show and they try and get the audience to like vote early Hey which side of the House can make the most noble. Yes but no corny Mr want no not at all right. And then once the Okereke there departed the stage they pulled an audience member none other than Cruz have a dot com zone Billy Hirsch into the center and we all kind of still did the dancing energy ball thing around him. Reaching a crescendo and then I heard I didn't observe this but I heard he did a somersault off the platform so so I'm watching the show enjoying I don't know what I'm seeing and I don't think that was unique to me I think most people in would agree this I don't know what this is but I like it I think some of the performers would even tell you that. And. 0 to 60 all of a sudden I don't know I was in the middle of the little stage thing that they had and everyone was gathered around like drumming on the stage for me then you and other other guests that really wasn't sure what to do all the lights were on me it was very strange So then I think I started to like jumping in sync with the music because I kind of detected that the music was going to reach a crescendo and then drop so I kept jamming higher and then when it stopped I just fell to the ground in the middle and was shocked I didn't fracture my pelvis and then somersault it off oh. It was weird. But I'll say all of that among I'm not usually a big audience participation person I used to work in theater I love the inner self like that but I'm usually just I'm happiest just watching I think what made this kind of cool you said wasn't for what he's the word corny or hokey be corny Yeah it wasn't it wasn't at all and it made it so that you really you felt like you had I said I didn't know was going on and it felt like the performers in either not a bad way like they clearly knew what they were doing but there was just the ambience in the feeling made it so that audience participation where you could absolutely no one was obligated if you didn't want to be bothered they were going to bother you they were very very good I think about picking out people that they were going to want to be picked out. But you there were you couldn't do it roll right. There wasn't a script to follow right so that that made it that made it pretty cool and and I think we have great pictures of Rick with the. You know as we're talking about colors the ribbon was bright orange Yeah it really stood out in the it was the only thing in that color yeah the entire room yeah kind of couldn't eat like that. You said the only color in the room the colors of the room are really like very green it's the garden it's Eden so there's plant material everywhere flowers purples purples Yeah the metal wall panels are green also with green behind it a lot of the furniture is green purple. Another motif that comes out a lot as the hexagon there are kind of cream X. agonal tiles on the wall some of them are. Annular con cavity to them some of them have so I think you missed the galaxy mishear you know they all they look like not just convex are going to like but even are set out from the wall I think some of them possibly Oh that could that could be so I wanted to match my shirt to the venue and I have this. Blue batik print shirt maybe. Printed on to sear soccer one of my favorite shirts so I wore this to the venue and no one said anything. But I was like No no I'm coordinated but the 2nd night I was just wearing some like it was not a Hawaiian shirt but a shirt with floral pattern on it and zoom one of the one of the game over. Your shirt has flowers on it have you shown bloom as I know what I will go I will be wearing a burlap tunic in January to see what the. Terry as. You're going to do a lot more than audience participation. First of all I have to decide which burlap to know tunic and where I have so many in the closet can I get gymnastics routine ready that will be expected to write you're going to talk about the medical facilities on board. More than 2 or 3 things polled are fine. So what else do we want to say about the venue we discussed that how many little conversation groupings there worth throughout the throughout the different landings on the ramp like there was this one place on the backside of the ramp that had these 2 hanging chairs that were made of like jelly bracelet material like rope and the yes kind of woven in some way to make a chair which turned out to be really comfortable and I think there were probably like 8 different era design David had some of those type outside as well there's a little outside area for in and all the things that we're talking about as we discuss the different levels. Sort of. Coves wrong cleaves the. The outdoor area and of course there is we haven't even talked about the Eden bar and even cafe all of these spaces make it so that it's a fantastic venue even when the shows aren't going on we're going out there for hours on the last day well there was nothing I mean there was neat ambient music there was nothing really going on occasionally you'd have called them roaming eagerness that would come through but that was just sort of a sprinkling and the venue was fantastic if you if the shows never existed and that would make me sad because I love loved it. It would be a fantastic venue because you can have different sized groups you can have conversations without feeling like you're bothering other people. You know there's food in a bar yeah and you could go back so many times and sit somewhere different yes that is staring into perspective of yeah base and sometimes you'll see a lot of the way the walls in the decoration and then sometimes the view was out this enormous wall of windows on the back of the yes meet the windows and I'm not the 1st person mentioned this everyone's been making this comparison if you seem to 70 on Quantum class ships Royal Caribbean's Quantum class ships it has a very similar feel the the windows do I don't think the space in general does but a lot of people draw the comparison just because you have a roughly $270.00 degree view you know with these giant windows spending several decks and then they're angled up at the top so that you almost have like a windowed roof it's really kind of a dome and there's like a dome it's not a dome but there's a dome character right very very cool I love that space Great sunsets from there as well but I think we should make sure because we talked about the show for a while because it's so freaking hard to describe. And I don't know why I wanted to transition the bar but I also actually one last thing before short I don't forget. If you're Listen this you go I don't know if that is for me listen nothing is for everyone as far as the show goes nothing's for everyone right but I observed multiple nights that were hanging out there people of different generations different demographics talking about how they thought the show was for someone else they didn't understand so they thought it was for someone else. But they said that while enjoying the hell out of the show it seems. So I think if you're looking to if you're saying I'm trying to understand what's happening here and I don't so that must mean it's for somebody else no no no no if you're enjoying it either enjoying participating or just enjoying watching from a distance just enjoying the music as you sipping a drink if you're enjoying it anyway it's for you that's I think that's the way that they have to look at this performance part of that so I wanted to make sure that that I got that out because I know even in the brief period of time it's been a lot of people people on the Internet there's somebody wrong on the internet record I got to go right. DURBIN I guess there's been mixed reviews as to everything. Don't try an answer it's just if you enjoy it then it's for you and that's you know you don't need to pigeonhole this great and yes and if if it's not for you many other terrific news on the show yes are all of which we talk about on a different but yes and the live blog so one of the things you mention the way to enjoy the space of Eden is to go to the bar. The bar has a terrifically inventive menu drinks I have never seen before and how many and so that I hadn't heard of before yes that's a mention. From Jamaica who is one of the people came over from the reflection she's apparently enter in charge of all the syrups and all the mixes and stuff and boy she's she's knocking out yeah so even the mixes are head made Yeah so when you look at the menu don't go where I don't want something that's you know syrup so you know there's porn or something and no no no. It is these are drinks that are meal I don't mean because they're heavy I mean because you know many different types of ingredients coming together to make something greater than the sum of their parts I'm not a big mixed drink person mixed drink person you know but really some fantastic ones and a couple of the ones that we tried and the 1st one I'm going to call this out yeah yeah so there's one called P P A I don't know who it celebrity was like everyone's going to want to drink P.. It's weird that they called the drink P.A. but but that was actually one of my favorite drinks that drink was don't live show so I had several of those I later found out I didn't even look at what was in it so we just we started ordering all of the drinks in the room to try em out. There's Jen in there I hate Jen I didn't even notice. That mirrors my experience completely I really dislike genuine wife love John I did not she had a different Jen cocktail at one point and I took a sip one of her breath. And but but yeah the the PIA one of the other ingredients olive oil. How did I get there and the earth drops of Allah and I'm not sure if it's a and greed and a lie or a garnish I'd really have to go back and watch how it's how it's made there are I think to have partners made slightly differently so they maybe even it's hard to keep track as you watch them make this drink and it do just grabbing all sorts of random different shaped bottles and pulling wood chips out of things and running them through machines and doing all sorts and you have no idea what's going on then you get a drink that's amazing that so so there was a P. O. the it was a Save the 2nd drink I really liked was figs Yeah that one was terrific that's a was a bourbon drink I think. There is bourbon in there yeah yeah just just delicious really well balanced sweet sweet but not too sweet but not really sweet and I fruity way at all like So I think the sweetness came from beets and carrots maybe or yeah I've the beets definitely beets but the color alone right. Big was about the sweetest I want a drink to be I'm not big into sweet drinks it was about as sweet as I'd want to be in then another one that we had was a piña and that was. It tasted good it was a little too sweet for me OK. Now I don't know I was sort of through until you know. And then there was one that. I think all 3 of us tasted and said. Not so much right now is Earth Earth it was it had some kind of what Cherry bettors or celery butters or something yes celery Butters you have say yes I don't usually keep those in the house and that was I mean it just pushed the drink to a better place and hey hopefully there are people that love it great yes but it was nice I I'm glad that it was there frankly because there are a wide range a lot of time you go to bars know we have all these specialty mixed drinks in a little dish all different types of sweet so I like that there was a variety one last one that might have been my favorite garden Oh yes yeah Garden their pet I think we have pictures of me drinking that I think so make sure we get some in the show that's it's good that it has. We're sprigs of rosemary and what time time partly say it was going to say sage might be someone money but there are yeah there were several several sprigs of herbs in such in there which is why it's called garden I suppose the the flavor of the drink I have no recollection was in it because I couldn't pick out any particular flavor get better than the sum of its parts kind of thing but the springs made it so that every time I took a drink it smelled like Christmas. This is the one who served in the kind of rounded bottom glass with the square yet is an OK Now there's another one named excuse me at the moment that I think lower lorissa like that was Miss Collins something else if you recall its name was I don't recall the name that's when they came in a box yes no no that was the only comes in a box is that's veldt. V E L D T. I think the short version here is if you as far as these cocktails in particular if you go to when you go to you better go to yeah. If you have to drink package you need to try every single one some of them are completely covered by the package the premium during package of celebrity as of this recording covers drinks up to really $15.00 each. Some of them are at or below 15 a couple of them are a little bit more so you know if there's one at 17 you pay $2.00 bucks you know whatever and it's well worth it I think the most expensive almost 20 C. pay $5.00. Fig was 18 and so there's a $3.03 after the hour and change surcharge but totally arrive all yeah you got it there are really even the ones that I didn't like I was glad I tried like Earth. So so you have the bar and they have regular You can order other things too with a bar that a wide selection of other spirits. And and wine and and beer so you know you're not obligated to. Do it as if you just want to go and have whatever your favorite cocktail is and the bar staff there mean I I have good service at all the bars and on edge but Eden seemed to me. Where the they put really bartenders that had a good nap for figuring out what you're going to like because there were several times that Maurice one of the other bartenders need he he would just come up with things and one time it was just he took a particular Scotch monkey shoulder and he smoked it. He had a machine with some that they could put wood chips in and smoke and he infused with smoke and because of he knows a Lake P.D. scotches and that was great so great bar staff over there and there are servers roaming the area as well so all those little nooks and crannies you can get a drink anywhere very easily. Daniel is one of the cocktail waiters there and he was he was really good to us when when we weren't writing our. D.D.. There's also a restaurant it well I what we talked to the restaurant I want to sorry the cafe I want to mention real quick because I'm a little quicker and less experiential. In the kind of the back of even there is the even cafe and they have you know I didn't see what they had for breakfast but I've got a picture of the mayo so you know if I will have it up on her for lunch they've got a number of different types of sandwiches and wraps. That many of which were maybe a little bit creative not something you might you know find everyday at a local sandwich shop but nothing outrageous nothing you go what is this yeah I had a great it's like a cauliflower and squash. Sandwich I enjoyed it you know not. Only did I don't say like target area but yeah yeah I was really light fare but it wasn't you know you're going to like a multi-course meal was a great place to grab a sandwich you know made to order might take 4 minutes or something you know 5 minutes to get your sandwich and there's a nice little seating area and that's another place that has outdoor seating is while some tables so is it a good spot there and I think that coffee over there as well yeah coffee soup salads like cookies are expensive so I and I enjoyed it in Cafe willing really ate there once but I enjoyed that it was there and I think on a longer sailing. Well probably end up snacking a lot oh that way you can keep trying the cocktails and that that venue is complimentary Yes at both breakfast and lunch yes thank you for mentioning that so the restaurant Now I did not dine in the restaurant it sounds funny to say in the restaurant is all part of the same master of space you know there's but the the area where food is served is on a lower level and kind of it's not so it's so difficult to describe but it you do not you don't know the restaurant yet you want to go into the restaurant you wouldn't have a reason to be in there but you can totally see it from where I am right absolutely you can see it from other parts. And it's that is not complementary No no that's a specialty restaurant that I believe at the moment is either $55.00 or $65.00 a head so I didn't try that out the sailing I'm going to try that out in January but reckon they went and what were your thoughts well. So the way the restaurant works when you walk in you're greeted by one of the evening sun and in my case I was greeted by Bloom and she told me the thing about the hand gesture and. The name and all of that and then I was we were escorted. Alongside the open kitchen and that's where I met Loyola at the 2nd station and she offered me a cocktail I don't know if I was supposed to support her for it was a shot I drank it as a shot I'm not a shot person but if someone hands me that amount of liquor I think that's what it OK I think it's a shot. And then we were seated and the way the menu works is it's 5 courses you have 2 options at each course and I'm sure they can work through if you don't really like either of them one of the kind of neat little effects is there's no silverware on the table because the table has a drawer that has your napkin and silverware but yeah the problem with that is I had to play whose daddy for whose mama fork whose baby fork in order to want us with which course. I was fucking And also there's a there's a different assortment of knives based on which course and there's no they're just kind of all in one are they are the the silverware. Normal So it's distinct OK as distinct from the rest of the ship you get to keep those no you know well return them in January then. And let's see I think to go more in depth with the meal I'm waiting for Jose's photos see took a lot of photos of the mill so I think look for an article to be on cruise have a dot com shortly there goes more in depth about about the food in general I was pretty pleased with that a lot of stuff that was inventive. And while you were in the restaurant area many of the seats afford a view of the show and in every area and eat and eat nest is going to come by and do some kind of performance thing so like one of the guys came by and played didgeridoo for a little bit and then the character kind of walked through and he has to talk to anybody but it was it was good it was good restaurant the food was good. 60 five's pretty steep for us we had the on board credit. It was one of the 4 perks so I had I had money to spend. On a 7 night cruise though you know you might you might get used to it use the main dining room or if you're a repeat celebrity cruiser and you've had the main dining room food before worth checking out as well I should note that if you're used to cruising. Contemporary lines N.C.L. Royal Caribbean Carnival you'll find that celebrity has more expensive especially dining in general yes. But you know it sounds like you enjoyed it you feel like you got your money's worth yeah yes oh and you mention there are 2 different menus I know I just because I overheard another guest talking about this and it's something that will check out in January they also have an alternative vegetarian menu Oh excellent OK you need so I will say one of the kind of cool things it's 55 courses along with the moves served 1st one of them with some kind of like hazelnut flavored pillow that was kind of interesting to eat served on one pumpkin seeds the other one was this cracker that was flavored with powdered kimchi and then the way the powder the way the cracker bakes it kind of makes a curl and then has some like bubbliness to it so it almost looks like you're eating octopus technicals I heard somebody discussing that and I didn't know what they were talking about yeah this was when the captains and hotel directors were all like sitting in the sitting in the restaurant getting it reviewed getting kind of an overview of it from someone who works there and yet so I kind of knew that I was going to get something that looked like an octopus tentacle but and was made of kimchi and that was that was really good one piece was like oh my goodness this is a lot of kimchi and a couple others who are not at all social in consistency there but really inventive dish another thing that we had was oh the chocolate globe like Do you remember the world from Wonderland that dessert at Wonderland It's like the chocolate globe something and then they pour hot sauce and I've seen videos of when I've been in Wonderland I didn't have it because I think that has peanuts and that's probably fine peanuts are told yeah so they they do something similar but this one done with white chocolate and chocolate sauce where it kind of opens up and there's a passion for Joe or something inside that was that was yeah when I've seen videos and pictures of the meal it. Much like the show is an experience and they say that it happens to you it seems tell me if I'm wrong it seems like the meal is kind of like that as well there's certainly an aspect of of that to it one of the other things that's kind of. Gives the meal a kinetic energy is there's a dish that's brought out and then the server takes some chopsticks and put some but Nido flakes on there which is a Japanese like soup and gradient. And because of the heat from the dish and the moisture now the Benita flakes start to curl and are all unlike flax. That was kind of weird but pretty cool pretty cool I'm jealous I look forward to checking checking out the mail so yeah I think good that that about covers the. Primary elements you know to I guess if I if I was going to summarize Eden I would say that don't take anything we've talked about and say Eden is that because Eden could be anything depending on what you want you can find a quiet corner corner of Eden to take a nap and you could go there for a quick light lunch or breakfast you could go there for a really nice meal and you could go for a show that you get involved with or you could go to watch or you could just go have some cocktails your favorite cocktail or something that you've never had before they've never heard of before that isn't available elsewhere so it's that's why we didn't upset on this because it's so many things I think that recap is excellent the it is it is so many things is a great way to put it. So again make sure for the rest of celebrity education episode 9 as of the cruise have a podcast and of course the live blog that that we have from our celebrity sailing and then I'm going to be back with our Rick which makes me sad you know on January 13th for one week he just looked at me like are you going to be said No no what's it like cruising with you. Makes you sad you're the one that's going to be on the ship I have like I feel. That's true I didn't think about the fact that you'll have to be hanging out not with me that must be terrible in and of itself way to empathize. Sorry So yeah Billy is going to be back January 13th and he's going to get to enjoy the ship for 7 days. As part of that experience and get to spend more time with Maurice or Vienna keep checking out the menu and trying new things and seeing how the entertainment may evolve as it goes on from a 3 night experience to a 7 night experience that certainly is a question that has yet to be answered really because I mean if they did the same show each time I think it's weird enough that it would be OK but for all I know they could have a totally different story and that's something maybe we should have asked you know when we're talking to a couple of performers because they enjoy talking about the production Yes I think they really have a good time with it and that you can see that but I will definitely give you the full report then because even as lawyers and I discovered that's that's our home base on celebrity edge all the venues are great really truly mean but that's that's all so we'll be checking that out and look forward to questions that you guys may have about even. You know please reach out review the pictures and whatnot that we're going to link to as well but it's tricky to talk about so if you have questions we'll do our best Yeah answer that maybe through interpretive dance. We're going to get on the air I'll bring in Dr Nast expression but I don't think either one of us could support the weight of the other on our head so that one is now. But yes you got a question about it sends an e-mail podcast at cruise habit dot com And if and when you are on celebrity edge. It might be your home as well absolutely I would like to give a thank you to basketball uncrossed 2212 B. 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