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Do you get seasick on a cruise?

One of the biggest reasons people give for not taking their first cruise is that they think they'll be motion sick.  It's a reasonable concern - no one wants to spend their vacation feeling ill!seasick motionsick cruise emoji

Modern Cruise Ships Prevent Seasickness

The good news is that newer ships have a wealth of technology to reduce motion, including forecasting technology to avoid foul weather.  Further, some modern ships are five times as large as the Titanic, and the larger the ship, the less movement is felt.  

Sea Sickness Remedies

Another bit of good news?  There are many ways to mitigate motion sickness if you do experience it.  From over-the-counter and prescription medications and seasickness patches, to ginger candy and acupressure motion sickness bracelets, few sets of remedies are as times tested as those for what ails sailors.  Even some foods can help!

Seasickness Doesn't Keep Most People From Cruising

Ultimately, nine out of ten people who take one cruise taken another, even though outside of cruising, 25% of the population says they tend to get motion sick, and 80% of the population has become motion sick at least once!  You can bet those guests aren't going back cruise after cruise because they keep getting sick.

For more information about the technologies that keep guests comfortable, as well as remedies you can keep at the ready, check out our full article on motion sickness: 

"I'm worried I'll get seasick. Do you feel the ship move?" How to avoid motion sickness.

sea bands for motion sickness seasickness relief

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