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Cruise Ship Hand Sanitizer - Kill Norovirus

If you're worried about Norovirus outbreaks cruises then we have good and bad news. 

The good news: You're actually 35x as likely to get Noro on land than on a cruise ship, largely thanks to the CDC's Vessel Sanitation Program. 

The bad news: Anytime you travel, you're putting yourself in contact with a ton of germs.  On planes, in cabs, at stores - wherever you go there are viruses and bacteria that could make you sick, especially when tired and traveling.  

Click here to learn the facts about Norovirus on cruise ships, and how the CDC keeps us safe.

There are only a few products proven to kill Norovirus, and the sanitizer in your pocket or purse probably isn't one of them. 

Which hand sanitizer kills Norovirus?

Germstar Noro is the only product designed specifically to kill Norovirus for the cruise and travel industry.  It's the same product that many cruise lines have come to trust themselves.