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Hi Everyone,


Can I bring power converters on a cruise ship?  I'll be on Regent Voyager going to Spain and France June 2022 and noticed there are not many plugs on that ship.  My sister wants to bring her curling iron for her hair.  What would be the best power converter to bring?

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There are a few considerations.  Where are you coming from/where do you live?  Regent Seven Seas Voyager should have 110 US outlets, and likely a single 220 EU (type F).  

MANY (though not all) devices made recently for the US and EU (plus GB) are dual voltage.  This means they can be plugged into 110 or 220, you just need an adapter (rather than an expensive and bulky converter).  You'll need to check the labeling on your devices to ensure that's the case.

Now, if you mean something that will give you more outlets, that is a little more tricky.  Many types are not permitted on ships for safety reasons.  Personally, I carry an adapter that plugs into an EU type F (220) and gives you two outlets (1 that can be used for GB/EU/US, and a second (ungrounded) for US or EU.  I actually have these on the site, but I really do carry them with me on all cruises.

Let me know more about your specific circumstances and I'm happy to help further.

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